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Best Personal Loans for Good Credit: Detail Analysis

Best personal loans for good credit can be a tricky question for most applicants when they don’t know what exactly they can do to subdue their financial issues. If somehow, you are to observe this question’s answer, then you also can manage things like all the other Americans do by chasing online resources to get a faster response. Furthermore, you must be sure what one hundred percent you have to do with the money so that, if you really get that in your hand, put it in the right place as decided.

So, whether you have decided the purpose or not and got the resources- or not, we are ready to give you a transforming idea where you can manage yourself better than others. Let’s begin. 

Overview of Best Personal Loans for Good Credit

Personal Loans

If you know something about loan companies and their functions, you can dictate the thought that they prefer better than the best. Now, the question is what is better than the best for them. How do they evaluate the applications received by them in their day-to-day business life? Such questions are half-heartedly answered by most money lenders because they sometimes prefer their choice more than your personal evaluation. No matter who you are. They will set a different target before you- to crack.

Yet there is a point where you can feel confident and apply to the most affordable loan company. That is a good credit score. The overall meaning is lower interest rates and commanding the best personal loans. Meanwhile, you don’t have to forget that you still have to be patient and check what is perfect among the various market options because good credit doesn’t mean you are not to do anything further.

The next point is it is unsecured, meaning there is no role for any collateral to gain the creditor’s confidence. Contrary, it will check your repayment capabilities, debt history, income sources, loan purpose, etc. Moreover, one can go to anyone to apply for a loan, like online money lenders/any network, credit union, or traditional bank.

Best Personal Loans for Good Credit: Best of the Network

The best loan company online is the ask of every personal loan borrower nowadays. Yes, traditional banks are the best option for good credit, yet they should be available on the internet by the same token. To figure out the best choice for your loan, let’s check some places to find the exact match of your debtor and creditor evolution. 

Happy Money

Happy Money: Best Personal Loans

With a low-interest rate, you can reward yourself with the best personal loan and high-interest rate credit card consolidation via a fixed distinctive monthly payment. Not just that, it smartly handles another extra task where you can inform your loan payment activities to the 3-major credit bureaus. Without any service charge: it provides FICO updates monthly to its money debtors to maintain their good credit scores. 

Loan Highlights

  • 640 is the minimum credit score for any best personal loans for good credit. 
  • Annual Percentage Rate sets between 5.99-24.99%.
  • The talks are clear on 0%-5% for the origination fees.
  • The loan is approvable between the value of $5,000-$40,000.
  • Furthermore, you may wisely decide the repayment terms from 2-5 years.
  • The fund is transferable within 1-2 business days of the best loan company online. 

Other Scores to Consider 

  • FICO is responsible for managing the periodicity of the current time good credit limit. Happy Money monitors the changes and shares them with its borrowers. 
  • Now, the best part is you don’t have to worry about the creditor’s payment as it directly settles the credit card consolidation to the main party. 
  • Without affecting your time, you can pre-qualify yourself by going through the official web address of Happy Money. Not just that, pre-qualify will definitely not be going to affect your credit score. 
  • After your credit card consolidation settlement, you may know what is remaining for you to relax and feel comfortable with further interest payments and principal loan amounts. 
  • The origination fee can be troublesome for applicants who are in dire need of complete payment. 
  • You have to be a U.S. citizen to apply for the loan at 18 years of age. Minimum -3 years of credit history with two accounts are necessary for the loan application. 

Best Egg

Best Egg

Best Egg also helps you settle your credit card amount of the last debt and arrange a secure and unsecured loan for eligible borrowers. However, you may find some lacunas in the Best Egg loans when compared to others. Apart from credit cards, they can settle other large expenses and refinance their credit cards.

Loan Highlights

  • The minimum credit score stands at 600.
  • The APR rate is about 7.99%-35.99%, with the origination fee of 0.99% to 8.99%.
  • Furthermore, you would have to pay a return check fee of about $15. 
  • You can apply for a loan for $2000-$50,000 in the company of 3/4/5 years of repayment terms. 
  • 1 to 3 business days are a time for a money transfer after the loan approval. 
  • There are some exceptions for the places, like Lowa/west Virginia/Washington/Vermont, from where you are not eligible to apply for the loan. 

