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Most Simple and Fun Budgeting Games for Adults

Saving and managing money could be boring. Especially if you have not done it before. You might have tried saving your money before or even this is your first time, either way, the article will help you to improve your money-saving journey. I will share some best creative ways to save money. So sit tight.

Many readers have shared even if they started to plan their budget and save money, they failed to be consistent. It is quite normal at the beginning. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can also master the money saving games.

Top 20 Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative Ways to Save Money

To become more consistent with your budgeting and money saving task, the below discussed fun ways to save money will help in the struggle. I will try to answer all your questions like “How much money should I Save?” or “How to save money?” and many more such questions.

So stay with me till the end of the blog and find out the best ways to resolve the budgeting problem. Let’s get started!

1. Declutter

Declutter creative ways to save money

I have kept this on top of the list because it is an easy yet hard process. Decluttering, as the word suggests, you should declutter the things that are not useful to you anymore.

The process definitely motivates you to save money in future, as you will be more consciously buying stuff. Moreover, you can also sell those things and earn some money out of it.

How to declutter?

Best place to start the decluttering is from your closet. Go through your closet and then pick out the clothes or things that you do not use anymore. You can then move to your drawing room and choose the showpieces that do not go well with your decor anymore or stuff that you do not like. Pick them out, and sell them.

Another best way to declutter is to practice Minimalist Living. In this lifestyle, people try to keep the things that are actually adding some value to their life, and practice ‘letting go’ of the rest. It will help you to make some space in your home and you can also earn some money out of it.

2. Detox

Detox creative ways to save money

The next method is detoxing. 

Did you buy some device or dress from the sale and felt guilty about it later? Sometimes we just end up buying things that we do not even need. First of all, be conscious about your purchase. Secondly, unsubscribe from the retailer emails. The sale emails could lure you to buy the stuff out of your budget list. It is best to unsubscribe those emails and immune yourself from the next trap.

3. Avoid Impulsive Spending

Avoid Impulsive Spending

Reconsider before buying, impulsive purchasing often leads to usual overspending. Hence if you are planning to buy something in bulk, then try to take some time and consciously analyze it. Let the impulse of buying cool off. Remember those times, when you see something, and there is a sudden urge to buy it, but once you reach home you don’t crave it anymore. Exactly! That is impulse shopping.

How to get rid of it?

The only way to control the impulse to shop is by practicing conscious buying. Whenever you have the impulse to buy, stop, give yourself one or two days. See if you still want it or not?

Another best way to reduce impulsive spending is by asking yourself some of these questions.

Q1. Why is buying it important?

Q2. How is this thing going to add value to my life?

Q3. Can I wait for some time?

Q4. How will it make any difference to my life?

Q5. Am I influenced to buy it or is it my need?

You can add other questions as well, according to you.

So next time, whenever there is an impulse to buy, you know what you need to do. Do not get trapped into this rat race of consumerization.

4. Avoid ATMs

Avoid ATMs

ATMs are easy to use and even easier to lose track of the budget.

Would you like to pay to access your own money? Hell no, right?

You already are by using ATM cards. We all have a bank account, and having a financial account is not a bad thing. But reduce the excessive use of it. Each time you use your ATM card, the bank charges you to withdraw money. Hence it is best to minimize the usage of cards.

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5. Pay Trainees for Grooming

You read it right! Calculate the last time you have spent thousands of rupees just to get a new haircut. Why not get the same haircut from some trainee and pay much less.

But, I don’t want to take any chances with my look!”

I understand, but there are experts who guide the trainee students and avoid any kind of mistakes.

6. DIY Nails and Hair

To all the ladies, this one is exclusively for you. Stop spending tonnes of money to get your hair and nails done. You can manage them on your own too, can’t you?

Manage some time for me-time, and spend quality time with yourself. Do your hair and nails. I can assure you will still look beautiful! Stop spending hard-earned money on those salons.

7. Join Local Library

local liabrary

Are you a reader? Do you love reading? Do you buy books whenever you go to a book shop? Get a membership to a library. You can read and borrow hundreds of books for free.

Try it at least for a few months, you will be amazed by the amount of money you have saved.

There is also a lot of software like Libby, where you can join to get free digital books and audiobooks for free. I personally preferred physical books, but if you do not have any library near you, you can always opt for the online ones.

