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NTB Credit Card: How to Rectify it on the Credit Report?

CBNA or Citibank, North America affiliates NTB Credit Card. Most of the time, you have noticed this term on your credit report but don’t know what it is and how to deal with it if it affects your credit score. Though it has a clear consequence; however, you should not ignore it once you know that it is an identity theft over your goodwill for a long time. You may miss myriad opportunities that can come to you because of inaccurate and consistently red-marked credit scores. Let’s learn more about it to target a safe journey of your credit history. 

What is an NTB Credit Card?

What is an NTB Credit Card?

Generally, you doubt the NTB credit card customer service because of its application process, deals, and concessions that are highly attractive compared to others. Not just that, but if you have ever gone through the other services charges like Annual Percentage Rates or Annual charges. You may feel relaxed. But you may get confused about the company’s vision and goals and why it is in the market with these unbelievable wonders. However, the truth is different. It has a partnership with Citibank, North America (CBNA), to maximize its client’s reach for credit card issuance for its store’s services. 

Apart from that, the Parental company “TBC corporation” follows in the same footsteps as NTB.  In its collaboration with Citibank, it proposes card services to the Tire Kingdom under Citigroup. “Credit Card Agreements” that got rescued on Dec 23, 2021. On the other hand, you can apply for Cerulean Mastercard, If you have bad credit and are ready to pay some charges against it. For an NTB credit card- you don’t need an excellent credit score to qualify. A 640+ score is enough to make purchases of batteries, car accessories, tires, and more from an online and offline store of National Tire and Battery. 

If you have the mention of an NTB credit card on your credit assessment report, it is sure you have applied for the card. Or someone has done it on your behalf with identity theft. NTB CBNA and NTB Citibank are the labels to determine its services. 

List of Affiliates from CitiBank North America (CBNA)

Not only have NTB credit card payments, but you also haven’t paid any other cards that have affiliation with CBNA. That’s why you have CBNA to affect your credit score. It is the most demanding international credit card service, provider. You may be the target of anything from the list. 

Goodyear, Best Buy, Volkswagen, Expedia, Ford, Wayfair, ExxonMobil, Costco, The Home Depot, .LL.Bean, Sears, American Airlines, Honda, Shell, AT&T, and Staples.

Is NTB Credit Card Login Safe?

Is NTB Credit Card Login Safe

NTB credit cards are safe to use. If you need a credible source that can generate multiple benefits with no harm can access the card and repay the amount in the prescribed duration. Both NTB and CBNA are well-recognized legitimate organizations in the international market. You have a point to doubt because you have forgotten that you have applied for it.  And to follow the verification process, CBNA has gone through your credit history. 

Apart from that, you are sure that you have closed the account with CBNA, but the company is actively reporting your performance and informing the credit bureaus. Whatever the cause! You have the absolute right to dispute the ranking of NTB credit cards or CBNA credit cards on your debt assessment report. Let’s know more in this context.

NTB Credit Card Payments Online

NTB Credit Card Payments Online

There are two ways to make payments for National Tire & Battery Credit cards. The first is the mobile app and website of the company, and the second is the verified contact number. Apart from these two types, you can pay the credit card bill at the prescribed payment address through the mail. Let’s see all the processes one by one. 

  1. Online Mode: You can log in to the NBT credit card account number on a website and make the payment by selecting the “Make a Payment” option from the screen.
  2. Mobile App Payment: The app is accessible for Android and iPhone users both. You can choose any device to launch the app and complete the payment process. 
  3. Phone Call (NTB Credit Card Payment): You can dial the authorized and verified phone number and enter the card number when asked to execute the payment successfully. 
  4. Mail: Prepare a money order or check for the billed amount and send it to the credit card payment address. You have to write your full name & account number for verification and update the data in your regard. 
  5. Automatic Payment: You can link your bank account with the NTB credit card company and let the amount be deducted automatically on or before the due date. 

How to Go for NTB Credit Card Login?

How to Go for NTB Credit Card Login?

  • To register or log in to your NTB credit card, you can visit the official website of Citi retail services.
  • To sign up there, fill in the details required, like Username and Password.
  • Click the “Sign On” button to register your card to access your online account, transactions, and customer services. 
  • On the same user interface- you can click on “Retrieve User ID” and “Reset Password” for the forgotten username and password. 
  • Before registering for anything on the website and accepting any request! Read the terms and conditions of the company.

Does an NTB Credit Card Affect the Credit Score?


Does an NTB Credit Card Affect the Credit Score

Yes, an NTB credit card may affect your credit score and harm your future debt or loan qualification. The complete loan settlement remains on your credit report for 10 years, and the pending or delinquent account stays for 7 years. Now, you can calculate how long it will affect the credit points and score to deal with other money lenders. 

