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Upstart Loans: Review of the Industry’s Most Innovative Lending Solutions

It’s no surprise that getting a loan can be complicated and time-consuming. Big banks often leave consumers facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles, like paperwork confusion, rigid conditions, and impenetrable jargon. Sometimes it feels like the gap between needing money for a smart opportunity and having to repay complicated decisions beyond what you should comfortably manage.

Thankfully, Upstart Loans offers solutions that make your life easier financially by providing innovative lending options tailored to fit your individual needs from easy-to-understand terms to flexibility in repayment plans with relatively short turnaround times. In this post, we will give an Upstart review so you can decide if this loan is right for you.

Upstart Loans Overview


Upstart shows a perfect example of a peer-to-peer platform. Nowadays, it is very famous as it allows you to get a loan easily and without many complications. It unites with small banks & credit unions and provides loans for employment and education. By taking out a loan from Upstart you can even cover your expenses or can make big purchases. 


  • It has 15 billion points.
  • It has exceeded 622,000 cash loans.
  • It has a loss ratio which is 75%.
  • The automation of loan disbursement has reached 70%.
  • With the company, AI has increased the US market by $13 trillion.


  • It has no variety which means that it has only one product where that generates revenue. 
  • The share of loans issued drops upon “Cross River”.
  • These banks are not very interested in becoming Upstart clients instead they go for partner contacts.
  • They haven’t tested the machine learning model during the economic crisis.


As we know, Upstart is a platform that joins borrowers and partner lenders. It consists of many variables like education and the applicant has the opportunity to get a big loan. It also charges an origination fee, ACH return fee, & late payment fee. Still, it is good for audiences aged between 20 to 30 years and those who don’t have a big credit history.

Fees and Rates

For Overdraft fees, there are a variety of cases as you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You have to pay only the origination fee and it costs between 0%-10%. If you are paying late then you have to pay a fee which is $15 or 5% of the amount that is overdue. Sometimes you have to pay the ACH Return fee which is 15%. Each client has the right to get a paper copy but for this, you need to pay 10 dollars. 

The interest rate is 5.99% but it can go up to 35.99%. The parameters on which it depends are terms, conditions, and loan amount. The rates and fees are fixed and they will not charge any additional fees. You should see what you are paying for and you can calculate your expenses. 

Safety & Security

Upstart loans provide unsecured loans to many of its customers. The money that you are borrowing from the lender is not at all secure like a house or car. Instead, there are many credit unions that can seize your a/c. This platform is authorized and they will not pass your personal details to 3rd parties. They will list the cases where they have the right to transfer the details to a 3rd party. If there is any detail that won’t match then it will not be measured personally. 

Trustworthiness and BBB Rating 

To prove trustworthiness you need to consider a few important points & ratings. The company should operate legally which is the 1st thing you should keep in mind. It means it will not violate any law and do everything within the framework that is legal. The next thing, you should consider is the status of the lender. It is a nice platform and a US study gives it a good rating (that is 4.3/5), for accessibility, it got 4.0 & for consumer experiences, it got 4.6. As per Trustpilot, Upstart’s rating is 4.9/5 as customers are satisfied with the services provided by it. It has received complaints from customers but all that has been resolved by them very fast. 

But, only one response is a bit late. BBB has given Upstart an A+ rating in trustworthiness. You can use the Upstart app as it is free from viruses. Still, for protection, you should use good quality antivirus on your computer or any device on which you will use it. The benefit is that you don’t have to face any risk and it will be secure. 

Mobile Support & Accessibility 

You can easily access Upstart on any device. It has an easy UI so you will not face any difficulty and you can find out all the details that you want. So, if you are using Android and you want to take out the money then you can contact Upstart and you will get it without any problem. 

Customer Support 

In case while using the app you might face difficulty then you can contact the Upstart loans customer team by phone or even you can send them a mail. You can call them any day, it doesn’t matter if it is a Saturday or Sunday.

Loans that Upstart Provides

It includes personal loans, student loans, home loans, etc. All these loans have different purposes & also have distinct APR, and return terms & conditions.  We have mentioned the details of distinct loan types & their solutions:

1. Auto Loans

The ownership of a car loan is “25% of the loan” amount. It also depends upon whether you have a new car or a secondhand one or for how long is the load valid. If the customer fails to meet the requirements then the creditor can acquire the car. So, always try to make the payment according to the curriculum. You can also obtain a loan for other kinds of vehicles such as planes and boats.

2. Personal Loans

If you are taking a loan for any purpose then a Personal loan for good credit is a very good option till it’s not unlawful. But, lenders have the right to restrict the limit. It’s like you can’t get funds for education and use them. Upstart loans don’t impose any such restrictions. 

3. Home Repair Loans

If you are looking for a home renovation and want to take a loan then Upstart is the ideal option. It also doesn’t have complex procedures for obtaining a loan. You can spend the earned money on purchasing materials, pipes, etc. 

4. Student Loans

This loan cover education & the expenses related to it. It involves meals, transportation, schooling, etc. You should not use it to cover expenses related to non-tutor. Generally, they don’t track where you have spent the amount. 

5. Medical Loans

When you have to visit a hospital then you have no idea how much you have to pay. They might tell you that you have to undergo many tests and for that, you need extra money. If you don’t have money then you can take loans for medicines, tests, and surgery.

