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5 Best High Mileage Auto Loans With No Mileage Restrictions 2024

You may be able to get a cheap automobile with the aid of auto loans with no mileage restrictions. Even though a used automobile with a lot of mileage is typically much less expensive than a modern one, it may be more difficult to get high mileage auto loans when purchasing an older vehicle.

Auto loans for high-mileage vehicles may indicate that they are nearing the end of their useful life. You might choose to discontinue making car loan payments if the vehicle breaks down and the cost of repairs exceeds the car’s value. Because of this, some lenders impose mileage limits on the vehicles they will lend money to. Today, we will see if it is possible to finance a used car with over 150k miles or not. Let’s start.

Best Auto Loans With No Mileage Restrictions

There are many places from where you can get high mileage auto loans which include dealers, banks, credit unions, & sub-prime lenders that focus on giving loans to people who have poor/no credit. This loan amount is for your latest car or if you are taking on rent or you want to refinance the recent loan.  

The auto loans with no mileage restrictions recommendations that we are providing for online lending channels connect you either with local dealers that do internal financing or the dealer of your choice with whom you want to get a loan. The applications for loans can be pre-approved & you have the option to choose the car that can meet your budget on that day itself. 

1. Auto Credit Express


For financing a used car with over 150k miles, Auto Credit Express works with such a large network and has many dealerships & lenders which are experts in providing high mileage auto loans for vehicles to those who have low credit scores. This process is quite direct as when you request the loan then you can connect with expert lenders who will guide you and you can trust them. 

You just need to fill out one form which will include some basic personal details like income & expenses and they also ask for a credit score. You will get a notification on your email id in just a few minutes. They will not list all vehicle details that you need to meet when you are taking a loan. 

If you are working with sub-prime lenders then you need to make your own need for the vehicle. It will include cars that have miles that are not more than 100,000 & those that are 10 years older.


  • Simple and you can pre-qualify within 30 sec.
  • They have been in this business since “1999”.
  • The network partner has shut $1 billion for poor credit for auto loans.
  • Expert in car repair loans, poor or no credit, bankruptcy & recapture.
  • Users with poor credit should have $1500 per month for approval.


If you go to then you can get 4 offers for high mileage auto loans in just a few minutes. If your application is qualified then you will get a check or a certificate in less than 24 hours that will help you in buying the car that you want or you can use it for recapitalizing your loan.

Your auto loans with no mileage restrictions options may be restricted by the company’s vehicle specifications, which include the maximum mileage that a vehicle may have. “Utility wagons, expensive sports cars, vehicles with salvage titles”, as well as vehicles that have been auctioned or seized, are not eligible for financing. Additionally, automobiles must be less than 10 years older & have not more than 125,000 miles on them.


  • It provides loans for the latest, and used cars.
  • Get a loan certificate either online or within 24 hrs.
  • Confronts “national network of lenders”. 
  • You will get four offers.

3. assists clients with low credit. As long as a borrower has an eligible income, a current driver’s license, & a stable address, most of its creditors will provide them high mileage auto loans, even if their credit ratings are low.

In approximately three minutes, applicants can find out if they are pre-qualified for a loan by completing the application online. They can then go directly to the dealer to select a vehicle and find out about the process of approval. As far as we can tell, does not specify on its site if it limits the mileage on cars it helps finance for approved consumers.

The online loan application takes about three minutes, and applicants will find out if they are prequalified within minutes. They can then speak with a dealer directly about choosing a car and obtaining loan approval. It is not stated on the website of whether it limits the mileage on cars it finances for qualified borrowers.


  • Reasonable payments & zero application fees.
  • They are masters in providing bad credit auto loans, bankruptcy, sub-prime, and for the 1st time buyer.
  • It connects thousands of buyers in a single day. 
  • There is no charge for the application.
  • The day you applied for a loan you will get the approval on that day itself.

4. CarMax


With a variety of financing choices, CarMax is really the biggest used automobile dealer in the nation. It might be easy to purchase & financing a car for one location, online while visiting the living room because it has grown to offer entirely remote car purchasing.

You would like a car loan — and financing business — that can satisfy your requirements without busting your budget and costing you an excessive interest rate because it’s a substantial investment.

Moreover, Poor credit frequently prevents you from obtaining auto financing, however, CarMax makes every attempt to deal with all credit profiles. CarMax’s starting price equals or may be lower than that offered by other major lenders, such as main rival Carvana, for the finest qualified borrowers. External high-mileage auto loans, money, checks, & debit cards are all accepted at CarMax.


  • It is easy for the lower credit scores to be approved.
  • Convenience & strong database with thousands of connections in a day.
  • Competitive APR & customer assistance are available 24×7. 

5. Carvana


Carvana is a used automobile shop that solely operates online and provides financing and warranties for the cars it sells. Online car shoppers can select a vehicle from time to time through the Carvana website, can decide on different financing options, & finish the paperwork all from the comfort of their own homes.

Carvana maintains a fleet of 25,000 automobiles, the majority of which have low mileage. Everyone is put through a 150-point check which includes a “free Carfax” car history report. Prices for Carvana are not negotiable.

For financing a used car with over 150k miles, Carvana takes “trade-ins & buys vehicles outright”. With a trade-in, you could save money on sales tax. You must pay shipping fees when purchasing a car but not from “Carvana’s regional marketplaces”. You must bring your car to one of Carvana’s service locations if you are trading or selling it.