Other Scores to Consider

  • This aspect is similar to Happy Money, where it directly transfers the credit card consolidation amount to the creditor, affecting expenses on unnecessary things. 
  • Monthly credit score-free access to the borrowers to motivate them to repay the amount on time. Contrary; it doesn’t provide any discount rate.
  • You must have valid income proof to speed up the loan approval and be a resident of the U.S. with a social security number. 
  • Although it is online, it still doesn’t provide you access to the mobile application to manage your activities. 
  • Three major bureaus can implement your repayment activities to fix your credit score. 

LightStream (A Division of SunTrust Bank)


LightStream is an affordable loan company online to apply for loan requirements with a good credit score. The best part is you can expect a much higher amount than others. LightStream loans are in collaboration with SunTrust banks. Not just that, but even though you are not part of the bank still; LightStream works for you: besides, you are its premier customer. 

Loan Highlights

  • To apply to this company, one must have a good-excellent credit card score. 
  • Moreover, $5000 to $100,000 loan amount with an APR rate of 4.99% to 19.99%.
  • A minimum credit score is 660, and the maximum can go to 720. Apart from that- it is an unsecured loan, and you don’t have to save any collateral.
  • Furthermore, there is no loan fee, or pre or post-payment penalties, and loan terms can go up to 2 to 7 years. 
  • The amount is transferable in 1 business day, and for home maintenance, the term is 12 years.
  • You can apply from any state of the country. 

Other Scores to Consider

  • The loan amount is considerable, with a low-interest rate and a timely and speedy approval process. 
  • One can visit the official website of Lightstream to check eligibility. An online loan calculator helps you finalize your loan amount with an interest rate & payment system. 
  • No origination fee is the plus point here compared to other money lenders, and the online application is simple for almost all applicants. 
  • Being the Best loan company online, it will check your long-year credit history. (minimum five years)
  • The Hard check process can make you uncomfortable- however, if you are ready in all aspects of the inquiries, there is no worry about anything. 
  • If someone is taking a loan for home remodeling, it can delay the time of repayment up to 90 days without an interest rate. 



Best personal loans for good credit is possible with an Upgrade loan where you can directly coordinate with the company without any mediator. Yes, the credit check is there. You need to have your income proof, loan purpose, and good credit history to join this entity to secure your financial issues. Furthermore, the application and review process is simple to follow. Let us check more of it.

Loan Highlights

  • The loan is approvable with a minimum 600 credit score and should be from an authentic source like FICO. Moreover, be well prepared for a 7.99% minimum APR rate.
  • It is affordable for credit buildup and debt consolidation of your credit card. To save this target, one may apply $1000 to $35000 with a 3 to 5 years term.
  • APR rate can stick to 7.99%- 35.97%, based on the customer’s profile. After the loan approval, the origination fee will be 2.9% to 8%. So be attentive and check pre-qualification with an online loan calculator. 
  • If; you give access to auto-pay of the interest rate amount, you may benefit from the lowest rates. 

Other Scores to Consider

  • Like traditional loan entities, one must not go to the office of the same. Everything is online for every customer for the best personal loans for good credit. Open the company’s website and see the qualification and personal loan types. 
  • You may get the loan amount transfer on the next business day of the company after the approval and proper documentation. 
  • You may witness your loan activities with a monthly credit score free of cost. Now, if you don’t pay the interest on time you would have to pay $10 as a late fee. 
  • Not just that, you have to seek authorization for your place following the company website because it doesn’t provide services to all the country states. 

Marcus (By Goldman Sachs)


One may find varieties for repayments and can go according to their requirements. It exists holding the hands of Goldman Sachs. Marcus, an affordable loan company, provides unsecured personal loans to borrowers: Who have a good credit score from their debt histories. One should check the website before applying for the loan because Marcus has enough repayment loans to choose from and finalize the need. 