  1. If you have an excellent credit score, you should not worry more- because one hard inquiry on your debt account can lead you to lose 5 points. Those five points are relevant to Fair Isaac Corporation or FICO. On the other hand, you can see a 5-10 points drop from VantageScore credit agency. 

If you apply for a credit card, the company verifies the document to check your qualification to set the credit card limit. It pursues a hard credit check or hard inquiry that gets analyzed by the credit bureaus and comes before you at the month’s end. 

  2. Secondly, you have opened the NTB or CBNA account and made transactions for a notified time. That is also responsible for affecting the credit score because some factors, like payment history, credit history length, and credit mix may raise or drop the credit score. However, there is a solution with Legacy Credit Card that helps you with an average credit limit of 300-669 credit score. 

In case, the account remains open without your knowledge, it will be responsible for the credit utilization score or debt-to-credit ratio. You should browse the factors that affect the credit score all around, before or while applying for any secured/unsecured loan or credit card.

Why is an NTB Credit Card on the Credit Report?

Why is an NTB Credit Card on the Credit Report

Various reasons can be there when you find NTB or CBNA printed your credit report. Maybe! You have done this job, or someone has planned against you to affect your credit score. Let’s see! What are the causes of the fraudulent entry? 

  • Soft or Hard Inquiry

Whenever you plan to take a loan or credit card from a money lender or a company, you fill out an inquiry to get the qualification report. That’s not a quick task for any service provider. However, they try hard for an accurate analysis as soon as possible. Now, there is a twist in your credit card or loan qualification report. You have applied for the loan and allowed the companies to go through any way to determine eligibility. Then you have permitted them to do a hard check or hard inquiry that can be published on your credit report. 

Moreover, whether you qualify or disqualify- you can lose some of your credit scores, and they will remain static for at least two years. 

Soft or Hard Inquiry

On the other hand, CBNA or Citibank North America has initiated the credit check on its own without your permission and knowledge. That time you have no fear of losing your credit score. However, it will get printed on the credit report, and before you have an unsolicited mail from Citibank for a credit card offer. If the soft inquiry is also harming your credit score, you can make a complaint to CBNA or one of the credit bureaus that analyzed the report.  

  • NTB Credit Card Payment

NTB Credit Card Payment

If you have ever used or login for an NTB credit card and attempted to close the account without payment at that time, you are liable for analyzing the debt repayment performance. It will appear on your credit report for 7 years. On the other hand, if you have successfully settled the credit amount and given an excellent performance, it will still be there at least for 10 years on your credit report. Moreover, you haven’t used the account and it is showing closed. That time also it will target your credit report, and you need to rectify it with acceptable evidence.

  • Primary Card Holder Activities 

It is the third most acceptable reason to trigger an NTB credit card login via your name. With or without authority- any known and unknown have added your name to its credit report. That can be anyone like your spouse (husband or wife), any friend, your children or siblings, parents, or even your business partners. You have to find it and make corrections. Otherwise, it will give you both positive and negative responses. 

  • Data Theft  

You can see National Tire & Battery or Citibank North America on your credit report because someone has stolen your identity to apply for the NTB credit card customer service. You have to contact any companies (NTB or CBNA), FTC or Federal Trade Commission, or Credit Bureaus to correct the mistakes. 

How to Rectify NTB Credit Card on Credit Report?

How to Rectify NTB Credit Card on Credit Report

  1. You can write to CBNA about your dispute with a well-formatted dispute letter on their official email id for receiving such kinds of complaints. 
  2. Before sending this letter to the company, you must prepare a duplicate copy of the same to share with credit bureaus and FTC to ease the work of verification. 
  3. They will get back to you with the final report within 30-45 days. If proper evidence has been given by you they will make the changes in the report- else they will reject your application. 
  4. If the application gets rejected, you can opt for a credit repair company and pay them after a successful resolution. 

The Final Note

NTB credit card provides several services to its cardholders for batteries, tires, and car accessories acquisitions. However, a hard inquiry can impact their credit score in the credit limit eligibility process and can be seen in the credit report later. You must act carefully while dealing with this dispute and monitor the changes made after the successful decisiveness of the issue. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What credit score do you need for the NTB credit card?

Credit score requirements can fluctuate based on issuer policies and other factors. You must have a 640+ credit score to apply for an NTB credit card. 

Q.2 Which bank issues NTB credit cards?

The CitiBank North America/CBNA bank issues NTB credit cards to eligible applicants. 

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