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How to Get Sage 50 on Mac Devices (Latest Guide)

Well, it’s unfortunate that Sage 50 accounting software does not directly support Mac OS systems. This is because it can run on the Windows platforms only. But are there other ways for users to get Sage 50 on Mac Devices like phones and laptops? Yes, there are!

Everyone knows that Sage 50 is an excellent software that offers incredible features. Since its inception, the software has been serving all businesses be it small or large.

There are countless features in Sage 50 that allow people to grow their businesses and increase their productivity. Therefore even Mac users highly appreciate the software.

Since Mac also includes a high technology-driven system, it can run any software on its platform smoothly. However, Sage does not support Mac and this is why users want some alternatives for using Sage 50 on Mac systems.

We have researched a few techniques that allow the software to run with stability on the Mac system. Let’s learn the most credible ways to get Sage 50 on Mac devices.

Advantages of Sage 50 on Mac Devices

Advantages of Sage 50 on Mac Devices

Sage 50 provides Mac users with countless benefits including:

  • You can access the payroll and payment processes.
  • Sage 50 provides tax and sales reports with only one single click.
  • The software is extremely useful to monitor purchase orders as well as profits.
  • This simple accounting software for Mac also offers cloud hosting service features to help in online data storing.
  • Sage offers the security features to help businesses run safely.
  • Users can use Sage 50 for MacBook also.

How to Get Sage 50 on Mac – Quick Steps

How to Get Sage 50 on Mac - Quick Steps

It is possible to Get Sage 50 on Mac Devices by the techniques mentioned below, Let’s see how.

1. Install Boot Camp

You can access the Sage for Mac operating system after installing the multi-boot utility on iOS. Boot Camp is the best choice for anyone looking for an online software assistant for getting Sage Mac on the system.

2. Get VMware

The key to get the Sage is to run Windows on a Mac OS first. This is because Mac OS does not have Sage, so, you first need to install windows and then use the software.

VMware Fusion comes to your rescue here. It is a simple, quick, and legit solution to run Windows apps on your Mac device without having to reboot.

Simply Copy/paste between computer screens and easily obtain shared documents. We recommend this to the new as well as existing Mac users who wish to keep running Windows as they can’t imagine performing their work without Sage. The feature of cloud computing in Sage 50 helps users to get it on each iOS device. However, you still have to install Windows on the device before using Sage.

VMware presently is the sole software that helps you to run Sage 50 on both Windows as well as iOS without the need to restart the system.

3. Opt for Parallels

Another virtualization software developed for macOS devices is “Parallels”. You can use the same to get Sage 50 on Mac and run Windows and Sage as a separate desktop. After that, you can utilize Windows apps as if they are Mac or PC natives.

Installing Sage 50 on Mac Devices (Through SageMath)


  • From Tigerware, download SageMath
  • Then access the installation file of the Sage from “Downloads”.
  • Now, a new window with Sage will open. Hold “Shift + Command + A” for accessing the Applications folder.
  • In the end, copy that particular Sage application into the folder of “Applications”.

So, as you have seen here, it’s easy to get Sage on MAC. This accounting software is simple, and perfect for Mac as well as other Apple device users. You can get the software on many versions of Apple Mac, like iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air. Since all run the same operating system called Mac OS X, you can enjoy Sage 50 features on them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Which Accounting Software is Best for Mac?

Sage 50 for Mac is a strong business accounting application. It has features like tracking of expense and payment, invoicing, and cloud access that helps in automating your business accounts simply. 

This software is super easy to set up and use, allowing you to increase cash flow, save more time, and get paid faster right away. It is compatible with all iOS mobile apps.

Q2 How Exactly Does Sage 50 Work with Mac Device?

Sage 50 works effortlessly with OS X devices and Apple iOS. The mobile app of Sage is easily available on the App Store to download. Also, you can run Sage securely from your iMac, MacBook, or MacPro via any secured web browser.

Q3 Does Sage Accounting Work With All Apple Devices?

Yes, Sage 50 seamlessly works with any iOS or Mac OS device. 

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