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Lendly Loan Detailed Review: Is it Worth Borrowing in 2024?

Lendly is a company that offers loans of up to $2,000 to its customers. Additionally, because it is a CCBank-approved servicer, it serves as an intermediary between you and the CCbank. As indicated by their site, for a long time, numerous Americans have needed monetary help, however, neglected to find credits that won’t break the credit bank. 

Lendly has a point. A huge number of Americans rely upon paychecks to really look at the credits, especially in the event that they have no extraordinary credit scores.

As a result, they try to offer loans such as payment loans, which are expensive and difficult for employees to repay. By providing a loan without adhering to conventional subscription methods, Lendly has an objective to combat this. Instead, it lets borrowers get loans that are based on how much they make, rather than other things such as credit score.

lendly loan

A few more things to know about Lendly are listed below.

  • Credit inspection by Lendly- Your credit scores may be impacted if you apply for a loan through it.
  • Fluctuated loan terms- According to Lendly, the typical loan term is 26 biweekly (close to one year), but these numbers can adjust anywhere in the series of 20 to 52.
  • Fast Decision Service- Lendly loan application process can be done in 5 to 10 minutes and it qualifies or disqualify your application in the next 24  hours. The fund will be deposited in your account on the next working day once you submit all the required documents.

Features Offered by Lendly Loan

Lendly is an online lender which is being liked a lot in today’s time. It gives people living in some specific states an opportunity to get personal loans up to $2000.

Payroll Provider Handles the Payment Process

Lendly offers you an automatic payment deduction feature from your paycheck by accessing the payroll direct deposit, whereas other lenders of payday advances may take money from your bank account after your payday. It also gives some other options to pay your credit which is Automated Clearing House (ACH) in some specific states and if your employer is partnered with Lendly.

Automated Loan Repayment

Here the feature of automated loan payment is also given and if you use it, then you avoid missing the loan payment and when you keep making your payments from time to time, it will also increase your credit score. Lendly tells one more thing, it reports to only one of the big three credit agencies, you need to pay attention to this.

It must be kept in mind that joining a Lendly account to pay a lender directly with a part of your paycheck means that you lose some of your control over when and how much you spend money.

Lendly Considers More than Just Credit Score

Before approving a borrower’s loan application, it always investigates the borrower’s employment history.

If you are having a less credit score than required but are doing a job for a long time and also if you are able to have direct deposit from your paycheck to pay off your loan then you can easily get approval for the Lendly Loan. 

High-Interest Rates 

According to Lendly, the annual percentage rate (APR) is 175% for a standard loan that is repaid through payroll direct deposit. Even though this is less than numerous payday loans put a cost, it is still a lot more than several cash advance credit providing apps.

Here are some apps which offer you loans at no fee such as-

  • Dave– It is a banking application that provides $200 in no-interest cash advances.
  • Brigit– Users of this app get up to $250 without having to worry about credit checks or interest. 
  • Earnin– It is an app that offers you a $500 payday advance with no fee.

Lendly Loan Benefits and Drawbacks

Are you unsure whether you should still apply for a loan from Lendly? If so, let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of Lendly Loans to better understand this. 


It Does Not Focus Only on Credit Score 

Many lenders decide to approve your application after analyzing your credit score and credit history. But Lendly does not give much importance to this method only because it focuses more on checking your earning history during the approval process. 

You can get the possibility of getting a loan from it only if you have been employed for more than 6 months and are still doing it.

Provide Loan in Less Time 

Applying for and receiving a loan from a lender like a bank or any kind of financial institution might consume a long period. But Lendly is quite right in this case as it completes this process in just 2 days. This means if you need money immediately, then choosing it can be the right option for you.

A Refund is Free of Charges 

There are many lenders, for example, payday loan lenders who charge their clients exorbitantly high fees when they pay off the loan prior to the initial requirement. 

Lendly understands the issue and imposes charges on its customers only for the time it takes to pay off their loans.

No Additional Costs

In addition to charging interest, many lenders charge absurd fees, making loans too expensive. You run the risk of deceiving yourself and making your loan significantly more expensive than you anticipated initially because these expenses are rarely included in the APR calculation. 


