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Sage 50 Printer not Activated Error Code 30 – Resolve It

Sage 50 Printer not activated error code 30 can leave you all puzzled and confused at the time of printing or emailing a Sage 50 invoice. The main cause behind this error could be outdated drivers. The error can prevent you to create and submit invoices on Windows 8.1 from the QuickBooks pro-2015 version as it displays another error stating “Your forms were not sent because QuickBooks could not create the necessary PDF files.” You may not aware of the techniques to resolve this error. So, here we are with this guide containing several ways through which you can easily tackle the issue. 

Error Message: Printer not Activated Error Code 30

Error Description: Error interrupts at the time of printing invoices, documents, and sharing forms. 

Issue: Printer not activated

Other Names of Printer Not Activated Error 

  • Printer not activated error code 30 windows 10, 8, or 8.1
  • Printer not activated error code 41
  • Cannot e-mail transactions
  • Printer not activated when e-mailing an invoice
  • Cannot convert reports to PDF
  • Printer not activated when e-mailing a report

Sage 50 Printer Not Activated: Significant Causes

Several causes bring the Sage 50 printer not activated error on your device.

  • Corrupted E-mail writer
  • Clash with the printer driver
  • Windows profile gets corrupted
  • User Account Control or UAC is not disabled
  • Improper settings on Sage 50 E-mail writer
  • Email program incompatibility
  • Microsoft updates are not installed
  • Damaged customized forms
  • Using Sage 50 E-mail writer as a printer

Different Solutions to Fix Sage Printer Not Activated Error Code

There are several solutions through which you can fix the sage primer not activated error. Stated below are some of them.

Solution 1: Remove Email Writer and Run Repair on Sage

  • To begin with, close your Sage software. 
  • Now, hit the two keys named Windows + R button.
  • After that, enter Control there.
  • Followed by hitting the OK button. 
  • Navigate towards Devices and Printers. 

printer not activated error code 30 : devices and printers

  • Go to Sage 50 E-mail Writer v3 and right-click on it. 
  • Once done, choose Remove Device. 
  • You can remove other Peachtree E-mail writers or Sage E-mail Writers as well. 
  • Choose your printer now. 
  • Don’t forget to click on the Print server properties. 
  • Consequently, tap the Drivers option.
  • Also, select Amyuni Document Converter 450 and remove the same. 
  • Moreover, try to remove the Driver and Driver package. 

right-click on Sage 50 E-mail writer v3

  • Hit the OK button.  
  • Navigate towards the Print Server Properties. 
  • Choose the Drivers option and Amyuni Document Converter 300 or 500 if there is any. 
  • Next, remove the driver and driver package. 
  • Again, hit the OK button. 
  • You need to now run Repair for Sage. 
  • Hit the tab keys named Windows + R. 
  • Enter Control there. 
  • Don’t forget to hit Ok. 
  • Click on Devices and Printers. 
  • Perform a right-click on Sage 50 E-mail writer v3. 
  • From the list, choose Printer Properties. 
  • Go towards the Ports button. 
  • Hit Add Port option. 
  • Now, move forward with Local Port and choose New Port. 
  • You need to fill in PDF1 in the port name. 
  • Again, hit OK. 
  • Choose the Advanced button. 
  • Moving on, choose the box named Enable advanced printing features. 

printer error code 30 : enable advanced printing features

  • Hit the Apply button. 
  • Once done, choose Print directly to the printer box. 
  • Once again, hit Apply and Close. 
  • Just reboot the system. 

Solution 2: Run Sage and Email Program as Administrator

  • To initiate, and close Sage and other email programs like Outlook.
  • Now, you need to right-click on the Sage 50 icon. 
  • Choose the Properties tab. 
  • Hit the Compatibility option. 
  • Don’t forget to select modify settings for all users.
  • Once done, head towards Run this program as an Administrator. 

printer not activated error code 30 : run this program as an admin

  • Click on Apply and then hit Ok. 
  • Repeat from the second step to the last for the email program button. 
  • You need to access Sage as well as the email program. 
  • Just check that you can easily mail without any kind of issues or problems. 
  • If you have issues then move toward the other solution. 

Winding Up!

So, these are all the solutions of Printer not activated error code 30. The article is prepared with great concern. You will not face issues after completing the troubleshooting. But, if somehow there arises then make sure to comment your concern below. We will surely come up with an updated and instant way to help you out in this situation.

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