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How Countries Spend Their Money (US Spending)?

How do countries spend their money? Especially the US. This is a question that has been asked many times, with various answers given. Some people may say that we spend too much on defense, while others may say that we don’t pay enough. However, nobody really knows for sure how the US spends its money since the data is not easily accessible to the public. This post will attempt to provide a detailed guide on how the US spends its money. Hopefully, this information can help us better understand where our tax dollars are going. So let’s get started!

How Do Countries Spend Their Money?

There is a massive record showing where and how the US govt spends its money. It has many sources to finance the healthy factors of an economy. What do countries spend their money on is almost similar for every global country with few exceptions. It is not coincidental. There is an Act called FFATA of September 26, 2006, to give access to information to the American public on federal contracts, loans, grants, and much more of public interest. 

How Countries Spend Their Money?

With further acts-based modifications, numerous features were also functional to the public rights and parental acts. Taxes imposed by the federal government on ordinary people are the source of state income to grow and invest appropriately. For a fixed idea of how and where the US govt spends will be better to undertake education, healthcare, and defense.

  • That is another point where even spending a high amount on healthcare, couldn’t control- the COVID-19 pandemic effects on hospitalized or non-hospitalized people. In a recorded statement, the USA spent about 15% of its total income on the medical field in 2017. 
  • US federal revenue is about $ 4.9 trillion for the financial year 2022, according to the statement of “The Office of Management and Budget.”
  • That revenue should be able to target the strict expenses of the country with no exceptions. Other countries also spend for the same purposes, but the amount required varies based on their population and affordability. 

How Do Countries Governments Spend Their Money?

Government income adds govt borrowings, custom duties, and the time-to-time sale and lease of the availability of natural resources other than taxes. Let’s seek specifications of how the US govt and other countries spend in one area.

US Govt. Spending on Education

  • As per the public education “Spending Statistics,” about $666.9 billion are out for K to 12 students. It is lagging behind the other global countries spending about 11% of total GDP on education.
  • That means public schools of K-12 spend about 13,185/per pupil. If we compare it with taxpayer income, the percentage stands at 3.41%. 
  • In this education line, three figures contribute. They are the federal government, state government, and local government. 
  • They have separated with $60.34 billion total from the federal government, $357.0 billion from the state contribution, and $347.4 billion from local governments. These all are for K-12 students. 
  • Moving; post-secondary students via national-level services! That is an estimate of about $19.64 million for the students. 
  • The USA can’t reach the benchmark set by the UNESCO of 15% from the competent countries. 

US Govt. Spending on Education

Other Countries’ Spending on Education

  • Luxembourg spends about $12,892 for Elementary schools and $20,413 for secondary schools. 
  • Korea has recorded about $11,047 for elementary schools. On the other hand, it has funded about $12,202 for secondary schools. 
  • Line of- France, Elementary schools have received about $7,395 and $11,747 for secondary school education. 
  • Slovenia has fixed $8,542 for Elementary education and $8,290 for secondary education. 
  • Talking about Spain, the Elementary schooling system and secondary schools have witnessed about $7,320 and $9,020. 
  • Mexico has reserved only $2,874 and $3,129 for Elementary and secondary schools. 
  • $3,178 & $2,817 are the estimates for Elementary or secondary education in Colombia.
  • Indonesia has categorized elementary and secondary education for $1,514 and $1,435.

U.S. Defense Sector Spending in Comparison to Other Countries. 

  • In the statistics, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute database, April 2022 has revealed that the U.S. spends more in total than the 9 nine countries in the line. 
  • These 9 countries are China-India-Russia-United Kingdom-Saudi Arabia, Germany, France-Japan-South Korea. 
  • The USA spends more than 10 percent of its Gross Domestic Product- on its defense sector. 
  • As per last year’s recording, it has spent about 801 billion dollars in the defense sector, which is higher than the spending of the other nine countries of $777 billion in total. 
  • However, you may see a drop in US defense spending of 1.4% from 2020. 

