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Where Can I Cash My Stimulus Check? (Get Experts Advice)

Have you also got hit by a cash crunch? And looking for instant money? A stimulus check can be a great way to deal with all these kinds of hassles. However, the government has found a way to provide help directly to the consumer. A stimulus check will credit a required amount of money directly from the government’s treasury to the consumer’s account. There are a few things that can trouble you, the application process, cashing the check, if someone is in jail, then how to cash their check, and much more.

To resolve all these, we are coming up with detailed comprehension of stimulus checks and their further applications. To outrun the problem like, where can I cash my stimulus check? How long do you have to cash a stimulus check? And many other things we have covered them all. Get into the article, read all the way through its conclusion, and get your stimulus check cashed in your account.

What is a Stimulus Check?

What is a Stimulus Check?

Stimulus check is a way of expanding the helping hands of the government to rebuild the confidence of the taxpayer in an economy. Well, stimulus checks are direct payments made by the government to run the economy. The stimulus checks only come to light when the situation of the economy is degrading, or there is any emergency in the nation, for instance, Covid 19 pandemic. The government will pay directly to the consumer’s account either with direct credit or a kind of paper check. However, these helping stimulus checks are specially designed to support the degrading economy due to any problem.

Moreover, various questions are running through almost every citizen’s mind about how to get it. How can an inmate cash a stimulus check? Do felons get a stimulus check? And many more get down with the article, we have covered everything. 

Required Eligibility Criteria for Stimulus Check

If you are also looking for a way through which you can apply for the stimulus check, then there are some eligibility requirements that you will require to match. Anyways, there are three types of stimulus checks which you can apply, and all of them have almost the same criteria. We are writing down all the essential requirements that you must meet. 

  • Applicants must be US citizens.
  • Must have a unique taxpayer identification ID.
  • You must have made a sufficient amount of income in the last couple of years. 

Where to Cash Stimulus Check?

Cashing a stimulus check is not a difficult procedure. You can do many things to cash your stimulus check. If you have a stimulus check with you, then you can simply get it cashed within a few clicks from the level of your convenience. Let’s check all the possible ways to get the check cashed. 

  • Banks and Credit Union

You can simply contact your banks and the nearby credit union to cash your check. The best way to get it done is to get into your own bank branch and ask them to cash your checks. One thing that you must keep in mind is ensuring the fees for cashing stimulus checks. As it is a government check thus, it can apply some charges that you have to pay. This way, you can get your check cashed.

  • Merchants

Another helpful way is the merchant or retail stores. Just get into the store of any trusted merchant, such as Walmart, and ask about the procedure of cashing checks. Well, it will charge you some fees for cashing the check, but you will cash your check easily without much hassles of paperwork.    

  • ATMs

ATMs are another efficient way for you to cash your stimulus check. As you are not required to get into paperwork for it. You can simply get into any nearby ATM and swipe your card, choose the option for check cashing, and get done with the on-screen wizards. When you are done with the depositing of the check, you just need to wait for the bank to credit the cash. It can take up to 10 days.

  • Check Cashing Apps 

Check Cashing apps are the most convenient option for cashing a check as you are not required to enter the bank and its lines. You can simply upload the image of your check and get it cashed within a specified period of time. However, there are various apps available in the market through which you can get your stimulus check cashed. For instance, Venmo.

How to Cash a Stimulus Check for Someone In Jail?

How to Cash a Stimulus Check for Someone In Jail?

If you are struggling with the question ‘how to cash a check if the person is incarcerated?’ Then, Yes, one can definitely cash stimulus checks for someone who is in jail. Yet, It all depends on various things, such as the relationship between you and the person who is in jail and the permission that has been granted to the person who is in jail. Although cashing checks, especially stimulus for those who are in jail, is really complicated. We have compiled some of the most common ways to outrun the problem easily. Let’s get into it and resolve the question: where to cash stimulus check?‘ 

1. Shared Bank Account

If you and the imprisoned person share a joint account, then you can simply check the stimulus check in that account and get it cashed. For this, you will have to go to the bank and submit the check and then wait for the process. When you get the check cashed in your account, you can simply debit the required money. 

2. Debit Card

Another way through which you can cash the stimulus check of an imprisoned person is to cash a check at an ATM. For this, you will require to have the debit card of the person. Now, get into a nearby ATM (the ATM must support a cashing check facility), then you can follow the below-written steps to cash a stimulus check.

  • Take the debit card along with the pin code and get into an ATM.
  • Now, insert the card.
  • Click the deposit check.
  • Get done with coming on-screen wizards.

After the machine accepts the check and you are done with submitting the check. You are required to wait for a few days to get the check cleared, and the money will be credited to your account. Again with the same debit card, you can take the money out.

3. Send Your Check to Another Person’s Account

The other possible way through which you can cash a stimulus check is to send the check straight into some other person’s account. This way, you can cash your check without ID as the check has been transferred to another person’s account. 

Now, when the check is cashed into another person’s account, that person will be required to transfer the amount into the imprisoned person’s account. For this, you will be required to have access to the account information of the imprisoned person’s account. Then only you will be able to transfer the amount.

