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Is Cerulean Mastercard Good or Bad? (Latest Review)

Have you ever stopped and wondered if Cerulean Mastercard is the right financial product for your needs? With new credit cards entering the marketplace constantly, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. In this post, we’ll dive into our most in-depth review of this credit card to evaluate exactly what makes it unique and whether or not it’s worth considering for your wallet. We’ll look at features such as rates, rewards, customer service satisfaction ratings, and more – giving you an opportunity to make an educated decision on the product that best meets your needs. Read on to discover how you can get a better handle on Credit Card decisions with our detailed analysis of the Cerulean credit card!

What is a Cerulean Mastercard? 

What is a Cerulean Mastercard

For those with bad credit, it can seem like a challenge to secure a line of credit. That’s why the Bank of Missouri has created the Cerulean Mastercard—a great option for those with challenged credit scores. Let’s take a look at what this card offers and how it could be beneficial for you.

For starters, this card is an unsecured MasterCard, meaning that you won’t need to put down any collateral in order to get it. That’s a major advantage for many people with bad credit scores who would otherwise not be able to qualify for traditional credit cards.

The annual fee is $99 which is relatively low considering that there are no hidden costs or fees beyond that. The purchase APR rate is 25.90% (variable) which is great if you plan on using your card only occasionally and paying off your balance each month. Depending on your current credit score (300-669), you may also receive access to travel and discounts as well as exclusive rewards programs through the Bank of Missouri.

Of course, there are drawbacks to consider as well when looking into this card, such as its high-interest rates if you don’t pay off your balance each month or its lack of cash-back rewards programs compared to other cards on the market. But if these aren’t deal breakers for you then this card may be worth looking into further.

Important Points

  • Annual Fee: $99
  • Credit Score: 300 to 669
  • Purchase APR: 25.90% (Variable)


  • Helps You Build Your Credit

If you are looking for a credit card to build your credit then Cerulean is a great option for you. It reports all your credit activities to all the major credit bureaus. 

  • Good Credit Limit

Here you get a credit limit of somewhere between $300 to $1,000 depending upon your credit score which is quite decent. Not just this, you can also increase your credit limit easily. 

  • Easy Credit Limit Increase

If you pay all your credit card bills on time for the initial 6 months then Cerulean Mastercard increases your credit limit to just double. This means that if you got an initial credit limit of $700, by paying bills on time for 6 months continuously, your credit limit will increase to $1,400. Isn’t that great? 

  • No Security Deposit

Since it is an unsecured credit card, you do not need to pay any security deposit before getting the card. 

  • Easy Application and Approval Process

Their application process is very easy. You just need to go to Cerulean’s official website and make your Cerulean MasterCard login and apply for the credit card. Even if you have a credit score as low as 300, you will get this credit card. You can also stay updated with the approval process through their Cerulean MasterCard App. 


  • High Annual Fee

They have an annual fee of $99, which is very high, to be honest. 

  • Does Not Allow Balance Transfer

Even if you save some of the credit from your credit limit, you cannot transfer it to any other account of yours or anyone else. 

  • No Rewards At All

And the worst part is, you do get any rewards from this credit card company. Does not matter if you pay your bills on time, save some money or make all your payments through this credit card.


Fees (Hidden charges)

Our Rating: 3.8/5

Most unsecured credit cards have an annual fee, which is quite common. But the annual fee for Cerulean Credit Card is $99. You all also have to pay a 3% extra fee for foreign transactions. And if you want to add an authorized user to your credit card, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $30. 

  • Annual Fee: $99
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3% of the total payment 
  • Returned Payment Fee: Up to $41
  • Fee for adding Authorized User: $30 
  • Late Fee: Up to $41
  • Cash Advance Transaction Fee: $5 or 5% (whichever is higher)

Interest Rates

Interest Rates

Our Rating: 2.4/5 

Cerulean Mastercard comes with high interest and low APR rates. Also, if you do not pay your credit card bill on time, you will have to pay a high-interest rate, depending on your APR. It is better if you use this card for building credit and not for purchasing items. 

  • Regular APR: 25.90% (Variable)
  • Minimum Interest Charge: 0.00
  • Cash Advance APR: 25.90% (Variable)

Credit Limit 

Our Rating: 3.5/5

With a Cerulean credit card, you get a credit limit of somewhat between $300 to $1,000 which is way better than the other credit cards. And the best part is, if you pay your credit card bills on time for the initial 6 months continuously then you get a credit limit increase of 100% which means that your credit limit just doubles.



