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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Athleta Rewards Credit Card

Are you interested in earning rewards yet spending a lot of money on clothing? If so, you’ll be happy to learn that the Athleta Credit Card offers a variety of discounts and incentives on Athleta apparel as well as other brands sold by Gap Inc. What are some things that cardholders should be aware of before beginning? Continue reading for a comprehensive Athleta credit card review and five important facts about this credit card that every shopper needs to know.

Athleta Credit Card Description

Athleta Credit Card

If you often shop from Athleta or from other brands below Gap Inc., then the Athleta rewards credit card is a top-notch choice for you. It also has zero annual fees and you can earn a 5% reward on the purchases that you make from Athleta or from its brand shops and 1% more on purchases from anywhere except where Mastercard is recognized. You can also update your status on “The Athleta rewards program”.


  • If you spend $1 from Mastercard and make purchases but not from Gap family you will get 5X points and it is valid up to 31st Jan 2023.
  • You will get special offers & proposals to choose from sales.
  • You can get 5 points if you spend $1 at Athleta and other Gap brands.
  • Get 20% off on your 1st purchase if you are using the latest card towards Athleta.
  • It gives you a chance to get $1 towards the utmost 100 points.
  • It also allows quick shipping for orders up to $50 or even more.


  • It has a high APR.
  • You can use the points only at Athleta.
  • It charges 3% foreign settlement fees.
  • You need to pay a fee for the balance transfer.

How to Do Athleta Credit Card Login?

Log in for Athleta Card

If you want to log in then you need to have an Email address which is your Username & Password. In case you want to confirm whether you have logged in or not you can see it on the right side of your website.

5 Things You Should Know About the Athleta Credit Card

1. Rewards Only Redeemed at Athleta or Different Gap Brands

Each purchase that you made using an Athleta card will help you to earn points and they can only be redeemed at Athleta & other Gap brands such as Old Navy, Gap, & Banana Republic. Users can earn:

  • You can get 5 points if you spend $1 on Athleta & on other brands of Gap.
  • Earn 1 point if you spend $1 anywhere else and if you have approved then you can enter into “World Mastercard” status and can get 2 points.

You can redeem points for purchases as it is an addition of 100 for a penny each (that’s $1). You should use the points as after 12 months they will expire and it hasn’t defined any limit for earning points. You can’t redeem points for cash/statement credit.

2. Latest Cardholders Obtain Tiny Extra Rewards

This card comes up with a reserved bonus offer which results in a good rate for other spending. If you have applied & qualified for the card by 30 Sept 2022 then you can get 5 points if you spent $1 on purchases made with other brands, not with Gap. Due to this, the rate will go down for purchases of non-brand products to 1/2 points. You will receive 20% off on your first credit card. Once you get qualified they will give you a code and when you buy something from their store use it. 

The code that you have received will expire within 14 days & you should use the card for purchase only. It also allows quick shipping for orders up to $50 or even more. So, the benefit and the structure are almost the same as the Athleta card but the only difference is their name. 

3. Getting an Icon Unseals More Benefits

“Gap Good Rewards, Banana Republic Rewards, Athleta Rewards, & Old Navy Rewards” are the multiple names given to the same rewards program offered by Gap Inc. for each of its stores. It also has 3 tiers that are Core, Enthusiast, & Icon. If you are the holder of an Athleta rewards credit card then you can be approved for Enthusiast status and if you have “World MasterCard” then you will receive Icon status. In case you acquire 5000 points then also you can get Icon status or if you spend $1000 at Gap. Icons have

  • 1 day in a year when the rewards are doubled.
  • Get basic alterations for free on “Banana items”. 
  • 15% off for once and you can choose the day.

4. Athleta Clothes Sets Nicely Over a “No-cost Trial for obé Fitness”

So, you might be thinking that you have brought new stuff but where you can wear it? Then, you can join Obe Fitness which gives live classes. If you purchase anything from Athleta then you will obtain a free trial. If you are a member of the Enthusiast level then you will get a 2-month free trial and for the Icon level, it is 3 months. 

5. Interest Rates are More

If you are thinking that you can carry forward the balance then it is not possible as it has a high APR (26.74%) and if you fail to pay the balance then you have to pay high interest. So, always pay your balance on time.

Is the Athleta Credit Card Good for Me?

You might have seen that there are cards in which you can’t earn or redeem points. But the ideal thing about the card is that you can earn and redeem points not only at one store but 5 and you can get it online or personally. It means you are getting rewards on 5 cards in one place. If you wear Athletic clothes more then this card is perfect for you. 

This card will give everyone some benefits and you can use it anywhere. This is the card that has zero annual fees. The main reason that users are applying for an Athleta card is the 20% discount on 1st purchase. You will also get other benefits such as 2 shipping passes, a birthday gift, & quick access to sales.

Other Options

Let’s see what other options are available for you so that you make a comparison:

1. Banana Republic Rewards Mastercard

Banana Republic Rewards

This card provides 5 points as a reward for spending dollars at Banana Republic or other brands. You will also get 20% off on 1st purchase. It is good for those who love shopping and don’t want to pay an annual fee. 


  • Get 5X points if you spend dollars on Banana Republic or other Gap brands.
  • Zero annual fees.
  • You can take advantage of special offers.

2. Gap Good Rewards Mastercard

Gap Good Rewards Mastercard

The Gap Good card offers you to counter of 1 point for each dollar that you spend on another purchase. It provides a 20% discount & free shipping on 1st purchase. It is easy to reach Silver status and get more benefits. 


  • 0 Annual fees.
  • You can get 5X points towards each dollar spent on Gap.
  • It offers you a counter of 1 point for each dollar that you spend on another purchase.

3. Navyist Rewards Mastercard

Navyist Rewards Mastercard

This card allows you to earn 1 point for each dollar that you spent on another purchase. You can also reach Navyist status and obtain extra benefits and get 5000 points. You don’t have to pay any annual fee. 


  • 0 Annual fees.
  • You can get 5X points towards each dollar spent on Old navy or other brands.
  • Obtain 1 point for each dollar that you spent on another purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do I pay for my Athleta credit card?

You can pay them either by calling customer care or sending them through the mail.

Q2. How to cancel the Athleta credit card?

  • You need to open the Play Store and tap on Menu.
  • Then move to the Subscription option and click on Cancel Subscription.

Q3. What kind of discount do you get if you sign up for an Athleta credit card?

You will get a 20% discount on your 1st purchase when you sign up for an Athleta card.


So, if you are a shopping lover then you can go for the Athleta Credit Card as it is giving you a chance to earn reward points. We hope that by reading our article you will be able to use the card also we have mentioned other cards that make your work easy to decide which card you should go for. For any query, you can contact us.

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