4. Wait for the Person to Get Out of Jail

If the person is coming out within a few months, then; you can try this way. In this method, you are required to wait and let the imprisoned person out of jail. Here, you must note that the stimulus checks are only applicable for one year. After a year, it will expire. If you can wait for a few months, then the imprisoned person will cash their check on their own.

5. Online Apps

Different apps are available on the internet that can help you out in cashing checks from the level of your comfort. The most trusted app that we would like to suggest to you is the Venmo app. You can add money to the Venmo app by cashing a stimulus check in the app. Moreover, the process of cashing checks with the Venmo app is very easy to do. Let’s check the relevant and straightforward steps to do so.

  • Download and launch the Venmo app. 
  • Get into the Me tab. Click manage balance.
  • Here, you can see an option for cashing checks. Click it. 
  • You are required to submit a photo of your check. Also, you are required to set the time limit for which you want to get your check cashed,
  • When the check gets approved, you are required to write a VOID on the check and then resubmit the photo of the check.

Note:- You must write a void on your check only when you are asked for it. Rest, when you are done with the process, funds will be credited to your account in the desired time that you have selected while cashing the check.

Can You Cash a Stimulus Check for Someone in Jail?

If a relative of yours is in jail and you want to cash their stimulus check, then don’t worry. You can do so. By the way, it can get a little complicated for you at once, but anyhow, you will be able to complete it. It is a government-issued check which is why it is difficult to cash others. One thing that you must keep in mind is that the money that has been cashed out by the stimulus check can only be used when the imprisoned person gets out of jail.

Will I Get a Stimulus Check If in Jail?

The most prominent question that every other person asks about stimulus checks is, ‘Do prisoners get stimulus checks’ and is it possible for them to have the stimulus check? Well, the answer is uncertain. Is the availability and permission to have the check based on the crime an Incarcerated person has committed? How long will that person be in jail? However, they are also eligible for stimulus checks as the other Americans are. 

Alternatives for Stimulus Check 

Alternatives For Stimulus Check 

There are many times when the imprisoned person is left with no check or money. In that case, one would love to get other alternatives of having instant funding to fulfill their needs. Hence, we felt the importance of the section that consists of all the alternatives. In this section, we are going to encounter some of the easy ways through which you can get instant funding and meet your sudden expanse.

1. Lending Money From Relatives

The best way through which you can actually meet your expenses in no time. You can ask for money from your family and friends. This way, you can have the money without paying interest rates, and also, you are not required to get into a debt trap risk. However, you can also set your terms for repayment after getting out of jail. One thing that you must keep in mind is that lending money from relatives can be complicated sometimes for your relationships. Thus, you must be careful. 

2. Loans With Monthly Installments

Another way through which you can bypass your money needs in a go is the monthly installment loans. Monthly installment loans will help you to meet sudden and urgent expenses. Moreover, you are required to repay it later as per the lender’s condition. 

For this option, you must pass some criteria of eligibility. Also, you must choose a loan that comes with low-interest rates and APR fees. This way, you can save your money too and meet your expanse as well. 

3. Bad Credit Loan Options for Funding

If you have bad credit this time, then don’t worry. There are still multiple ways to get access to instant funds. These ways are the bad credit online loan lenders. Through bad credit loans, you can meet your urgent expenses. Bad credit loans often come with higher interest rates; hence you are required to check all the available lenders and make a well-versed comparison between them to choose the perfect lender that matches your needs and budget. 

4. Sell Assets

If you are imprisoned and looking for urgent cash, then you can sell your assets. However, selling an asset is not a good option at all. But it can work out if no other method has helped you. You are also required to have permission to sell assets as you are imprisoned. If you have got permission then you can simply sell any of your assets and get the money needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where can I cash my stimulus check without a bank account?

If you don’t have a bank and want to cash your check, then it is not a big deal to get done with. You can simply transfer the check straight into the account of other people. That person must be trusted by you; wait for the check to get cashed and then take your money from that person. Another way through which you can bypass the problem is to cash your check through an ATM; this won’t even require any of your ID proof. Hence you can cash a check without ID.

Q2. How can I cash my stimulus check online instantly?

Various apps are floating on the internet through which you can get your checks cashed easily. One of the most prominent and popular apps that you can use is Venmo. In this app, you can simply scan your check and get it cashed. Moreover, you can use the dedicated app of your bank and get your check cashed if it allows you to do so. 

Q3. Can you cash a stimulus check that is not yours?

A stimulus check is considered to be a safe and secure check as it is provided by the government of your region. You could cash others’ stimulus checks only if they gave you permission to do so. Another thing that you must keep in mind while cashing other stimulus checks is that your bank or the credit union may charge you for cashing other checks. Thus, you must get all the information about them and then get into the process.

Q4. Can I cash my stimulus check at any bank?

There are various banks and credit unions that will actually approve your stimulus checks, but not all of the banks and credit unions do this for you. Moreover, a few banks and credit unions will charge a fee for cashing the stimulus check as well.


In the above guide, we have discussed and resolved the question of where can I cash my stimulus check. We have provided you with the top 4 ways through which you can cash your checks easily.  Moreover, our guide also consists of an alternative section, which includes the alternative option that can help you in your hard times. Through these ways, you can get instant money credited to your account, and you can meet your urgent expenses. If you still have any queries, then you can contact us anytime.

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