Our Rating: 1.0/5

We are giving such a low rating to the Cerulean card in the rewards category because you simply just do not get any rewards. Even if you pay your bills on time or make all your purchases using this credit card. 

Benefits of Cerulean MasterCard

Benefits of Cerulean mastercard

As we already told you, Cerulean does not offer any rewards, so there are not many benefits to count on, but still, you will get some benefits from using this card. 

No Liability on Fraud

Just like other credit cards, the Cerulean card also provides you with Zero Liability for fraud. This means that if you are a victim of monetary fraud then you will not be liable for any activity or payments made on your behalf using your card. 

Continental Credit Protection

Under this program, if due to any reasons like loss of a job or medical issues, you are not able to pay your bills then Cerulean will pay all your debt and bills for 12 consecutive payments. They will also clear all your credit card debt if you pass away. But to buy this protection, you will have to pay $0.99 for every $100 debt you own. 

Free Credit Scores

Cerulean allows you to earn free credit scores. They also provide you with a free tool to see your credit score from time to time. 

When Should I Get a Cerulean Mastercard? 

When Should I Get a Cerulean Mastercard

Now that you know about all the pros and cons of Cerulean credit card, let’s see when you should go for this credit card. 

If You Want to Build a Credit

The annual fee of this MasterCard is too high, so it is not good for long time use. But since they provide free credit scores, if you just want to build your credit score so that you can apply for a better credit card then you can go with the Cerulean credit card.

If Your Credit Card Application is Denied by Other Companies

In case you have a really bad credit score and your application is denied by all the other credit card companies and you need a credit card immediately then you can go with Cerulean Card. Though they are not good for long-term usage. 

How to Get a Cerulean Mastercard?

How to Get a Cerulean Mastercard

Their application and approval process is really simple. 

Needed Credit Score

Since the company provides credit to bad credit holders, they have not provided any minimum credit score. But it is good to have a credit score between 300 to 669 if you want all the benefits and a good credit limit. Even if you have a credit score of less than 300, you will get a credit card, but the credit limit will be very low. 

Application Process

You can simply just go to their official website or call on the customer care number to register yourself for their credit card. If you have received their credit card invitation in your mail then you can also apply through that. 

Other Options

Now that you know all about Cerulean credit cards, let’s have a look at some of the other available options that you can go for. 

Discover It Secured Credit Card

Discover It Secured Credit Card

Our Rating: 4.8/5

Are you looking for a secure credit card that is worth your money? Look no further than the Discover It secured credit card. With its generous rewards, no annual fee, and competitive APR, this card is one of the best-secured cards on the market today.

The Discover It Secured Credit Card offers users 1% cash back on all purchases and an additional 5% on rotating categories. This means that you can earn cash back while using your credit card. Plus, if you’ve been responsible with your payments in the first eight months of owning the card, Discover will match all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year.

Unlike other secured cards, there is no annual fee associated with this card. This means that you can use it without worrying about any hidden costs or fees. Plus, there are no minimum monthly payments required either so you can pay off your balance as quickly or as slowly as you prefer.

The Discover It Secured Credit Card has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 25.99% which is competitive with other secured cards in its class. This means that if you carry a balance from month to month, then you won’t be charged too much in interest fees. However, it’s important to remember that carrying a balance from month to month will also reduce your chances of getting approved for other unsecured credit cards down the line since lenders are more likely to approve someone who pays off their balances in full each month instead of carrying them over into subsequent months.

Important Points

  • Credit Score: 300 to 669
  • Annual Fee: $0.00
  • Purchase APR: 25.99% (Variable)
  • Deposit: $200 to $2,500


  • Zero annual fees. 
  • Cashback and rewards. 
  • Reduced APR. 
  • Tool to freely see your credit score. 


  • Cash backs only after a certain limit of purchase. 
  • You have to pay the security deposit. 

Aspire Credit Card

Aspire Credit Card

Our Rating: 2.6/5

If you’re in search of an unsecured credit card and have a poor credit score, Aspire Credit Card is worth considering. This card comes with a higher annual fee in the first year that decreases over time, depending on your credit score. Let’s dive into what makes this card special and why it could be right for you. The main benefit of using the Aspire Credit Card is that you can use it even if you have a low credit score.

