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Review of LightStream Loans: Instant Loan Solution for Everything

It should come as no shocker that applying for a loan can be difficult and time-consuming. Large banks frequently create obstacles that seem unbeatable, such as administrative complexity, and strict requirements. Fortunately, LightStream loans provide solutions that ease your financial burdens by offering creative financing options, clear terms, and flexible repayment plans with quick turnaround times.

This revolutionary loan service promises speedy and straightforward access to financing for almost any personal investment you make. Whether you’re looking to renovate your home, buy a new car, or finance a passion project, LightStream has the answer. With their quick processing times and absolute dedication to customer satisfaction, you can rest assured you are getting the absolute best with them.

Still, wondering if it is right for you? To help you decide if it is good for you, we’ll provide LightStream reviews in this article. Our review will cover everything from interest rates and customer service, to ease of application and more – so that you get the full picture before deciding if these loans are the best fit for your needs.

LightStream Loans Overview

LightStream Loans Overview

LightStream Loans are designed with large customers in mind, offering competitive rates and quick approval times. The entire process from start to finish is easy and straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprises along the way. Additionally, because these loans are not dependent on other banks or lenders, you don’t have to worry about any extra paperwork that can get in the way of getting approved.

LightStream Loan offers a variety of features that make them attractive to borrowers. For one, they offer lower interest rates than traditional loans—including annual percentage rate (APR)—as well as shorter terms than what is typically offered by other lenders. Furthermore, their user interface makes it easier than ever before for users to quickly apply for a loan and track their progress once approved.

Finally, they also offer solutions for those who have credit issues or may be facing financial difficulties. LightStream Loan representatives are available to help answer questions and provide solutions that fit each individual’s unique situation so that he or she can get the money needed without having to worry about excessive interest rates or hidden fees.


  • Fewer rates “including annual percent rate”
  • Zero hidden fees
  • Immediate loan approval
  • Suitable user interface


  • It will tell you the minimal amount of loan but for some users, it can be high.
  • You might have seen there are financial apps that give you loans without checking your history but for LightStream if you have any black marks then you won’t get approved.

Features of LightStream

Feaures of lightstream

It offers you advanced services & products. So, the range & the solutions that it provides will come in bulk. So, for receiving funds, you need to go through the terms & conditions. Here is the list of things that it allows you to do:

  • You can do payments.
  • Keep track of your a/c balance.
  • You can also update your profile.
  • Select the perfect option from different financial products.
  • You can use Face ID & Touch ID.
  • Verify due dates for payments.
  • Compute loan rate.

As we have mentioned above, LightStream defines a minimum loan amount which is $5,000. For many customers, it is a great amount of money. LightStream offers its clients a wide variety of loan purposes. In such a way you can take a loan for

Though it has a long list of loans that you can use for different purposes. Still, there are a few items that are not at all provided by LightStream. Look at the list below:

  • Life insurance & retirement programs
  • Loans for setting up a business
  • For purchasing stocks & shares
  • Cash-out recapitalize funds
  • Postsecondary expenses or college
  • Funds to recapitalize current loans

It also provides “same-day” funding and it is different from old financial services that have been delivered by banks.

Fees and Rates

Fees and rates

You can find LightStream almost in all states of the USA. As there is tough competition in the monetary sector, these sectors should focus on providing facilities for mobile apps that can easily be accessible by consumers. You can see this on LightStream Loans. No need to pay any monthly fee and it is a very good option for those who don’t employ loans more often as you don’t have to pay expenses each month. You can take a loan for different purposes from loans for students to home renovation and repayment time generally ranges from 2 to 7 years.

For home renovation & more, the term of the loan is 12 years. You might have seen there are apps that don’t verify your score but LightStream checks credit score & history. If you have zero credit history then you may face difficulty in getting a loan. If you are taking a loan for the very 1st time then you should have a credit score of not more than 660. 

Safety & Security

Safety and security

The team of LightStream Loans collects all personal information & keeps it in a secure place. Everyone can’t access the data, only you can see your data & the employees who are performing their duties. They carry ID cards, passwords, & Key cards with them. So, you don’t have to worry about security. If you want more security then look for the AccountLock trait. With the help of this, you can restrict access and not open your a/c without your permission. They also provide training & you can become an expert in the ground of security. 