  • Customer support is accessible all 7 days.
  • It provides pre-approval credit checks.
  • It allows you to make changes to your payment date with the help of the Carvana app.
  • Completely online application form, including document upload.
  • You can also go for Co-signers.

Are There Mileage Restrictions on Auto Loans?

You can see that there are many banks that can impose restrictions on second-hand auto loans which can put mileage limits on auto loans, and make an un-new vehicle. But, also we have lenders that allow you to finance even if you have vehicles with high mileage. If you have poor credit then you might have to face difficulty in getting loans that have mileage restrictions on the finance car. But, with fair credit, lenders don’t give much attention to the miles then also you need to pay off the loan. 

If you go for sub-prime lenders then they will only finance the car which has undergone only 100,000 miles no matter what the model year, as per Auto Express. We have many auto loans with no mileage restrictions options that can provide you with a loan if you have a vehicle that is ten years older or some may restrict it to 7 years. Even sub-prime lenders impose a minimal amount that you can finance starting from $5,000. 

Is it Possible to Obtain a Loan Over Poor Credit?

Yes, there are lenders that want to provide loans to people who have bad credit. You know that it is a secured loan and you have to keep your car as collateral so if you fail to make payment then they can keep the car with them and minimize the loss by selling it. You will not face this situation if you don’t miss the payment & contact your lender that can pay your payment.  

This option is not available for “auto car lenders”. Because of this collateral, lenders start to work more with those customers who have fewer credit scores. You can look for the options that we have mentioned above as they usually work with people who have bad credit so that they can easily apply for & get loans from lenders which include car dealers. All in all, you can easily get financing a used car with over 150k miles.

Is There a Reason Why Mileage Limits in Auto Loans?

There are lenders who will impose mileage limit in auto loans because they want that the car they are financing should be dependable. Older cars that have more mileage are not as reliable as new cars. It is also possible that it will break down your chance for qualification & you need to pay repair expenses. There are cars that can last for a long time so you should do proper research before you buy any car. 

Pick one that is trustworthy and hasn’t a reputation for spending a lot of time in a mechanic’s shop. Although you might not reach the 3.04 million miles as it has been reached by a “1966 Volvo P1800” owner who set the “Guinness World Record for greatest mileage”, by taking extra caution with the car as keep regularly check if the oil gets changed & adhering to the recommendations given by the manufacturer. 

According to the NPO Automobile Care Council, a normal passenger car must last 200,000 miles/more. There is a chance that you may get a car that has high mileage like 100,000 still, there are many lenders who want to have a clear picture of those vehicles. 

How Much Credit Score is Needed?

A credit score of 579 or lower is seen as having terrible credit according to FICO scores, which are most frequently used among lenders. If your bad credit score is at 400, a subprime lender might still take a look at your loan application, and it might be challenging.

You can take the following actions to raise your chances of getting high mileage auto loans approved:

  • Co-signer:  A co-signer is one who has a better credit score than you and can give a guarantee that the loan will be paid off. In case you fail to do any payment then your co-signer will do the payment. It will affect their credit scores also if they fail in paying.
  • Trade-in Vehicle: It will lower your buying price which will result in decreasing loan money.  
  • Do a Down Payment: If you make a large down payment then your loan amount will be low. This shows that your stake is more than only making loan payments. 

If you have a bad credit score then the interest & terms will be different than those with a good score so before applying look for the payment that you need to pay each month if it is affordable or not. Check to see what the monthly payment is and that you can afford it because if you have bad credit, the interest rate & terms for a car loan will probably be higher than they would be for someone with good credit.

Consider the loan length as well because big high mileage auto loans will cost you much more than lower loans. According to, the APR which has been received by customers might reach 25% based on where they reside, the sort of vehicle they drive, & their credit history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you finance a used car with over 150k miles?

Yes, financing a used car with over 150k miles because many banks will work with you when you have great mileage. They are aware that their usefulness can outlast expectations. If you purchase directly from the management, only credit union workers and bank customers are eligible.

Q2. How many miles can a car have to get a loan?

When considering the amount of high mileage auto loans, it really depends on the lender. Some lenders won’t lend if a car has an odometer reading higher than 150,000 miles, while others draw the line at 200,000 or even more. It’s important to be aware of lenders’ limits when shopping for car loans to ensure that you can get the loan you need based on your vehicle’s mileage.

Q3. Do finance cars have mileage limits?

The shortfall between both the car’s original value and what’s anticipated to be its value just at the expiry of the agreement is influenced by its age, miles, & condition—is employed by the finance firm to determine how much to charge. As just a reason, there is a mileage cap on all PCP agreements & leases.

Q4. What happens if a car has more than 200,000 miles?

Regardless of whether it has received regular maintenance, buying a car with more than 200,000 miles on it may result in high maintenance bills. The vehicle is probably approaching the close of its life, and you might need to either spend a considerable amount of money on repairs else replace it completely.

Final Say

High mileage auto loans are typically easy to qualify for. The suggestions we provide for online lending channels connect you with local dealers who offer in-house financing or allow you to choose the dealer from whom you wish to borrow money. We have also included all the essential information that can benefit you, and you are welcome to share this information with your loved ones. We are available around the clock to assist you if you encounter any difficulties.

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