How Do Upstart Loans Work?

The starting range of loans offered by Upstart is $100-$50,000 the interest rate is 5.99%-35.99% and the loan term is 3-5 years. You can take a loan for any purpose from a service provider like education, if you want to buy a car, etc. You must have noticed that the business of Upstart is growing. They mainly target people aged 20 to 30 as they don’t have a big credit history and might face difficulty getting loans. 

This platform brings customers & network partners together. Due to AI, customers can easily get loan approval at a low interest rate & also with 0 overdraft fees. With these platforms, users can learn about bank a/c, minimal deposit, fees, & how to choose a correct loan. Here is what the process looks like

  • Online Questionnaire: It provides you with a Questionnaire that you have to answer and it will be regarding your education, personal details, & history of employment. 
  • Direct Deposits: Once you get the approval from the bank it will provide you a loan. In that, you can look for rate, terms, & amount.
  • Verification: If your loan offer is approved then they will verify the data provided by you.
  • Issuance: After all your verification is done, they will transfer the amount to the debit card.

Upstart Loans Requirements

If you want to qualify for Upstart then you need to fulfill these requirements:

  • The age should be 18 years.
  • You must have a US address.
  • Need a sound email a/c.
  • You should have verified your Name, DOB, & SSN.
  • Must have the origin of income or permanent job offer.
  • You should not be living in Iowa or West Virginia.

It is also necessary that you meet Upstart minimum credit needs which include:

  • You need a credit score of 300 or an inadequate history.
  • There should not be any black marks on your report at the time of taking the loan.
  • You need to meet the DTI ratio which is 50% & 45% if you reside in New York, Maryland, etc.
  • In the last twelve months, you should haven’t recorded any bankruptcy.
  • Also, there should be no report against you.
  • No more than six inquiries should be reported on your report. 

Upstart Payment and Login Method

How to Do an Upstart Login?

Here are the steps that you need to follow to log in to your Upstart account:

  • Go to the Official website of Upstart.
  • Fill up the Email Address & Passwords fields.
  • Lastly, click on “Sign In” To Your Account.

How to Do Upstart Loans Payment?

If you want to make payments then you can do this by signing into your dashboard & tap on the Make a Payment option or you can send the check via mail to the address that they have mentioned on their site. 

Comparable Lenders

So, we are mentioning some of the apps that you can look for but it is up to you whether you want to use them or not. 

1. Upgrade


If you want to consolidate debt then you can go for Upgrade as it directly pays creditors and you will also get a discount if you use this. It will take 1 or 2 days to transfer the loan. The personal loan is more feasible and provides more term options & has the ability to have a joint/secured loan.


  • Loan amounts are low.
  • You can directly pay creditors.
  • There is no penalty for advance payment. 
  • It grants joint applications.

2. LendingPoint


It will provide more term choices but the highest loan amount is $36,500. So, if you want a small amount of loan but with a more feasible option then you can look for LendingPoint. Although you want a high amount for the renovation then Upstart loans are a good option. It will fund the loan on the same or the next day. You can also build your credit as it has this feature. 


  • It has a high-interest rate.
  • More rigid Credit needs.
  • It has the highest loan amount which is $40,000.

3. Best Egg

Best Egg Loans

It is an online platform that provides both secured & unsecured loans and it will provide through “Blue Ridge Bank”. You have the option to select loans that range from $2000 to $50,000 and you can also make use of the benefits of Best Egg loan services such as Direct Pay.


  • You might face a little bit of difficulty in taking out a loan if you are not doing the job.
  • You will not get $1000 loans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Upstart and how does it work?

Upstart is very famous as it allows you to get a loan easily and without many complications. They mainly target people aged 20 to 30 as they don’t have a big credit history and might face difficulty getting loans. This platform brings customers & network partners together.

Q2. Do Upstart loans require collateral?

Upstart mainly provides loans for home renovation, education,  personal loans, student loans, home loans, etc. So, in that case, you don’t need to put collateral. 

Q3. Does Upstart verify income?

Yes, they will verify your last year’s tax return as part of your income. You also have to show recent income in the form of a check image. Also, provide a bank statement that can verify the amount that you have deposited.

Q4. How long does Upstart approval take?

You can get an immediate approval decision once you have applied and after it gets approved then it will be funded into your a/c very fast. Many competitors of Upstart loans give same-day approval.

Q5. Does Upstart pull hard?

Upstart will do a soft inquiry to find out the eligibility criteria for taking up the loan. It will not affect your score. Many competitors try to do a soft inquiry so that they can make an offer.

Q6. What is the maximum amount you can borrow with Upstart?

The starting range of loans offered by Upstart is $100-$50,000 the interest rate is 5.99%-35.99% and the loan term is 3-5 years. You can take a loan for any purpose from a service provider like education, if you want to buy a car, etc.

Q7. Is Upstart legit?

Upstart is a legal company and its partnership with other banks to offer big loan amounts, extended repayment options, and low APR as compared to other loan options. Personal loans can be used for any purpose like for big purchases or debt consolidation. 

Should You Really Go for an Upstart Loan?

Overall, if you need a loan, Upstart loans are the perfect choice for you because they provide cheap interest rates and a simple application process. After reading our Upstart Reviews, we hope you will understand why we believe it is worthwhile and why we have provided more loan options to make it easier for you to decide where to acquire a loan. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at any time.

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