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Exit Strategies: Wholesale

Exit Strategies Wholesale.

So far, we’ve covered the Buy, Fix, Sell exit strategy and the Buy and Hold exit strategy. Today, we’re going to talk about a third strategy – Contract Assignment, also referred to as wholesale. Assigning contracts is not just about finding a deal and then assigning the contract to someone else. Wholesaling is about knowing … Read more

How to Track and Trade Commodities

How to Track and Trade Commodities

Most rookie investors begin their trading adventure in the middle of stock land. Of all the available asset classes, stocks seem to be the most easily understood and the most widely used. The idea of buying shares of ownership in some of America’s largest companies and participating in their growth is music to the ears … Read more

Sell Your Home Faster with Curb Appeal

Sell Your Home Faster with Curb Appeal.

We can all appreciate a nicely landscaped home. It grabs our attention and piques our interest. This is exactly what you want with your rehab project. When we see a home with an average landscape… do we even see it? Usually not. The idea behind quality Curb Appeal is more than just pretty flowers; it … Read more

Support and Resistance

Support And Resistance

In this article, we will discuss the concepts of support and resistance. The concepts of support and resistance are just a few of the many aspects of technical analysis. In technical terms, support and resistance are price areas where a large quantity of trading has taken place and where significant buying or selling pressure exists. … Read more

3 Trading Tools You Must Have

3 Trading Tools You Must Have

The financial playground is littered with tools. The utility of each varies with some being essential while others are not worth the time wasted to create them in the first place. As a new trader, remember your end goal is becoming a successful craftsman on Wall Street. Doing so requires first mastering a few essential … Read more

R.I.P. Apple Volatility

apple Volatility

Ever since Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) latest earnings release on October 28th, the stock has been a veritable snooze-fest. Here are a few stats to back it up.  Over the past month, the beloved tech behemoth has traded in a super tight $18 range between $530 and $512.  That’s a paltry 3.4% range, folks.  Not just for … Read more

Landscape Planning for Investment Properties

Landscape Planning for Investment Properties

We have already discussed the importance of curb appeal when showing and selling a home. There is no question that creating attractive landscaping is essential if you want a buyer to become interested in your investment property. Let’s say that you’ve found a great property. The question now becomes, where do you start Landscape Planning … Read more

When to Start Trading!

When to Start Trading

Timing Your Personal Entry Point When most people hear about trading or managing their own investments for the first time they either have no interest at all or are immediately intrigued. For those that are intrigued an immediate itch starts to develop; an itch that can only be scratched by placing that first trade. This … Read more

What Pizzas Can Teach Us about Call Options

Call Options

Lying at the core of any successful options trader’s foundation is a basic understanding of call options and put options. These two vehicles are the fundamental building blocks upon which all option strategies rest. Today, we turn our focus to the first of these two essential tools – the call option. A call option is a contract … Read more