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Resolve Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000062

Sage 50 takes care of all the business needs. It keeps the good work by including every tiny transaction. However, users face several issues. In this guide, we will talk about one such problem. So, if you are facing the Sage 50 Decline error code 000062 and want to troubleshoot the same. Then, make sure to get into the guide below and learn everything associated with this issue. 

Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000062 : Quick Intro

Sage 50 Decline error code 000062 signals about the banking error. It appears when the bank has rejected the payment. Invalid service code restricted is another name for this error. Unlike other Sage 50 errors, it is one of the most agitated issues because of being a banking error. Also, it mostly appears due to some network issues prevail in the system. The user has to fix this issue as soon as possible to get the banking-related work done. 

decline code 12 : payment declined

Well, decline errors enter when the bank declines payment. Several reasons arise this issue like wrong card number, the expiration date of the card,  and insufficient balance. Many people thought of having a similarity between gateway and decline errors. But, they are quite different. With gateway errors, users usually face the blocking of the card as it did not go through the rules as per the control panel. 

The User may receive these two things on their devices:

Error Code – 000062

Error Message – Decline

More on Sage 50 Decline Error Code

The decline error code 000062 signifies various things like: 

  • Invalid service code. 
  • A part of the Bank error series like decline code 12 and decline code 200. 
  • Bank denies carrying out the payment procedure. 
  • Using credit cards in places where you should not. 

Fixation of Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000062

Being a banking error, you may find it hard to resolve but there are outlined a quick way below through which you can easily fix the issue. 

000062 : contact support

  • Service Industry Code (SIC) is provided to every running enterprise. This code contains four digits indicating your business’ nature. For instance, 8111 depicts the Legal Services and 5812 informs about the Eating Places. 
  • These cards ensure restrictions in other kinds of enterprises. Like, the pharmacy organizations are issued FSA cards and grocery stores have EBT cards. So, if they want to move into some other organizations that it becomes impossible. 
  • The error generally occurred because of this kind of restriction that stops users to prevent any further payments and transactions. 
  • The only solution required right now is to contact your bank and ask them about all the different modes of payment and related solutions.

Winding Up!

So, this error is just a one-step solution. Banking errors without a doubt lead to agitation and irritation. Most of the work depends on the bank and it can be quite problematic to encounter such an issue. Well, there would be no other problems and issues once you involve in a conversation with your bank. Just speak out about your problem and get the quick and immediate response they have for you. 

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