8. Manage The Consumption of Electricity

Manage The Consumption of Electricity

Saving electricity is obviously important for the environment and also essential for your budget. Keep a close eye on your AC, geyser and other electronics devices. Maintain your electric bill. Discuss it with your family and try to talk to them about it. Do not use AC if it is not required, switch off the light and fans when you are not using the room.

If you manage your electricity well, you can save a lot of money.

Do not trust my words, try it for one month and then trust the results.

9. Cut the Cable Connection

Cut your cable connection. There are other modes of entertainment where you can get plenty of entertainment stuff. You can also opt for the streaming services like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or any other device to use the TV as smart TV.

10. Ask for Discounts


Do not hesitate, ask if they are providing any discount. The discounts are not usually advertised and printed in the big banners. So no matter where you are at school, market, in the military, or some heavenly place, go ahead and ask for discounts.

You can’t even imagine how much it will help you to save the excessive money you are spending.

11. Trade Clothes with Your Friends

If you want to try something out of your wardrobe then trade clothes from your friends, of course they want to too. Avoid going shopping, shopping eats up all your money.

12. Plan Your Meals

Unplanned meals often lead to a waste of money. Hence try to pack your lunch with you. It will also ensure that you are eating healthy food and surely keep a check on your budget. Eating meals from outside often costs more money. Make a habit to carry your food with you. Also, make sure to step out of your house after eating your healthy heavy breakfast. It will help you to avoid the craving for an empty stomach.

13. Create a Grocery List

Create a Grocery List

Always make a list of monthly groceries before going grocery shopping. And then stick to your shopping list. We often end up buying useless things from the shopping mart that are not worth much more than a waste. A grocery list will help to keep in budget track and also avoid impulse shopping.

You can go for the traditional pen and paper listing. However there are also many useful applications like Ibotta, that assists the users with creative ways to save money. The software also provides you coupons and gift cards once an account reaches $20.

14. Going to a Movie? Grab that Big Bag

Outing and snacking cost a lot, especially in the movie theatre. So it is better to bring your snacks with yourself. It is another creative way to save money. If you will have your snacks with yourself, then you do not have to buy overpriced popcorn from the PVR.

15. Maintain a Journal

Maintain a Journal

Journaling is another amazing way to keep a track of your spending and budgeting. It is one of the best ways to check your improvement towards your goal. The study says it takes around 27- 30 days to make something a habit. Start your journaling journey from today and watch your growth after a month.

How to start journaling?

If you would take ideas from Pinterest, then it might seem a heck of lot of work. Do not go to Pinterest for ideas. Below are some points that you may try for fun ways to save money.

  • Get a diary, just make sure the pages are of good quality.
  • Then make columns for your daily, weekly, and monthly budgeting and plans.
  • Write down your goals, and the money that you spend.
  • Do it consistently. Consistency is the key.

16. Save for the Emergency

Emergencies do not come according to plans, hence you should save for the emergency. So start with saving $1,000 each month. Small investments keep you ready for future situations.

17. Avoid Starbucks/ Cafe

Make your own coffee and avoid stopping before the coffee shop before going to work. The coffee cafes like Starbucks cost a lot more money and eat a larger portion of your earnings than you think. A cup of coffee may cost you around $3 to $5, which is costlier than the customized one of your home. So make practice to make your coffee on your own and save your hard-earned money.  

18. Carpool or Public Transport


Carpooling saves gas money. So if you or your friend or coworker are going to the same place, then ask if they are up for carpooling. Carpooling is the best way to save easy money. Apart from that, by carpooling, you can also serve the environment and contribute to the energy-saving movement.

Opting for public transport like buses, metro rails and trains are also the best way to save your travelling cost. You can also avoid honking throughout your way to the office or college.

19. Stay Sober

Drink less or even better quit drinking.

You know how much we spent on a night out with friends. So next time during the weekend party, go for one or two shots instead of 7.

20. DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts

Try to make amazing gifts on your own. If you have a good handover craft and have enough time, create something beautiful for birthday gifts and holidays. You can take inspiration from YouTube or Pinterest. Handmade gifts are also best to establish better relationships. This one indeed is a Creative Ways to Save Money (wink!).

Take Away!

Above are some fun budgeting games for adults. Saving money is a personal goal, so you can customize or add your own practices and activities to improve your money-saving skills. You can also prepare a separate list that will be your personal Creative Ways to Save Money. I hope the article helped you to find some fun ways to save money. If you liked the blog, then share it within your circle. You can also check out other informative posts on our website, check them now.

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