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Real Estate Success: Motivation

Real Estate Success: Motivation

This Corporate Finance Institute Investing examines some of the factors involved in becoming a successful real estate investor. Some CFI students enjoy tremendous success and achieve all of their goals. Other students never seem to get their real estate investing careers off the ground. By identifying the factors that contribute to the success of students, CFI … Read more

The Santa Claus Rally

The Santa Claus Rally

As Christmas nears talk of the beloved Santa Claus rally starts to make the rounds on Wall Street. Ole’ Saint Nick not only delivers gifts to good little boys and girls but traders too. The Stock Trader’s Almanac suggests that Santa Claus typically ushers in a brief, positive, and notable market rally during the final … Read more

2 Indicators You Can’t Trade Without

Indicators You Can’t Trade Without

The world of charting is awash with indicators. These tools measure everything you can imagine from volatility and volume to momentum and relative performance. The utility of each study ranges from immensely helpful to utterly useless. The growth of these gadgets continues unabated as chartists of all stripes seem altogether unable to sate their appetite … Read more

Due Diligence for Income Producing Properties

Due Diligence for Income Producing Properties.

No matter what type of property you are purchasing, the Due Diligence process is a necessary part of acquiring real estate. Whether you’re managing the properties yourself or having someone else do it for you, you must take the time to research each property thoroughly. When you do your due diligence, you must take into … Read more

Option Chain

Option Chain

The option chain is a great tool for investors. Budding option traders have a variety of tools for trading. they must familiarize themselves with. One which they will find themselves returning to again and again is the option chain. This particular feature displays pricing information for call-and-put options along with a handful of other key … Read more

Participating Loan Arrangements

Participating Loan

Are you an investor who needs money but is having difficulty finding a lender to loan you money at an interest rate or on terms that will make your deal profitable? Are you a lender who would like to increase your return on the money you are lending to investors? If the answer to either … Read more

4 Types of Private Money

Types of Private Money

I have had a lot of people ask me questions about private money. I’d like to seek clarification on a few points. First, “private money” is not the same as “hard money.” Yes, both hard money lenders and private money lenders are people or companies that have money to lend on real estate deals. However, … Read more

Who is the Nominee Trustee in a Land Trust?

Nominee Trustee in a Land Trust

The nominee trustee in a Land Trust is a person, whom you trust, to serve as trustee for recording purposes only. After your property has been deeded from your personal name to that of the trust, (which, as I indicated in prior blogs, includes the name of the trustee) your nominee trustee will resign and … Read more