Trustworthiness and BBB Rating 

Trustworthiness and BBB Rating 

LightStream is a part of “SunTrust Bank” which is a very leading company in the financial sector. It is a very good platform and has high ratings. As per Bankrate, it has a rating of 4.6 which is categorized as

  • Availability: 4.2
  • Affordability: 5
  • Customer Experience: 4.6

According to BBR, LightStream got A+, and if you want to know about credit ranking then look below:

  • If you got “A then it will be excellent, for B- Good, C- Bad, & D-very bad”.
  • If you have many letters in the “rating” then it will be a good sign.
  • In case you have a small number then it will be better.
  • The + sign is better & if you got a – sign then nothing is worse than this.

We know that if you have an A+ then it will be considered as best so the same goes for LightStream Loans.

Mobile Support & Accessibility

The main advantage of this is that it can work on smartphones, tablets, & desktops. It also works very well on iOS & Android and it will make your work easy. You can verify your a/c balance, can transfer money & get a loan easily without going anywhere. If you want to use this app then you can download it from Play Market/App Store. 

Mobile Support & Accessibility

Innovative mobile apps are playing a major role and will continue to provide this benefit in the future. In case you want to save time and need instant cash then LightStream is an ideal option for you. It is good for those people who don’t want to go for one-on-one consultations. 

Customer Service 

Customer service

Due to the high-quality service provided by LightStream Loans, it is always the perfect option for consumers. If you feel that you are unsatisfied and want to ask some more questions then you can contact the managers by sending them an email. Then, they will provide you with a questionnaire which you have to fill out and send it back to them and get $100 as a reward. But, it will expire within 30 days. You will not get any mobile number to which you can connect them but you can send them a mail and they will respond within 1 working day.

How Does the “LightStream” Application Work?

LightStream Application Work

LightStream personal loan is not much costly and comes up with fewer interest charges & zero overdraft fees. You can find it in the App Store & Play Store. Once you have downloaded it you have to write down your personal details like mobile number, address, & SSN. You also need to link your bank a/c & need to have a debit card number. What aspects does LightStream look at when you apply for a loan:

  • Origin of income.
  • The credit score & history of the bank a/c.
  • In case you have stocks & bonds.
  • The repayment term is between 2 to 12 years.
  • You need to check your a/c balance.
  • Details about bank accounts.
  • The reason for which you are taking a loan.

If you employ for a direct deposit then you have to look for the information that has been mentioned above. You will receive an email that will tell you the status of the application. Once you get approval, you need to sign an agreement and tell the date of funding.  

How to Do a LightStream Login?

LightStream Login

Have a look at the instructions given below to do LightStream login:

  • Go to the Official website of LightStream.
  • Then, enter your Email/User ID & Password.
  • Lastly, click on Submit.

Is LightStream Good to Use?

You can see there are various apps that can give you good services and you should also look for terms & conditions. So, LightStream can be a great choice for some users but not for each person.

  • You should know that it will look at your credit history & income. If you have many black marks on your report then you will not get a loan and the credit score should be 660. For some people, it will not be an issue but for some, it can be.
  • It also restricts the limit for paychecks. The current limit is $5000 and if you want money to pay off the rent, and small bills then don’t go for LightStream. 

List of Apps Similar to LightStream

Let’s have a look at the apps which are quite similar to LightStream:

1. Dave


Dave is a financial platform that helps users avoid overdraft fees, budget better, and save money. The app includes helpful features such as overdraft protection, budgeting tools, and cash advances. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices and is incredibly easy to use. The key feature that sets Dave apart from other financial apps is its ability to help users avoid overdraft fees.

When you sign up for a free account, you can link your bank account and give Dave permission to monitor your finances in real-time. This means that when your balance drops below a certain threshold, the app will alert you so that you can transfer money from another account or make a deposit before incurring an overdraft fee from your bank. Additionally, if an emergency arises where you need access to money quickly, Dave, and other apps like Dave will provide cash advances with no interest or additional fees attached.

Another great feature of the Dave app is its budgeting tools and financial insights. With this feature, users can stay informed on their income & expenses while also planning ahead for future purchases or bills coming due soon. The app allows users to set spending limits so they don’t overspend in any particular area as well as track monthly income & expenses so they know exactly how much they have left at any given time. Additionally, it provides personalized recommendations based on user behavior which makes it easier for users to manage their finances more effectively.