Loan Highlights

  • 730 or more should be the credit score according to the FICO report. It is helpful to consolidate your debt and customizable.
  • It is affordable with no fees, and if you give autopay access can benefit from a low rate. Moreover, the origination fee is from 1% – 10%. 
  • It gives its services to almost 50 states and transfers the loan amount in one week. Furthermore, the APR rate of 6.99%-24.99%, with 36-72 months, is categorically practical for long-term loan seekers. 

Other Scores to Consider

  • Pre-qualification is accessible using the authorized website of Marcus. Everything is available on the website, from loan amount to rates to time duration. 
  • Full customer support is possible in a company of mobile apps with a track record of your repayment. 

How to Get the Best Personal Loans for Good Credit?

How to apply for Personal Loans

The scale is long to celebrate the number of personal loan borrowers in America. You may easily find the past experiences of the American debtors to take an idea about yourself. However, we are figuring out some points here to know what in every aspect you can do while applying for a loan in any financial institution in the country. 

  • Analyze the Different Lenders: Best loan companies online specify their terms and policies for various sizes of borrowers. If you have the FICO’s prescribed good credit score to excellent, then take the details and compare them using an online loan calculator. A soft credit check is an option where you can pre-qualify yourself without distressing your credit score. 
  • Term Plan: The term plan is a crucial spot to consider when planning for any best personal loans for good credit. The usual term goes from 2 to 7 years for any loan amount. However, if you give a valid reason, like home maintenance, the lender can extend the term up to 12 years, depending upon its policy and customer profile. The difference between; short and long-term loans is interest rate payment and lower principal amount.  
  • Loan Amount Availability: Loan amount availability is the next point where you have to work most because if you unsystematically finalize the amount, you may fall into the financial trap or become insolvent, repaying the loan amount. For the personal loan amount, you can start from 2000 to 50,000. In some cases, it can go up to 1,00,000. 
  • Purposeful Loan: Best personal loans for good credit should be of purpose. Though, you can use the loan amount anywhere you want. Yet it is always essential for both; the money lender and borrower to use the fund in the right direction. Not only that, it helps to lower the rate if you know where the finances will get invested after the approval. 
  • Take Your Time: Don’t hurry while applying for any loan amount to any financial institution, even though you know it better. Money matters are always hard to handle, so be patient in tackling this issue.  

Rates for Best Personal Loans for Good Credit

As we have suggested, use the pre-qualification process before applying for any personal loan on any network. However, the APR is the real game player after the credit score. It affects your monthly budget and expenses. The Estimate can help you take a pinpoint understanding of the best piece of cake. See them below. 

  • Bad (300-629) credit score estimates about 25.2% annual percentage rate.
  • Fair (630-689) is next door, where APR stands at 19.4%.
  • Good (690-719) emergest for about a 14.4% APR rate. 
  • The last and prime point of excellence (720-850) helps you achieve at least a 10.8% annual percentage rate. 

Usage of Best Personal Loans for Good Credit

Personal loans are not for everyone or everything. If you have a purpose, you will automatically know the usage. There could be many reasons for personal loans taken. For instance, the last credit card loan or personal loan and home maintenance are the factors where you can apply for a new personal loan with a good score.

Where the interest rate is higher than your expectation, and the monthly salary is not enough to settle it, then a personal loan can be a wise way to fix the issues. That’s not all. Some lenders directly pay the consolidation amount, so you don’t have to feel anxious about the loan amount fixation. They will counsel your situation and pay according to your profile. 

Furthermore, a personal loan is secure when you have a perfect score- as per FICO.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which best describes a way people can use personal loans?

It is clear from the personal loan name itself. Various factors affect everyone’s personal life, like home buying, cars, sudden happenings, old loans’ single-time settlement notice, and credit card debt consolidation.

Q.2 Do personal loan lenders call your employer?

The answer is available in both No and Yes Mode. It depends on the company profile, policies, loan type, purpose, and more.  


No matter! What is your situation from a financial perspective- it can be solved because the loan is a solution. However, if one is not attentive while making such decisions, the solution can turn into a problem not curable with little effort. So it will be better to try almost all the methods mentioned in the article to save yourself from future anxiety.

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