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Five Things You Should Know About Petco Credit Card

Are you considering signing up for the Petco Credit Card? If so, then you’ll be glad to know that it offers plenty of perks and benefits of its own. Whether you’re looking for pet-related rewards or just a great way to manage your spending from month to month, this card can help make it happen. So what are some things that cardholders should know before getting started? Read on for five key facts about this credit card that every animal lover needs to understand and a full-fledged Petco Credit Card review.

Petco Credit Card Overview

Petco Credit Card

The Petco Pay credit card is created for those who keep pets with them and they can get rewards on fuzzy friends’ cost. You can also customize your card by putting a picture of your pet. It is possible that people who spent a lot of money on pet products might not want to look for “store-branded credit cards” but want to go for a normal card with feasible rewards. Now, we will look at the benefits of Petco Pay cards and 5 important things that you should know before using them.


Let’s see some of the benefits offered by this card:

  • You can customize your card and add a pic of your pet.
  • You have different options for financing.
  • Zero annual fees.
  • You will get a 20% discount on 1st purchase at the time of opening the account but it is available only on Petco.
  • If you make any purchase with a Petco card then they will donate to save the life of animals.
  • Petco cardholders can extend the rewards & “Points balance” for one year.


You have seen the benefits but you also look for the disadvantages before making any decision:

  • Rewards Expire:  If you have reward dollars then they can expire at the end of 365 days from the date of issue.
  • Inflexible Login Bonus: If you are using the basic version then you need to make a purchase on that day only when your a/c is opened.
  • Poor Reward Value: You will not see many reward points if you compare them with other cards. 

How to Do Petco Credit Card Login?

Follow the steps that will help you to log in for a Petco card:

  • Visit the official website of Petco credit card.
  • Then you can see Sign in option, there you have to write down the Username & Password.
  • Lastly, just tap on the Sign in option and you can use the a/c.

How to Make the Petco Pay Credit Card Payment?

Here is the procedure that you should follow to make a Petco credit card payment:

  • You can pay online just need to log in to your a/c for this.
  • By sending mail also you can make the payment.
  • The last option is by using Easypay.

5 Things You Should Know About Petco Credit Card

If you want to use this card then you should know the 5 things that we are going to mention below:

1. They have 2 Versions of the Petco Pay Card

You will see 2 credit cards but both are released by Comenity Bank. They both have zero annual fees still you can get rewards:

  • Petco Pay Mastercard Credit Card: You can use it wherever Mastercard is recognized. The cards that you can use in stores are generally called “Open-loop cards”.
  • Petco Pay Credit Card: This card can only be used at Petco stores and they are called “closed-loop cards”. 

For applying you need to be a member of  Petco’s free loyalty program & Pals Rewards. After logging into the a/c you just need to fill out only one form for the two cards. In case you want a store card then tick mark on the “closed-loop” card. If you don’t do this then you will be prudent for MasterCard. You can only qualify for it if you haven’t been approved for Mastercard. 

2. The Earning Rate is Decent 

You will get 8% cash back on your Petco purchases, it doesn’t matter which version you are using. It will also give 1% rewards on groceries and 1% on other purchases. You might be thinking that 8% cash back is very kind but it is not. It is because you will get 5% off on Petco purchases as you are part of “Pals Rewards”. The extra 3% that you will earn on the purchases makes it 8%. 

This is not bad but if you are doing maximum shopping from Petco then it will not make any sense. Once you join Pal Rewards and keep your purchases on credit then you can get 2% off on all. It will help you in getting 7% off on store purchases which is less but at least your rewards will turn out to be more feasible. 

3. The Rewards are Complex

They will advertise rewards on the basis of percentages but in reality, you will get them as “Pals Rewards Points” that can only be used at Petco. You will get 1.6 points on a Petco purchase. If you have the Mastercard version then you can also earn 0.4 points on grocery & 0.2 on other purchases.

 It means you can earn 160 points if you purchase for $100 despite you expecting 8% rewards from $8. So, 100 “Petco points” will be equal to “$5 in Petco rewards”. 

4. Your Points Won’t have Nine Lives

It has earning rate that is very confusing while “Petco rewards” are somewhat difficult:

  • After reaching 100 points you will get $5 on the a/c that you need to download manually in your Pal Rewards a/c. It can be done online or just call Petco Customer Relations.
  • The rewards will expire after 1 year.
  • In case you return the purchase and they have deleted the points that you have earned after using the rewards then it will show a negative balance on your a/c. If you have any current reward then it will first come to zero then only you can earn points again. If you have returned something and you have used rewards against it then you will not go to get that reward back. 

5. Financing Options are Available

There are various purchases on which you can get approved for a financing plan but there are zero rewards. The plan will be based on the spending that you are doing for a transaction. You can get approved for

  • Six-month financing if you have done a minimum purchase of $299.
  • Nine-month financing if you have done a minimum purchase of $399.
  • Twelve-month financing if you have done a minimum purchase of $499.

But you may not see this option everywhere as they will not approve it. Many cardholders can get deferred interest on their financing plans. You can get rid of this if you are in a state where it is banned. 

Alternative Options

You may also look for other alternative options if you don’t want to use this card:

1. Credit One Bank Best Friends Credit Card

Credit One Bank Best Friends Credit Card

This card is meant specially for pet-related dealers. You can earn 5% cash back if you spent $5000 on the pet food store, pet shop, etc. It means you can get 5% off on grooming, and boarding if you take it from a reputed store.


  • Zero annual fees.
  • You can access it if you have good to excellent credit which means you should have a 580 FICO score to get approved.
  • 1% cash back has been received by the “Best Friends Animal Society” on every purchase.


  • It might not sound good as you can get cash back only from pet retailers.
  • You will not get any 0% APR or welcome bonus.
  • More APR which is 26.99%.

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited

Chase Freedom Unlimited

Pet holders who don’t want complex reward systems can go for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. As you can get 1.5% off on all purchases. It also offers a limitless 3% reward on drugstore & dining.


  • If you want more rewards then you can pair it with a Chase Unlimited Rewards card and it can go up to 25%-50% at the time of redeeming it for travel.
  • Great intro APR & rewards.
  • It gives you an opportunity to save money for 3 months and also 50% off for 9 months and it is active till 31st Dec 2024.


  • It offers only 1.5% rewards at pet stores, grocery stores, etc.
  • Drugstores will fill prescriptions only for pet medications, thus you might not get much out of this. 

3. Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card

This card offers intro APR and a good reward rate. With the Wells Fargo Active Cash card, You will get a 2% reward on all purchases which include pet sitting, vet bills, and other expenses related to pets.


  • Great rewards rate
  • 0 annual fee
  • It offers Intro APR


  • Zero bonus categories

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I pay my Petco credit card online?

If you want to pay online by using a Petco card then you need to visit the a/c center. 

Q2. What is the interest rate on the Petco credit card?

The interest rate that it will charge is 29.99% and it will change depending on the market.

Q3. What credit score is needed for a Petco credit card?

You need 670 or a high credit score for a Petco card.

Q4. What bank is a Petco credit card?

The Petco card is recognized by Comenity Bank.

Q5. Can I use my Petco pay credit card anywhere?

You can use a Petco card at the Petco store & online by visiting their site.


We have mentioned all the details that you should know about Petco Credit Card. Now, you have to decide whether you will go for this card or for other alternatives that we have given. If you don’t want to go for a “store-branded credit” card then a Petco card is a very good option for you. For any queries, you can call or ping us anytime. We will be happy to serve you.

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