Healthcare Spending of USA and How Countries Spend Their Money in the Same Field

  • Many Americans like to spend more on healthcare and are concerned about it more. Especially- after the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence is there to show- that the USA spends more on healthcare- compared to other countries. 
  • In the case of other countries, various factors restrain them from spending more on health, like political, social, and economic factors. Other countries are also wealthier than America, but still, America is on top of the healthcare spending rate. 
  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD Health Statistics 2022, July 2022 reveals that in 2021, the United States spent about $12,318/per person on healthcare. 
  • The Average expenditure is about $5,829. But America has spent more than double the average amount of the other countries in the spending chart.

Healthcare Spending of USA

Other Countries Healthcare Spending Revelations 2021

  • Healthcare costs per capita in dollars- for Germany are about $7,838, Switzerland ($7,179), and Austria are at $6,693.
  • Sweden has sourced only $6,262, the Netherlands $6,190, Canada $5,905, Australia $5,627, France $5,468, the United Kingdom $5,387, Belgium $5,274, Japan $4,666, and South Korea $3,914.

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The highest spending is not proving the better condition of Americans. 

  • On the life expectancy at birth, America is near to the worst condition or at 8th position with 1st position Lithuania. Japan is the best.
  • For the Infant mortality rate, the US is in the 6th position of worst condition, with Estonia the best secured by Estonia. 

These are some of the statements where you can see the activities of the government. And how it is unable to secure your heavy tax imposition money. 

What Do Countries Spend Their Money on Research and Development?

The forecast for 2022 reveals- like all other- factors for spending. Again America- is leading. That field is relevant to research and development. It is one of the most powerful countries in the world- because of its income and spending capabilities in different sectors. That sometimes becomes challenging for many other global countries. 

Research and Development

The R&D Research and development sector also- is in the preference list. The survey period is 2021 and has covered a worldwide region. 

  • The USA has exceeded $679 billion in R&D. It is out because of the application of Special properties derived from purchasing power parity calculations. 
  • Moreover, China is second on the list with a 555.1 billion dollar investment in the Research and development sector. 
  • Japan’s investment was estimated at 182.2 billion U.S. dollars in the sector. 
  • Germany is at the 4th stage with a record investment of about 143.1 billion U.S. dollars
  • South Korea has secured about 106.1 billion dollars in the line. 
  • With the presence of France in the Research and development sector, the static has revealed only 68.5 billion dollars. 
  • India has invested 65.2 billion dollars in R&D enhancement. 
  • The United Kingdom is at 54.9 billion dollars for the country’s development with the R&D sector. 
  • 52.2 billion dollars is an investment in Russia.
  • Brazil has estimated about $37 billion in the sector. 
  • Italy is at 35.6 billion dollars in the research and development field. 

How Countries Spend Their Money Revelation from Official Sources?

It is the federal government that takes most of the decisions of a country. Following this criteria, state and local governments also have some rights in making laws for spending on the general public and society’s welfare. Tax is the best example for understanding the income and expenses- of any administration or authority. 

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Why this? Because at every level of administration, tax imposition is not negligible. That’s how they earn and spend time to time. U.S. revenue is in trillion dollars. And it is the highest country to earn and spend, yet it has various issues to short out for the voters. That means high spending is not a determination of public satisfaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is it when countries spend large sums of money to build up their armies?

Countries spend large sums of money to build up their armies to save their people from informed and uninformed attacks from other countries. The US military is high on total GDP-based spending. 

Q.2 How many countries can spend their money internationally?

All global countries can spend their money internationally until they don’t have official sanctions from the administrative powers for such spending. 

The Final Notes

The United States is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. However, this prosperity does not come without a cost. The US government spends an enormous amount of money each year on various programs and initiatives. In this post, we’ve detailed exactly how the US government spends its money- from defense to education to social welfare programs. We hope you find this information helpful and informative!

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