This means that if you are trying to rebuild or establish your credit history, the Aspire Credit Card may be a great option for you. Additionally, this card offers some additional perks to help make your life easier and more affordable.

First, the annual fee on this card ranges from $49 to $175 (for the first year). After that, depending upon your credit activity during that time period, the annual fee drops to anywhere between $0 and $49 for subsequent years. Also, with this card, there is no monthly account maintenance fee until after the first year when it will range from $5 to $12.50 per month.  Finally, the purchase APR on this card ranges from 27.74% to 36% (variable), which while still high is not as high as some other cards out there with similar features.

Overall, if you’re looking for an unsecured credit card with a low minimum credit score requirement and some additional perks, then Aspire Credit Card could be a good option for you. The key here is to make sure you understand all of its features and fees before committing to it so that you can make sure it’s right for your needs and budget.

Important Points

  • Annual Fee: $49 to $175 (for the first year) then $0.00 to $49 (depending upon your credit card activity)
  • Credit Score: 300 to 669
  • Purchase APR: 27.74% to 36.00% (Variable)
  • Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: $5 to $12.50 (From the second year)  


  • No deposit fee. 
  • Foreign transactions are available. 
  • The annual fee decreases after the first year. 
  • The account opening fee is zero. 
  • Allows cash advances. 


  • The APR is very high.
  • High annual fee in the first year. 
  • Account maintenance fee from the second year. 

First Access Visa Credit Card

First Access Visa Credit Card

Our Rating: 2.5/5

Building credit is an important step in financial management. But with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which credit card is the best choice for you. If you’re looking for a credit card that will help you build your credit score, you may have heard of the First Access Visa Credit Card. Let’s take a look at what this card offers and if it’s the right choice for you.

The annual fee on the First Access Visa Credit Card ranges from $48 to $75 depending on your creditworthiness. While this fee is lower than most other cards, it can still add up over time and should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not this card is right for you.

In order to qualify for the First Access Visa Credit Card, you must have a credit score of 300 to 669. This is one of the lowest thresholds of any card on the market and makes this an accessible option for those with little or no established credit history who are just starting out in building their credit score.

The Purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on this card is 34.99%. This is much higher than most other cards on the market and should be taken into account before applying for this card as interest rates can quickly add up over time.  Additionally, many cards offer 0% APR introductory rates that could save you money in the long run if used correctly.

The monthly account maintenance fee on the First Access Visa Credit Card is $8.25 per month or $99 per year – another cost to consider when deciding if this card is right for you.

Important Points

  • Annual Fee: $48 to $75
  • Credit Score: 300 to 669
  • Purchase APR: 34.99% (Fixed) 
  • Monthly Account Maintenance Fee: $8.25


  • Good for a credit increase. 
  • No deposit is required. 


  • A very high APR of 34.99% that too is fixed. 
  • High annual fee. 
  • Monthly account maintenance fee. 
  • The maximum credit limit is $300.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What is the highest credit limit for a Cerulean credit card?

The highest initial credit limit on a Cerulean credit card is $1,000. Though it can be increased to double if you pay the credit card bills on time for 6 consecutive months. 

Q2- Does a Cerulean card give credit increases?

Yes, they give credit increases and it is very simple to increase your credit limit with this credit card. You just simply need to pay your credit card bills on time for 6 months continuously and you will be able to double your credit limit. This means that if you get an initial credit limit of $500 then by paying your credit card bills on time for 6 consecutive months, your credit card limit will increase to $1,000. 

Q3- How can I get a Cerulean credit card? 

The application and approval process for Cerulean is very easy. You just need to have a credit score of somewhere between 300 to 669. Also, You can get this credit card if you have a lower credit score, but you might have to pay a higher interest and APR.

You just simply need to go on the official website of cerulean or call on their customer care number and register yourself for their credit card. You can also apply for it through an email invitation from the company. 

Then you will have to provide them with some of your personal details like your full name, address, job details, credit score, bank details, etc. After this, your credit card application will be approved within a maximum of 10 to 12 days and the credit card will be delivered to your house.

Final Verdict 

All in All, with Cerulean MasterCard reviews, we would like to give an overall rating of 3.4/5. The advantages are way lesser than the disadvantages. The annual fee, interest rate, and APR are very high, and you get no cash back or rewards in return. You should only go with this card to build your credit score because it is not good for long-term use. 

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