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How to Cash a Check Without ID? (Best Ways)

Are you facing trouble while cashing a check? Cashing a check needs valid ID proof, and not having one can really be frustrating. A bank will not cash your check without a valid ID proof.  Perhaps you are one of the million US residents who doesn’t have valid ID proof; whatever the case, if all this sounds familiar to you, then this guide is especially for you.

In this blog, we have listed the top 5 ways through which you can cash your check easily. If you are also struggling with questions like how to cash a check without an id? Where can I cash a personal check without verification? Places to cash checks without id. Then, read the article all the way through its conclusion to get the solutions.

How to Cash a Check Without ID? (Top 5 Ways)

If you want to cash a check, but you don’t have any ID proof, then you must be getting confused about “how to cash a check without an id?” However, verifications are required in every other bank service no matter if you are applying for no income verification personal loan, or cashing a check. Moreover, most banks require id proof to cash a check, but here are some of the potential ways through which you can actually cash your check without any kind of ID proof. And resolve the question of check cashing places that don’t require id near me. 

Third-Party Check

Using a third party is the most appropriate way to cash your check without having valid ID proof. Well, most people who use this way don’t have an account or valid ID proof. Similarly, you can transfer your check to someone else and let them cash it. This way, you can save the cost of cashing the check also. 

Third-Party Check

You can contact their bank if you have a dependable relative. You are required to get done with the process as stated by the bank’s management. Well, you just need to fill out a form in which you are required to fill the column “Pay to the order of” and “Endorse Check Here,” you must get done with the recipient’s name and signature. Here the process “check cashing no verification online” is done. Let the form get approved, and you can take the money as it gets cashed.

ATM Check Cashing

ATM Check Cashing

ATM check cashing is another major thing that you can perform as the solution for “check cashing without id near me.” A nearby ATM can be the perfect solution for “where can I cash a check without id” Well, this will help you out with the quick cashing of your check. However, this way is only applicable if you have a bank account. Well, you can also get quick cash without a bank account. You are just required to search for a nearby ATM on the browser and get into the ATM.

Use your debit card and click on the option of cashing cheques. You can simply cash your check in the account, or you can take cash. Choose whatever option suits you. Place your check in the machine and get your hands on the money. Here’s the process of check cashing places that don t require id near me is done.

Bank’s Mobile App

Bank’s Mobile App

There are various banks that facilitate the day-to-day needs of their customers by making their services digital. Thus, many banks offer digital for cashing checks and various other banking services for the convenience of their customers. Well, you can take advantage of that service and resolve the problem of how to cash a check without id. 

You can simply get into the official app of the bank and get into the section for cashing a check. Get done with all the coming onscreen wizards for check cashing. However, the app won’t ask you to go through the various procedures as you are already a customer of the bank. Through this, you do check cashing no verification online.

Moreover, you are required to download the app as per your device’s version. Log into the app with your bank credentials and get into the process of depositing the check. Well, wait for some time and let the bank approve your check. 

Mobile Apps

There are a number of legitimate apps floating on the internet that can actually help you out with the problem of “how to cash a check without id ” The most popular apps for cashing checks are Venmo and Paypal. 

You can use any of the apps and get done with the authenticated identification process, and start to check cashing no verification online. This way, you can get the cash in your account easily, even without having any legitimate ID proof. Make sure your app confirms the deposit; if the app doesn’t confirm it, then get done with all the on-screen wizards to get it confirmed.

Prepaid Card With Check Cashing App

A prepaid card is another possible option through which you can actually cash your checks without having any valid ID proof. Well, you must use a third-party app that provides you with a prepaid card. The most trusted app for it is Ingo money. Through this, you can cash your card check, as it won’t ask you for any photo identification proof. Well, this way, you can get the solution for check cashing places that don t require id near me. 

Can You Cash a Check Without an ID?

Can You Cash a Check Without an ID?

Well, how to cash a check without id may seem next to impossible for you, but actually, it is very easy to do. You can quickly cash your check in various ways. However, there are various ways through which you can cash your check without ID proofs and without being consumed much in the process. 

What Kind of ID Should I Have to Cash a Check?

When it comes to cashing a check, one will easily come to the question of what id do we need to cash the check. Well, various Id proofs can take you out of the glitch. We have listed all the possible ids that can help you cash checks.  

Well, different kinds of banks need different kinds of identification proof. Most banks require a valid government-approved id card. On the other hand, some banks can approve your checks through some secondary id proofs as well. Make sure all the id proofs are valid and not expired. This way, you can approve your checks with id proofs. However, the ids are listed below.

  • Driving license 
  • Passport
  • Military ID proof
  • US Visa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What app can I use to cash a check without an ID?

Well, there are various apps floating on the internet, but the most trusted third-party app through which you can actually cash a check without an id is Venmo and PayPal. Both apps don’t require any kind of photo identification. However, you can also use the official app of the bank to cash your check. Nowadays, banks have digitalized most of their services.  

Q2. Can someone else cash my check for me?

Yes, if you have any trusted friend or relative who can cash your check for you, then it is possible to do. Banks have provided this facility for those who don’t have a bank account. But to avail of this, you need to get into the bank where your friend’s account is registered and fill out the form or do the required formalities. After doing so, you can get into the process of cashing the check.

Q3. How do I cash a check in someone else’s name?

If you want to cash your check in someone else’s name, then you must get the permission of the person and then check if their bank account accepts checks. After doing so, get into the branch of your bank and sign the check at the bank and give your consent. After doing so, you can submit the check to the bank and wait for a few days to get it approved by the bank’s servers. Now, when the process is done, your friend’s account will be credited with the money that you can take.

Q4. What is a valid ID to cash a check?

Well, a valid id for cashing a check is the id proof that is approved by your government. Different banks ask for different photo id proofs. The most common of them all is a driving license, military id card, US passport, or a US visa. 


If you were also struggling with the problem “how to cash a check without an id?” then definitely it had come to an end with this guide. Our guide consists of the top 5 potential ways in which you can actually cash a check online without an id. Well, cashing a check is a very easy process. You can do it without even going out of your place. We have listed a mobile app, a third-party app through which you can do check cashing from the level of your comfort. If you still have any doubts, then you can get back to us anytime.

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