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How Can I Get Help to Pay Rent? Here are Some Tips

Not owning a house is an issue & it worsens when you are unable to make payments on the rented home. In this situation, what happens? You make payments continuously every month. Still, on occasion- you need to ask for help to pay rent. Why does this happen? That is because rent is not the only payment that can secure your financial lifestyle. You have to finance several other bills to manage your way of living. Medical bills, family expenses, grocery invoices, health insurance, travel expenses, and more affect the change. 

Some are temporary. The others are permanent. However, the resolution is crucial to fix it. The article summary can help you with this. Let’s dive in. 

Help to Pay Rent ASAP?

U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey has released a statement that many distinct renters have felt unconfident paying rent in the upcoming months. It is due to the actions taken by the companies during the time of COVID-19. The emergency situation has increased the pain of the renters as it was already at a peak before this time. The loss is not coverable entirely, yet many effective ways can still work for the renters to come on track and be constantly there with positive efforts. 

Let’s find a solution to how can I get help to pay my rent. 

Help to Pay Rent ASAP

Rent Assistance from Government and Federals 

The public administration has come out as paying rent on your behalf or giving you some assistance in this case. On record, you may apply for at least 18 months starting from 2020. Not just that, NPA (non-profit agencies), various public or govt. organizations and charities are always ready to work in this direction to assist you near your locality. Meanwhile, you can be sure your application can get approved the same day while asking: I need help paying my rent asap.

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Moreover, the sources you find will vary based on their helping capabilities, fund availability & some other unignorable factors. What you need to step in is to check what exact amount you need to pay the rent and which helping hand can resolve the rent payment issue to restrain eviction or homelessness. 

Check the eligibility; I need money for rent.

  • If you are living on rent and have no ways to pay the rent amount, then your ERS or emergency rent assistance can help you when one of the family members has shown unemployment from its side. 
  • Moreover, if it has lost its income source, owns sizable expenses, and is facing other hardships due to a financial crisis. 
  • The income source is below the level amount prescribed by the authority, and there is an immense risk of losing the household.

Other Options to Help to Pay Rent

  • Transmit the Situation to the Landlord

Transmit the Situation to the Landlord

A landlord can be a great option to approach first; before going anywhere else for help. It is the person who can resolve the issue if you communicate with it properly. In your good time, he was happy with the timely payment. The situation is bad for you now, and he is the one who can understand you better if you have had good terms with him in the past. Meanwhile, you must not forget that losing your temper can create more issues than before if the landlord doesn’t respond as you want. Be polite while communicating with him. The non-payment is the cause of eviction for about 77.3% of American respondents.

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You may not face eviction if you communicate with the landlord with a repayment guarantee after a fixed time, tenant terms, and good understanding words. 

  • Evaluate Lease

Evaluate Lease

How can I get help to pay my rent, possibly with a lease evaluation? Every tenant should read the tenancy terms carefully before occupying the space. This help can work in the pay rent crisis too. Check what your virtue is in the lease documents. Read carefully! And negotiate for them while communicating with the landlord. The most noteworthy point to consider is the eviction process in case the tenant doesn’t pay the rent for a fixed month.

  • I Need Help Paying My Rent ASAP with Multiple Non-profit Organizations

Government or federal help is not enough for such a massive country’s population. Charitable institutions and non-profit organizations can quickly cover up these spaces and help needy people. Emergency funds make the renters financially strong to save them from homelessness or eviction due to low income or covid time crisis. Not just that, there is short-term and long-term help one can acquire by applying the same. Check out the list of NPOs and charitable funds. 

1. Catholic Charities

Catholic charities offer emergency funds to pay the rent using the fund or donations accepted from the government or other institutions capable/willing to help with the fund. You can go to the local catholic charities to find housing assistance by filling out an application with prescribed details. One can search for charities’ websites to clarify the details. 

2. Salvation Army

With earnings of less than 125% (Federal Poverty Guidelines), you are eligible for single-time rent assistance. Apply and check your eligibility if you are off track from your job because of the COVID-19 crisis. Incapability to pay rent, utility bills, groceries, and mortgages are the terms included in the help of the Salvation army. 

3. Local Housing Authorities

Local housing authorities- to an extent, take responsibility for helping the people who are evicted or need help to pay rent. United way is one of such authorities to help you via resources and recommendations. 

4. 211 

211 service

The 211 service covers about 94.6% of American citizens to redirect them to rental assistance programs. (preferably in your area) United way worldwide helps connect people 24/7 with free, confidential services of local organizations. It is very active in serving- Poor families, old age callers or applicants, veterans, elders, COVID-19 crisis bearers, and more. You can call, text/chat; If you need help paying rent, food, or health. 

5. Resident Relief Foundation

Eviction issues are dispersible by contacting resident relief foundations that occurred- during a financial emergency or COVID crisis. 


The organization helps you find legal assistance if you know that still, you have time to restrain eviction or homelessness, and the landlord does it against the authority. Furthermore, in some cases, it can help to pay rent. 

  • Loan Assistance 

Taking a short-term emergency loan can help to pay rent. It is practical when you don’t have any choice but to make yourself comfortable in this condition. Savings are not in your hand or bank account, but the landlord is not ready to make adjustments for you. Additionally, imposing extra charges for not paying rent on time. 

Loan Assistance 

No NPO or govt. has found you eligible for emergency rent assistance, be it short-term or long-term. As a result, it is appreciable to opt for a short-term emergency loan to hold back from asking how can I get help to pay my rent. Emergency words show that you don’t have enough time to think descriptively to understand the process. You can go to a local bank, credit union (if a member of that union), or online money lenders (listen faster than other options, even if you have a bad credit score).

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Customize the documents needed here and give a fast check to become eligible for the same and use it faster. Pay attention to basic terms like loan amount, APR on the amount, monthly EMIs, repayment terms, and conditions for complete payment settlement. If one misses these aspects can increase the difficulties in the ensuing days. 

  • Take Legal Assistance if Needed

Legal assistance helps to pay rent. No one should adopt this practice at the initial level directly until it crosses the required communication to the concerned person or the landlord. Most people straightly visit the legal service corporation to take legal help to save them from eviction. That’s right. The landlord can not make you homeless until it has the lawful order or judgment of the court. However, it is always up to scratch to have a few words with the house owner in anticipation of a legal resolution.

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Moreover, the laws vary from state to state and in the locality, so read them carefully by adding the tenant rights list released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Where can I get help to pay my rent?

One can get help from numerous sources available in your locality to pay rent on time or on the due date to counter eviction or homelessness. Some are namely Govt. Agencies, charitable institutions, local housing financial organizations, and more. 

Q.2 Is a loan a satisfactory help to pay rent?

A loan is never an ethical option when you have enough other choices. Not just that, if you already have bad credit or a financial crisis, there is less hope for good in the future. But at times, you can take out a loan to pay your monthly expenses.


Always choose the correct option while taking help to pay rent. The article has added several resources in a detailed manner to give an idea of practical success. Every assistance has its own importance at the time. You can not deny anything and say it is baseless because you never know what can cause you to ask for help. Apart from that, one should not forget that paying rent on time is an advantage for your credit score and Experian keeps an official eye on your rent-paying capabilities. So, try to always be on time.

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