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Famous Footwear Credit Card Review 2024: Get Benefits on Footwear Purchase

Are you a shopaholic but running out of money to fulfill all your shopping needs? If so, then there will be no shortage of money from now on. To have the latest kind of “Kicks” on your feet, you can simply get them financed through a Famous Footwear credit card. With this card, you can say hello to all the latest high-end fashion. But what does this card actually do? How does it work? And how can one apply for it? Well, everything is answered in the below article. You just need to read the article all the way through to its conclusion and decide if this credit card will be worth it for you or not.

What is Famous Footwear Credit Card?

famous footwear credit card

Famous Footwear is a popular footwear brand in America that is working diligently to provide its customers with a wide range of footwear without spending money in a go. It provides a financing option to its users for their purchases. Moreover, Using this credit card will bring you benefits, rewards, and bonuses. Not only this, you can save your annual fees on the credit card by using your bonuses and rewards simply.

Since 1960, the company has worked for its business while focusing on customers’ convenience. Thus, they came up with the Famous Footwear Credit Card option to facilitate the purchases of its regular customers. Well, you can simply check all your rewards and bonus on their official website by logging in with the required credentials. However, you can check the section below to get the concept of this card better.

Features of Famous Footwear Card

In this section, we are going to show you some of the important features of the Famous Footwear card, through which you can determine whether the card is the best choice for you or not. So without much ado, let’s get started with the following features.

  • Rewards and Bonuses: The company provides you with high-end rewards and bonuses on your purchase that you can redeem in your subsequent purchases. There are various options for redeeming the rewards and bonuses; you can simply redeem your rewards by eliminating shipping fees or annual fees. Well, the more you purchase, the more you earn and save on your subsequent purchases. 
  • Return Benefits: The cardholders will get an additional return benefit option which non-card-holders will definitely not get anyhow. If you make your payment through the card, then you will get the option of an extended return period. You can return your product if you are not satisfied within a longer return period than others.  Well, this will serve you additional peace of mind while shopping for your favorites.
  • No Annual Fee: If you don’t use your credit card frequently, then paying the fees will definitely be costing you. But with this card, you can eliminate the annual fees. This card comes with 0 annual fees. However, there are other cards of the same brand as well that can charge an annual fee. Well, credit cards to build credit are the better option for building credit scores. And this is the perfect credit card that can literally help you to build your credit.
  • High-End Security: The security features are truly commendable for this credit card. This card offers high-end security through its expensive software. Well, its security measures consist of data encrypted policies, fraud detection software, and safe servers.
  • Special Offers: This card gives its users special offers and extra discounts that other customers don’t get easily. Well, it is true that users will definitely go to a pool of benefits through this credit card.
  • Dedicated App: The card lenders have come up with a dedicated app option through which a user can simply get done with all the payments and logins. However, this app feature has made the use of the card easier.

Pros and Cons

The Famous Footwear card login is not only filled up with all the benefits and pros only, but it also consists of some cons as well. Thus, we are coming up with the following section, which will tell you about the pros and cons of the card and help you to have a better insight into it. Well, you can choose a card from secured credit card lists as well if you do not have a good credit score.


  • Various Financing options
  • Major discounts for the cardholders
  • Promotional events
  • Special Rewards 
  • Easy and straightforward application


  • Interest rates are not muchly affordable.
  • Acceptance is quite rare.
  • Credit pull is quite hard.
  • Some versions come with an annual fee option.

Requirements for Famous Footwear Credit Card Application

After reading the above sections, if you have made up your mind to apply for the card, then you must fulfill the basic requirements of having the card. Let’s see the basic requirements in the below pointers. We have covered everything from Famous Footwear credit card scores needed to every other thing.

  • The age of the cardholder must be at least 18.
  • A required credit score is 700 or above.
  • Cardholder must be a US resident.
  • The income of the applicant must be high.
  • No credit balance is a must.

How to Apply for Famous Footwear Cards?

If you are able to fulfill all the above requirements, then you are all set to apply for a credit card. However, applying for a card is not a difficult process. You can simply apply for it through the following steps. Before that, you must get ready with all the potential details needed while applying.

  • Get on their official website. 
  • Here you can see a click link to apply for the card.
  • Fill in all the details as asked by the form; these details can be your address, SSN, identification number, etc.
  • Read all the related documents stating the terms and conditions of the loans and click the box to agree with them. 

After getting done with the above steps, you will get notified whether you have been approved for the credit card or not. Well, you will get a message on your registered mobile number if you get approved. If you get approved, further you can make your payments through their dedicated and secure app. 

How to Login?

famous footwear credit card login

If you are done with the Famous Footwear credit card application steps, and most importantly, get approved for having the card. Then you must log in to their website or for further use of the card. First, you must get done with your purchase. You can do so on their online store or offline stores as well. However, after completing the purchase, you will need to make payments. To make payments, you will need to login into their website, for which you need the two most essential credentials– your username and password, that you have to make through the following steps. However, here’s how you can do Famous Footwear credit card login.

  • Get on the official page of the Famous Footwear credit card.
  • Be on the home page and locate the button “sign in”.
  • This will redirect you to the other page, where you will require to enter your user details. 
  • Tap sign-up, and now you will need to enter your details to create the account. Here, you will get your username and password option, where you will need to create them.
  • Create it and use them for further logging processes.