Borrow Only Small Amounts of Money  

The range of loans given by Lendly is not worth much help. The limit to borrow is only between $1000 and $2000. As this maximum amount is only $2,000, so if you need a loan more than this, then it will be impossible to get it. If we compare it with other similar lenders, then they are ready to lend you a higher amount.

Only Offered in Some Countries

Currently, Lendly loans are available in only a few states due to the laws of the state. Mississippi, Michigan, Arizona, North Dakota, Mexico, Florida, Washington, Tennessee, Utah, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Texas, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Ohio, and Indiana are the names of those states. If you live in any of these states, then you are eligible to apply for a loan through Lendly.

No Repayment Extension 

Only a few lenders like Potential Finance extend the borrower’s repayment date by up to 29 days without charging anything. But this type of facility is not provided by Lendly at all.

If you cannot make the payment on time and you need a few more days, then it can’t make you any offer in this situation. And as a result of not being able to make payments on time, your credit score will drop and you may suffer losses.

Reports Only to Experian Agency

Despite tracking your payments to the credit bureaus, Lendly reports only to Experian. Furthermore, this means that repaying any amount owed to it has no impact on your TransUnion or Equifax credit rates and fully affects the Experian agency credit score. 

Along with this, we want to say that Lendly will prove to be an ineligible thing if your aim is also to build your credit score.

Lendly Transfer Your Private Information 

Along with this, Lendly also shares your private information with other different bodies, although there is no specific information about these bodies as to which they are.

And the worst thing is that you are not given the option of whether your information should be shared with others or not.

Furthermore, they continue to share your Financial information even after you completely stop using it. If you want that your private information should not go anywhere, then you must think about it before taking a loan from Lendly Loan.

Are Lendly Loans Legit?

Are you confused to understand “Is Lendly Loan Legit”? If so, clear all your doubts from our details given below. 

Lendly is a legitimate lender as it provides loans to all its clients through a Legit Bank only. Before applying to any lender, it remains a matter of concern whether the lender is trustworthy and whether it will keep your private details safe in the future, so we would like to tell you that you should not worry about these things for Lendly Loans.

Lendly assures that it provides the utmost security to all the information of its clients and under no circumstances any of their information will be sold at all for the greed of getting money. They also promise that once a client shares their information with them, they won’t keep spamming you. However, there is a little bit more going on behind the scenes than it describes.

Does Lendly Share Your Information? 

As we mentioned above, Lendly claims that it does not sell any information about its clients, which is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that your information is not shared with other third parties. It shares your specific details depending on the type of product you are getting from it.

As per Lendly, some of your information that may be shared with others is as follows:

  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Account Balance 
  • Repayment Records 
  • Transaction History 
  • Credit Details 
  • Overdraft History 

Hearing this is not a pleasant experience. Lendly also doesn’t exactly tell you where these details are transferring, which is a little questionable. It states that client information is shared with other credit unions only for transactional, marketing, and co-marketing objectives.

Sadly, you are unable to restrict this information. To get a loan from Lendly, you must agree to allow it to share your private information. One drawback is that Lendly also mentions in their terms and conditions that even if the customer stops using their service, the information will still be shared with others, which means that controlling it is in the hands of the customer.

While Lendly is an online legitimate lender that can be relied upon, your data might be utilized by it in manners that you are not happy with. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

What are the Lendly Loan Requirements to Apply?

What are the Lendly Loan Requirements to Apply ?

It’s a simple process to apply for Lendly Loan, you can apply by your phone or desktop and hardly takes 8-9 minutes. After submitting your application you can check the status of your application whether it is approved or not within 24 hours. Once your application is validated you can get your fund on the next working day.

You just need some basic details to apply for the loan like your name, employment record, address, etc. In addition to this, a hard Inquiry of your credit will be done by Lendly due to which there is every possibility of your credit score falling.

You can’t check directly for personal loan approval and rates on Lendly, so to check the rate and the terms for which you are eligible, you need to apply accordingly.

It is a great approach to compare the lender and the terms & conditions before applying for any loan to find the best suitable deal according to your requirements.

