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Sage 50 Cannot Be Started Issue – From Reasons To Latest Fixes

Accounting software like Sage 50 is known worldwide for its numerous benefits and features. However, there are some times when this software itself could not be started. If you’ve encountered the sage 50 cannot be started issue then be with us. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the effective solutions provided by the Sage experts but before that check the below-mentioned error messages to ensure the error and apply the solution accordingly.

  • Error: “Sage 50-unable to launch, try again”.
  • Error: “Sage 50 can’t start, do a reboot”.
  • – “Sage 50-Accounting can’t start”.

Reasons Causing The Sage 50 Cannot Be Started Issue

Discovering the causes behind an issue not only helps you solve the issue but also helps prevent the issue from appearing again.

Reasons For Sage 50 Cannot Be Started

Check the reasons causing the sage 50 unable to start the issue below:

  • Damaged/Incorrect or Missing data path
  • Your internet connection is causing instability in the program.
  • If your Anti-virus or firewall configuration blocked the Sage or Pervasive file.
  • Your hard disk is not having enough space.
  • In case your User/Program file is damaged or corrupt.
  • Frequent disconnection or wrong configuration of the VPN connection.
  • In case the Sage or Pervasive File is absent
  • Inappropriate installation of the software.
  • Changes in the system’s general specifications.
  • In case you’re not the admin or don’t have the admin credentials.
  • If your System/Workstation can’t be identified on the Server by IP Address or Name.
  • In case the UAC (User Account Control) blocks the Pervasive
  • Malware/Virus detection on your system.

Solutions For Sage 50 Cannot be Started Issue

After understanding the reasons for the Sage 50 launching issue. Let’s check through the solutions suggested by Sage experts. In case you find the cause of the issue, you can apply any of the given solutions, or else follow the solutions chronologically.

Solution 1: Configuring Compatibility

Configuring compatibility

This first solution of configuring the compatibility setting of Sage 50 generally treats the Sage 50 can’t start issue for most users. Follow:

  • First, Locate the icon “Sage 50”.
  • Right-tap on it.
  • Select, “Properties”.
  • Click “Run in secure mode”.
  • Input (k0w16) without brackets.
  • Hit “Continue”.
  • Finally, tap “Ok”.

If the compatibility setting solution didn’t work for you, apply from our next solutions.

Solution 2: Verify Data Path Permissions

As we discussed in the reasons for sage 50 could note be started issue, it appears if the UAC is blocking the data path permissions or pervasive. Therefore, carry the steps to ensure permissions below: 

  • Hold “Windows+R”.
  • Input (useraccountcontrolsettings) without brackets.
  • Hit “Ok”.
  • Select “Never notify”.
  • Hit “Ok”.
  • Finally, tap “Yes”.
  • Restart/Reboot your system.

In case this solution didn’t help you solve the issue then maybe having admin rights will solve your issue. Try our next solutions.

Solution 3: Run as an Admin

This solution contains the steps to start the system as an admin thereafter, running the file as an admin. Follow:

Run as Admin - Sage 50 Cannot Be Started

  • Firstly, reboot your PC.
  • Login as “Admin”.
  • Launch “My computer”.
  • Visit “C Drive”.
  • Open “Program Files”.
  • Locate “Sage 50”.
  • Right-tap on “.exe”.
  • Choose “Run Admin”.
  • Finally, ensure if the issue remains.

Solution 4: Recreate Sage 50 Shortcut

Recreating the sage 50 shortcut helps to solve the launching issue of the sage software. The procedure to recreate the shortcut for sage 50 is as follows:

  • First, locate the “Sage 50” shortcut.
  • Right-tap on it.
  • Select “Delete”.
  • After that, visit “C: Drive”.
  • Open “Programs”.
  • Locate “Sage” folder
  • Then, right-tap (.exe) file.
  • Select “ Copy”.
  • Paste it on “Desktop”.
  • Finally, launch it.

Solution 5: Restart Pervasive

To Restart the pervasive, follow:

  • Hold “Window+R”

Restart Pervasive - Sage 50 Cannot Be Started

  • Type “services.msc”.
  • Hit “Ok”.
  • Right-tap on “Pervasive PSQL Engine”.
  • Choose “Restart”.
  • Thereafter, double-tap on “Pervasive PSQL Engine”.
  • Choose “Recovery”.
  • Then tick “Restart-Service First failure”, “Second Failure”.
  • Set “Reset Fail Count” for “1 day”.
  • Finally, hit “Ok”.

Solution 6: Repair The Defective Reports Folder

The Sage 50 accounting software might not be able to start due to the defective reports folder. Here is how you can repair the reports folder by renaming the server name:

  • First, shut the Sage 50 accounting 2018 or current software from the system.
  • Then, locate the system host.
  • Generally, the system host is your server where the data is saved.
  • Finally, rename your server.

Solution 7: Reinstall Sage 50 

If all the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work for you then your installation of Sage 50 accounting software is improper. To fix this, reinstall Sage 50. Follow:

  • Right-tap on “Start”.
  • Tap “Programs and Features”.

Reinstallation for Sage 50 Cannot Be Started Issue

  • Locate Sage 50 (Your version) from the list.
  • Select it.
  • Finally, hit “Uninstall”.

Now, you should reinstall the Sage 50 accounting software while ensuring the following:

  • Running a Scheduled/Locked File Test
  • Checking Company Location/.NET Error/Firewall.
  • Checking Domain/Workgroup/Data Path.
  • IP Address/Server and other critical factors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- Why won’t Sage 50 open?

If the Sage 50 is unable to open or hangs up displaying a greyish screen then the reason is a recent Microsoft update. Follow:

  • Right-tap on “Sage 50” icon.
  • Choose “Properties”.
  • Hit “Compatibility”.
  • Run “Secure Mode”.

Q2- How to launch the Sage 50?

  • First, hit “Start”.
  • Then, select “All Programs”.
  • Next, tap “Sage 50 20XX”
  • Finally, click “Sage 50” again.

Q3- Why is Sage not responding?

If the Sage 50 accounting could not be started or crashes frequently then it must be because of background processes or technical issues. 

You must restart your system and then verify if the issue is gone or not.

Q4- How to restore a Sage File?

  • Firstly, launch “Sage 50”.
  • Choose “File”.
  • Then, hit “Restore”.
  • Now, click “Browse”.
  • Open “File”.
  • Hit “Next”.
  • Choose “Restore method”.
  • Now, tap “Next”.
  • Finally, select “Finish”.

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