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Christian Money Management Principles | Bible Verses

Money is that part of a human’s life around which the basic running of a person’s needs takes place. In today’s time when a person is all caught up in the webs of money and financial management, guidance through the Bible can act as a savior mentally as well as monetarily. Now you might think how can the Bible help you in money management? 

Yes, it is very much true that Christian money management is based on the verses of the Bible. There might be many Christian money management books in the market that might provide you the pieces of advice on financial matters but letting the Bible’s instructions and verses help you in your money management can be more effective than any of that as it connects you to your beliefs along with providing you the financial aid according to the word and teachings of the almighty. Let’s get into the details of how and what the Bible speaks of money and its management.  

Money and its Management: The Bible Say

If you ever went through the verses of the Bible you might be aware of the times the money and topics related to it are mentioned in the Bible. If you go through all these verses you might find some things contradicting each other but if you align them then it might be laid simply in front of you. It can be really helpful to guide you further with the steps, measures, and principles you must follow to maintain the terms of Christian money management.

The Bible, in the words of Jesus, says “For where your treasure is there your heart will be also”.

There might be more than 2,000 Biblical verses that talk about money and its management but let’s have an in-depth view of the most prominent ones and how they provide us with the terms of Christian money management. 

Different Biblical Verses for Management of Money

Different Biblical Verses for Management of Money

1. Proverbs 24:27, Setting up your Sequenced Priorities

The proverb goes “Put your outdoor work in order and get your fields ready; after that, build your house”. This proverb explains the individual sets out his priorities from his basic needs to then the luxuries. Here the reference of the field that is the number one priority means the source of your income should be one you should be focusing on first and then on the other needs of life.

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If the source of income of a person’s life is sorted then the financial balance shall prevail. So it is advised to an individual to set out his priorities rightly from the basic needs to then leading to the ones that count in luxuries.

2. Luke 14:28-30, Budgeting

Through this verse, it is advised to the individual to lay out a full plan of his spending. Starting from the major expenses to the minor ones. You should be prepared for the expenses that you are going to make in the future. This planning of our future expenses is termed budgeting.

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In case you are already making plans about how you are planning your expenses then you might have the money kept out accordingly which would save you from under and over expenses. Hence it becomes a very important part of Christian money management principles. 

3. Genesis 41:34-36, Plan for Emergency

In this biblical reference, a dream is being interpreted by Joseph. It’s the dream of Pharaoh in which he witnesses seven fat cows who were swallowed by other seven skinny cows. When interpreted, the seven fat cows were denoted as the symbol of the prosperous years of Egypt and the seven skinny cows as the next seven years of famine that followed the golden years of Egypt. 

Genesis 41:34-36, Plan for Emergency

Through this incident, we are explained how unpredictable life can be and that we should always be ready to face any emergency. Now if connected to our life it tells us to have our funds saved for emergencies. It should be done to not be helpless in any such mishap and have your finances stand strong. This very much is one of the important parts of Christian money management programs. 

4. Proverbs 22:7, Avoiding Debt

The proverb says,” The rich rule over the poor, & the borrower is a slave to the lender”. Through these lines, it indicated strongly that Christian money management is seriously against the holding of debt as it is nothing but such a liability for a person which might drown him down. It affects a person physically mentally and financially.

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To avoid such situations in life, you should consider this phrase from the Bible that explains debt as a source of enslavement for a person. If you take this piece of advice from Christian money management seriously, you can avoid being in debt as there is no one in this world you would want to be a bearer of slavery. It makes debt a big no for the Christian money management principles. 

5. Ecclesiastes 11:2, Investment

This proverb goes with the saying,” Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you don’t know what disaster may come upon the land”. This gives us the direct message to make clever and various investments as these investments are something that will help you grow your savings and provide you financial aid when in need. Now if you follow Christian money management then you must put in your investment in different areas.

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As you never know what would be providing profit or loss at a particular time. So it is advised to make your investment in different types of fields to attain maximum profit.

6. Ecclesiastes 5:13-14, Savings

In this verse, we can witness the topic of old age and saving money for that vulnerable period of a person’s life. The Bible gives the story of a father who loses everything due to a bad investment and as a result, he couldn’t save anything for himself or his old age. This could also be something addressed as the Christian money management programs for kids as it focuses on what a person might inherit from one’s children. 

Ecclesiastes 5:13-14, Savings

This instance explains to us the importance and need of saving for old age as this would create a safe and secure environment for the stage of your life where you would not be able to get yourself enough earnings or in case of retirement when you cannot finance your daily requirements. In such a situation these savings would make you independent and self-reliant. This is one of the best pieces of advice for any person and everyone should save in some form or the other to have a better life during old age.  

7. Proverb 21:5, The Final Draft of All

This proverb goes with,” The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty”. This explains how you can make a plan to conclude all the things that the Bible has mentioned in Christian money management.

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It explains how you should have a proper plan with all the elements of Christian money management principles so that you can avoid any mishap occurring and be ready to face any situation. Having a plan from investment to budgeting, savings, etc. would make your life very smooth and will be without any hassles in emergencies or financial aid.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. How do you manage money Biblically?

Here are the ways that can help you: 

  • Set up your priorities 
  • Budget your finances 
  • Get ready for unpredictable emergency 
  • Do not get into the web of Debt 
  • Have proper investment 
  • Make savings for old age

2. What does Christianity say about money?

Christianity says a lot about money from its effects to its management. There are more than 2,000 verses in the Bible that talk about money. It makes money important in the eyes of Christianity. It considers this a vital part of human survival. But also warns about the adverse effects it can lead up to.

3. What does God want us to do with your money?

God wants us to deal with money in a manner that does not damage us. God wants us to be careful and have a full plan with principles to bring out our financial deeds. Through the verses in the Bible, God explains to us a few principles that he wants us to follow while we deal with our money.

The Final Say

From the sayings of the Bible to all the stories that bring the hidden principles of management and treatment of money, is a true source of how Christian money management should be done. These verses of the Bible can be very helpful to manage money and prove very effective as it connects the person’s belief to the path that he will follow for the management of his money. 

It would not only be helpful but it would also bring in a connection between the financial mindset and the spiritual mindset of the person. If you too are looking for guidance from the Bible for your financial life then the above-mentioned verses of the Bible along with the stories confined to them as well as their meanings and connection to real life will guide you to take up the righteous path for a harmonious financial life. 

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