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Landscape Planning for Investment Properties

We have already discussed the importance of curb appeal when showing and selling a home. There is no question that creating attractive landscaping is essential if you want a buyer to become interested in your investment property.

Let’s say that you’ve found a great property. The question now becomes, where do you start Landscape Planning for Investment Properties?

Planning Your Landscape Design

Every good landscape starts with a plan. There are several ways to get a quality design. If you are going to hire a landscaper, they will typically include the design as part of the job cost. There can be a huge difference between a good design and a great one, and often the prices are very similar. If you are getting more than one quote, you have the opportunity to view different design ideas and choose the plan that creates the most effective landscaping for your property. Landscape design is one of the key factor while deciding about selling and holding of property.

Though you may be able to plan the project yourself, it can be more cost-effective to hire a professional. Landscapers are trained in sizes, shapes, colors and textures of the plants that thrive in your area. For a few bucks, they can save you a lot of guesswork and trial and error. Also, you can take their design to the supplier who can fill the order more quickly than you can, or, better yet, deliver it for you! This alone can save you half a day of browsing the aisles looking for what may work for your project.

Remember, that if you hire a landscaper, they will usually charge a fee for the design if you do not sign a contract for the installation. In my opinion, it is usually money very well spent. So, if you know a landscaper who designs well, call him and get a design quote.

Next time, we’ll talk about the important elements of landscape design that help you increase curb appeal and sell the home!

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