  • It is less expensive than the overdraft fee.
  • It will not charge any fee for borrowing money.


  • Needed bank a/c access.
  • It can create a scenario of borrowing up against future income.

2. Earnin


Earnin is a free app that provides its users with financial flexibility. With the Earnin App, users can access their earned wages between paychecks without having to worry about hidden fees or high-interest rates. The app also has several features that make it an attractive alternative to more traditional lenders, including no hidden fees, no minimum credit score requirement, and no interest charges whatsoever.

The Earnin App is designed to be easy and simple to use. First, users must link their bank account information to the app so they can access their current balance. Then they can set up their Cash Out request with the amount of money they would like to borrow from their current wages. When approved, users will receive that amount of money in their bank account within one business day after submitting the request.

Once users have received their requested funds through the app, they are expected to pay back what they borrowed when payday comes around (or whenever works best for them). This repayment process is completely automated and requires no extra effort from users once it has been set up.


  • Mandatory fees.
  • Doesn’t need a credit check.
  • Same-day funds are available.


  • Less borrowing limits.
  • Apparently, fewer tips can convert into more APR.
  • You have to share personal information related to the bank.

3. Best Egg

Best Egg

The Best Egg app allows users to easily search for and compare different loan offers from various lenders in order to find the lowest rate available. Once you enter some basic information about yourself and your desired loan amount, the app will search its database of lenders and present you with a list of offers from which to choose. All that’s left for you to do then is pick the offer that best suits your needs.

Besides helping you find the lowest rate available, using this Best Egg loan app also has some other advantages. For instance, users can apply for a loan directly through the app in just minutes, without having to visit multiple lenders or deal with complicated paperwork. Plus, once approved, funds are typically deposited into your bank account within one business day—making it easy and fast to get access to cash when needed.

Additionally, Best Egg’s customer service team is known for being incredibly helpful and responsive—so if you ever have any questions or need assistance with anything related to your loan application or loan process, Best Egg will be there for you every step of the way.


  • The starting limit of the loan is $2,000 in many states.
  • It provides direct payment in case of debt consolidation
  • You can use it for a variety of purposes.  


  • High APR.
  • It will also charge origination fees ranging from 0.99% to 5.99% on your loan amount.
  • There is no clear picture of rates, terms & loan amounts. 

LightStream: Worthy or Not!!!

In conclusion, LightStream loans are an excellent option when you are in need of a loan quickly. Their application process is quick and hassle-free, and they often provide fantastic rates without any hidden fees or surprising catches — something that can’t always be said for other lenders. Whether you’re looking for a loan to consolidate debt or cover essential household expenses, you can count on LightStream for a secure and straightforward borrowing experience. We hope this review has given you helpful insights into the services that LightStream offers. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take to approve?

Ans. LightStream doesn’t take much time to approve your application; it will be approved the day you applied. But, for that, you need to provide the right information without making any mistakes.

Q2. What credit bureau does it use?

Ans. You know that your credit report has been checked by all 3 important agencies. Sometimes they can do a hard inquiry and it can happen that they will not provide you with the loan. This tough inquiry will be done by Equifax or TransUnion.

Q3. How does LightStream auto loan work?

Ans. LightStream provides unsecured auto loans for used cars, and new cars as well as for refinancing. You can’t use your car as collateral as it is unsecured. 

Q4. What credit score is needed?

Ans. To get approved, you need to have a credit score of not more than 660. If you have many black marks on your report then you will not get a loan. 

Q5. What bank owns LightStream?

Ans. LightStream has been owned by Truist Bank. It provides you with a wide variety of benefits, especially for those users who need instant money. It can exhibit large customers & also has a good rating. If you go for this then you can enjoy excellent financial services.

Q6. Does LightStream need proof of income?

Ans. You might be needed to submit proof of your income when you are submitting the application. It can include bank statements and tax returns. 

Q7. Is LightStream legit?

Ans. Yes, it has a good reputation in the market and provides interest rates & it has a simple process of applying. It will not disclose credit needs but many employees who have better credit scores can qualify for this.

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