Who is Eligible for a Lendly Loan? 

Who is Eligible for a Lendly Loans? 

If you are hustling for a conventional personal loan for bad credit here, the Lendly loan provides you a quick fund without any rigid credit prerequisites, which can help you to bear the medical bill or other unfortunate expenses.

It is a clear decision whether you want to go for a reasonable loan plan or a high-cost loan which will cost an annual percentage rate of up to 400%. Lendly offers you a better loan as compared to other loans bearing interest, in which there is no risk of losing your access if unfortunately, you can not pay back your loan.

Still, there may be preferable options, regardless of whether you have horrible credit. Covering your financial crisis may be more affordable if you already have a credit card. You may consider another option known as Payday Loans Alternatives. These loans offer you a low installment loan from $200 to $1000 for some specific federal financial institutions at the rate of 28%.

If you find any difficulty in getting your invoice, you can contact the service providers in that case.

You might, for instance, be willing to establish a payment plan or accept additional measures that do not require other health service providers’ debts. 

What is the Process of Lendly Loan Login? 

We will guide you in a very simple way on how you will log in to the Lendly account. 

  • First of all, you go to the official website of Lendly.
  • Click on the Login key on the top right-hand side. 
  • Next, the login page will open soon.
  • Fill in the details of your Email Address and Password there.
  • Now click on the Sign in button.

If a client does not remember his/her Lendly password, then there is no need to panic, as the option of forgetting the password has been made available on the login page. By clicking on it you are given many options so that you can reset your password.

Best Alternative Loans Like Lendly with Great Services 

Are you unsure whether Lendly is for you? Think about these other options.

1. Upstart


Upstart Personal Loan Lenders provide funds to their clients in a very short span of time. This would prove to be a good option for those who have a weak credit score or credit history. For large purchases, the Upstart loan is included in the list of strong financing options.


  • Accepts new credit applicants
  • Quick funding
  • Change the date of your payment
  • Prequalification possibility through a gentle credit check
  • Provides no-cost financial literacy


  • May charge a fee for origination.
  • No co-signing, secured, or joint loans.
  • There is no loan management app.

2. Earnin

earnin app

App Earnin provides you the facility to take small amounts of the wages before your payday. Earnin asks users to provide a tip (which is optional) for the service rendered in place of imposing interest. 


  • Free of cost downloading 
  • No compulsory fee 
  • Doesn’t require a credit check
  • Other resources and tools 
  • Available funding on the same day 


  • Compromise privacy for convenience
  • Restricted to specific kinds of workers
  • Low credit limit

3. OppLoans


OppLoans is probably a better choice than a payday loan. If you need money quickly and want a shorter-term loan. OppLoans provides options for people with bad credit. Most likely, you will get your money the next business day.


  • Reports to all three significant credit agencies
  • Assistance in locating lower rates
  • The pay schedule determines the due date for payments
  • Quick funding


  • High rates of interest
  • Available in some states

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1- Can you pay off Lendly Loan early? 

Yes, you can do this without worrying because Lendly never imposes a penalty on those clients who repay their loans on time or pay more than the specified amount.

Q.2- Does Lendly check credit? 

At the time of applying, Lendly asks you for some basic details. Such as your name, address, contact number, employment, and history. Also, does a hard checking of your credit, which can have a negative impact on your credit score.

Q.3- How long does it take for Lendly to deposit money? 

When you apply for a loan from Lendly, they decide within 24 hours whether to approve you or not. Once the approval is confirmed, the funds are sent to your account on the very next working day. This means it takes 2 days from the time of application to sending the funds.

Q.4- What is the credit limit of Lendly loans?

Lendly is an online lender that provides loans of up to $2,000. To be approved, you do not need the best credit. Instead, your income and employment might make you eligible.

Should You Take a Lendly Loan or Not? 

The loans offered by Lendly and the procedure for obtaining them are unique to the majority of other personal loan providers. Overall speaking, some of the features of Lendly’s loans make them great for people who need money right away, but there are some bad things about the loans that might make you reconsider getting one. With us, we hope you got a deeper look at a few of the most crucial aspects of these loans.

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