How to Activate?

The next step is standing in front of you to get done activating your card. There are two ways through which you can actually activate your credit card. One is from their website, and the other is from their dedicated app. 

Through the Website:

  • Go to the official page of the store.
  • Log in with your credentials. (Credentials that you have just created)
  • Locate and click customer service. (Located at the top of the page)
  • Here, you can see the “self-service” option; click it.
  • Click the credit card section and tap on “Activate a card.”

Through the App:

  • Get done with the download and installation process of the app.
  • Launch it and log into your account.
  • Click the manage card option.
  • Follow the onscreen wizards and fill in all the required details.
  • Click “activation,” and here you are, done with the process.

How to Make Payments?

If you have made your first purchase with your credit card, then you must be thinking about the Famous Footwear credit card payment ways. Well, it is quite an easy process to do. There are again two ways through which you can make the payments on your card easily. Let’s check both of them out in the following section.

Via Online Payment 

This is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to make the Famous Footwear credit card payment. You just need to get into their official website and get into the payment tab. Here, by logging in to the site, you can get done with your payments.

Via Mail

Another possible way to make payments for credit cards is through the mail. You can pay Famous Footwear credit card installments through check and mail them to the company. Well, you must keep in mind that if you are using this way, then you must mail the check 6 to 7 days before the due date. Furthermore, you must write your user details and everything; this will make the process faster.

Famous Footwear Credit Card Alternatives 

If you have any kind of confusion in using this credit card, then you can simply get into its alternatives. Its alternatives are also a very good option for financing your expensive purchases. Well, this section is specifically designed to keep your basic needs in mind. Thus, the alternatives can also help you to channel your expenses. So without much ado, let’s get started with the alternatives.

1. Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card

The Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card is one of a kind that will help you to complete your finances easily. Well, this credit card offers a number of rewards and benefits. However, it is a cash-back card that offers a lucrative way to earn back all the cash. But it comes with various fees and interest rates. Thus, you must read all the related documents, terms, and conditions before filing for a credit card. Let’s look at more of its features and pros and cons section for a better understanding of the card.


  • Annual fee: $0
  • Card Type: Cashback
  • Regular APR: 19.24%-27.99%
  • Required credit score: 690-850
  • 0% intro APR
  • 15 months APR period


  • No annual fee
  • APR period
  • Rewards rates are quite impressive
  • A redemption amount is not required


  • Requires a good credit score to get approved

2. American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

It is another tough competitor for the Famous Footwear credit card. American express blue cash credit card is a retail kind of card that you can use in U.S. supermarkets and enjoy up to $6000 cashback rewards. However, there are many rewards and bonus gifts that a user can get. Well, it comes with higher annual fees as well. Moreover, you can clear the high annual fees by shopping regularly with the card. But if you don’t use the card frequently, then you will find the annual fee and APR high. Let’s see its pros and cons in the below section.


  • Card Type: Cashback
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Regular APR: 18.49%-29.49%
  • Up to 6% cash back in the US supermarket


  • Rewards rates are good
  • Offers various bonus
  • Comes with intro APR period
  • Have cash rewards to offer


  • Requires high credit score
  • Bonus rewards come with spending caps

3. Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi double cash back credit card is one of the best credit cards around with 0 annual fees. You can simply make your purchase and enjoy up to 2% cash back on every purchase. However, this card doesn’t offer you rewards which is one of the major cons of using the card. On the other hand, various other cards are offering you rewards. Well, this card has too much to offer except rewards. Moreover, you can make your credit score better if you use this credit card. 


  • Card Type: Cashback
  • APR: 18.24%-28.24%
  • Required Credit score: 690 to 850
  • Annual Fee: $0
  • Balance transfer fee: $5
  • Foreign transfer fee: 3%


  • You can build your credit
  • Offers rewards of up to 2%
  • No annual fees


  • Check for your credit score
  • No Bonus is offered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to pay for a Famous Footwear credit card?

Paying for the Famous Footwear credit card login is quite an easy process. You can simply get onto their website and enter your username and password. Here you can see a payment tab; click here, enter your card and account details, and process the payment. This is the easiest and most reliable way to make credit card payments. Rest you can send a check via mail as well. But this way takes a long time as you will need to send the mail 5 to 6 days prior to the due date. 

Q2. What bank has the Famous Footwear credit card?

Comenity Capital bank is the most famous bank for Famous Footwear credit card login. Well, it gives easy and fast approvals to all the borrowers.  

Q3. Can I use my Famous Footwear credit card anywhere?

Not, really. You can not use this card anywhere. It is a sort of retail or store card that can only be applicable to limited brands and stores. Unlike the traditional credit card, it can not be used for other cash needs apart from fashion.

Famous Footwear Credit Card: Worth a Try?

Well, the card is truly worth a try if it matches your needs. With this card, you can actually unlock various financing options. However, this is an excellent option for shopaholics who run out of cash and need money for their further shopping needs. You can simply finance your purchases and get done with your shopping, and pay it later. Moreover, it comes with many rewards and bonuses that you can redeem to get further discounts.

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