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How Best Buy Credit Card Works? Everything You Should Know

If you’re a techie and want to bring home some new electronics, then using a Best buy credit card will give you a great deal. You don’t have to wait for prices to go down or a black Friday sale to add things to your cart at the right price! But there’s a lot that you need to understand about the best buy credit card, how it works, and what will be the best options that fit with your creditworthiness.

Let’s start today’s topic with “my best buy credit card” and how users can use it to crack some amazing deals. But there are certain filters that can affect the reward rate on your purchase, no worries that all will be covered in today’s blog post. Keep holding up till the end. 

What is My Best Buy Credit Card? 

My Best Buy Credit Card

My Best Buy credit card is deemed the most rewarding card for shopping online. A user can earn up to 6% of the reward on Best Buy purchases. But here’s the twist, like other credit cards these cards have to work under a certain set of rules for ensuring easy shopping. It comes with a plethora of financing options that fall on what you’re purchasing. For example, from even the smallest day-to-day purchases, such as gas stations and refilling your daily groceries you can earn great rewards, isn’t that amazing? Like other credit cards, it also charges some amount based on your creditworthiness.

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Depending on the credit limit, the best buy intermediaries will issue you a card that can only be used at best buy websites and stores. Like other credit programs, it cannot be used for shopping elsewhere, such as on Flipkart or Amazon.  

There are two basic types of it, let’s learn about them here- 

My Best Buy Credit Card 

The best buy credit card is a “closed-loop store card”, this means that it can only be best used at official BestBuy websites and Best Buy stores. There is no annual fee. 

My Best Buy Credit Visa

This card is an open-loop service visa that may be used anywhere that takes a visa. My best buy visa comes in two different versions, but there’s a slight change in the annual fee. When your application is accepted for My best buy visa, you’ve been approved for 

  • Platinum- Annual fee of $59 
  • Platinum- It has no annual fee 

Three My Best Buy Credit Card Options 

If you’re looking to apply for the buy credit card, but don’t know which one is best for you, no worries we have got your back. Here’s the breakdown of three different types of best buy credit cards: 

Card Name  Annual Fee Can Be Used 
My Best Buy Visa Platinum Card  $0 At best buy’s websites and stores only 
My Best Buy Credit Card  $0 Any place where a visa is accepted 
My Best Buy Visa Gold Card  $59 Any place where a visa is accepted 

Which of the Above My BB Cards is Better for New Starters? 

Three My Best Buy Credit Card Options 

So we will get straight to the bottom line. It is a great deal if you’re a die-hard best buy user. You’ll make your place as an elite best buy card membership that will reward you with some amazing shopping rewards. Every best buy card has some kind of downsides, such as My Best Buy Visa Platinum Card and My Best Buy Credit Card has zero annual fees but can only be used at best buy stores and websites. On the other hand, we have My Best Buy Visa Gold Card that can be used anywhere where the visa is accepted but charges a heavy annual fee of around $59. 

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So the bottom line is if you’re cost-conscious or getting started with these credit cards is a great deal for you. And if giving $59 as an annual fee is not a big thing for you, then you can go with my best buy visa gold card, and enjoy hassle-free shopping anywhere where a visa is accepted. 

Some Benefits that Best Buy Cards Don’t Offer 

One of the main things that users always look for is that the card should offer purchase protection and extended warranty insurance. Unfortunately, this card offers none of these. If you’re also the one in the queue looking for cards that provide these insurances, here are some of the credit cards that you can consider for purchase protection- 

  • Blue Cash Everyday Card- American Express 
  • Chase Freedom Flex 
  • American Express Gold card 

Important Details of Best Buy Credit Card

Here we have listed some of the basic card details that you should know- 

Annual fee $0 or $59
Reward rate 1% – 6%
Welcome offer 10% cash back on your first purchase 
Grace period 25 days 
Card type Visa card or Store card
Card issuer Citi Bank 

Other Additional Insights 

  • Joint accounts and authorized users are allowed.
  • Best buy credit card login offers an APR program.
  • It also offers easy-to-follow and flexible financing options on a purchase of $299 or above.

Tell Us Something About Introductory Offers 

My Best Buy Credit Card

An introductory offer is also known as a welcome bonus. It is a type of reward-giving program where the user gets a sweet introductory offer of 10% cash back on the first purchase. So if you know the ropes, and are planning for a big upcoming purchase from the best buy portal, consider applying for a card so you can enjoy handsome discounts on your first purchase. 

But we feel that this benefit is still a topic of mystery for many, meaning there are a few things that you should keep in mind while taking availing of 10% cashback rewards- 

  • Avoid deferred interest plans on your purchase, doing so will make you ineligible for getting cashback rewards. 
  • To save money on your first purchase, make sure that the amount of your reward should be above $59.
  • The offer is valid for only the initial 14 days of the new account window, so it’s advised to use rewards in the given timeframe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I pay my Best Buy credit card payment online?

Yes, you can pay the Best Buy card pay bill online. You can also pay the bill through cash or cheque in any nearby best buy store. 

Q2. What credit is needed for the Best Buy card?

To be eligible for the best buy card, you should have a credit score of around 700+. While the Best Buy visa credit card requires a credit score of around 650. 

Q3. Is it hard to get a credit card through Best Buy?

Just like other credit card eligibility programs, you are also required to have a good credit score of around 700 to 749. 

Q4. How fast you can get a Best Buy credit card?

Most of the new applicants get a card within 7 to 14 days of getting approval. 

Q5. Does getting denied from Best Buy have a hard inquiry?

Yes, you need a good credit score of at least 650 to 700 to get the approval, which is we think the most common credit score rating that most store cards require. There’s no scope to pre-qualify for my buy credit card.

Closing Thoughts 

That’s it for today! we hope you have gulped up all the relevant insights about my best buy credit card, and which one will be the best suitable for you. We hope you have a good read today. For more info, you can also call the professionals on the BB credit card phone number. Stay tuned for more amazing and head-to-toe finance details about cards and more. We will see you next time, have a great day everyone! 

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