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Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation (DMFLF) | Complete Review

The focus of Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation is for having the lifetime responsibility of finance. It prepares students and a wide community to stand for the upcoming tough financial future. They observe that financial literacy is one of the most important day-to-day life skills because we are living in a speedy-running consumer society. For this, as a nonprofit company, it engages several programs in society, homes, and schools. 

To grow this program unconditionally, many supporters are with them such as administrators, leaders, educators, families, and organizations too. By having basic opinions related to finances, trained individuals can know the navigation to deal with the financial system. One of the interesting Doughmain financial literacy foundation reviews is here. By reading that, you can easily know how this program will play for the management of your financial system and also if you can get any kind of loss. 

“The number one problem in today’s generation and the economy is lack of financial literacy”– ALAN GREENSPAN

What is Financial Literacy? Why is it Important?

It teaches us how to handle money, and how to value it so that we can make the most out of money. To build a better tomorrow, for your education, health, family, community, and country, it is really necessary to learn financial literacy. 

Here you can understand how money can work for us by gaining knowledge from financial literacy

  • Way of management to earn money.  
  • Direction to manage money. 
  • Ways of investing money so that we can take more advantages from it. 
  • How to invest money for health to maintain it in the best way. 
  • Method to donate money for noble deeds. 

You must be thinking it is a very common thing and it is simple to handle without getting any kind of additional knowledge. It seems easy only but it is not true. As per the S&P Global Financial Literacy Survey, only 57% of Americans are financially literate. When compared to other countries around the world, the great US is failing to even stand in the ranking of the top ten. 

Overview of Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation (DMFLF) 

  • Type of Industry:- Education Administration Programs 
  • Formed:- 2012
  • Moto:- Constitute financially literate America.
  • Employees in the Company:- Almost 11 to 50
  • Headquarters:- Princeton, New Jersey
  • Type of Company:- Nonprofit 
  • Work for:- Financial Literacy Curriculum, Financial Literacy, Personal Finance, FinLit, Education, Curriculums, FinKit, FinKitExpress, Students, Money Management, Financial Education, Teaching and Budgeting
  • Official Website of DMFLF:– 

Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation Story 

DMFLF was established keeping in mind the global recession of 2008, it took over 3 years of high interaction between educators, parents, communities, and entrepreneurs of New Jersey to nurture great financial literacy that will last forever. 

Gradually, the level of financial education started emerging, thereafter, it became in high demand when many school districts that were in lack of resources wanted to implement this project in them.

In 2013, it was granted a major tax-exempt status as a public charity. In addition to curriculum development educators, DMFLF has volunteer workers, which include volunteer development, administrative staff, executive directors, and marketing. 

Interns in many colleges are working with dedication to impart personal finance education to the youth.

DMFLF Statistics on America’s Financial Crisis 

We will focus on America now. In recent years, it is also suffering from a financial crisis. The economy of America is fastly growing towards instability. It will affect people of ages whether it is men or women, families, minorities, and in short, everyone. Below are some of the symptoms that indicate an epidemic created by financial illiteracy.

Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation (DMFLF)

  • 41% of Baby Boomers have no approach to prepared retirement savings.
  • Millennials Vs college loans: 59% of millennials are worried about how to pay off their student loan and they have no idea how to end this as soon as possible. 
  • Ninety-five percent of high school seniors are not financially literate. 
  • 60% of the American population focuses only on spending money without a thought of budget. 

Why Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation Matters | Prime Mission | 

Financial literacy is the program of guardianship that has a set of knowledge and skills that assist in making effective and better beneficial decisions for their financial resources. They have faith that each student and teacher deserves access to standard material for financial education. This foundation has big support in decreasing the gap of financial literacy in the US and nowadays worldwide too.

Why Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation Matters

Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation Reviews

A huge message we have seen in the list of reviews and the people are also saying thanks from the deepest part of their hearts. They like the different types of strategies of the given program to make their upcoming financial route much better. We have checked and found many truth-based reviews. Thus, the top exciting and knowledgeable information about this program is provided here. 

First Review:- “I have faced and attempted many methods and strategies and because of this I have also lost a lot of money. After some time, I found a new platform that attracted me heavily as I read much about it through videos, websites, and most importantly by live reviews. Without wasting my time I started performing like the given strategy and very soon my financial career started to come on track. Even today I am getting frequent growth in my trading line.” 

Second Review:- “I have been part of Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation for 5 years as this foundation started the progress of a high-class personal finance curriculum for the learners and students. As the organization is based voluntarily, It calls up great skill mentors as well as young women and men who have a passion for doing something. In today’s time, this foundation can set up one of the most exciting and sensational high school finance programs. In addition to this, it has established community programs and middle schools as well.” 

Third Review:- “I am filled with confidence thinking about the 21st Century teens of Americans as they can be prepared much better now. If they give their precious time to complete this course properly.” 

Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation Accomplishments (FitKit Project)

FitKit Project

The concept of this mission is too wide. It has made one’s mind to prepare a large community and the students of this generation for financial responsibility. They think about lifetime development. Let’s check their other noticeable achievements. 

  • Their hand is also in the progress of FitKit High School and Personal Finance: Middle School Edition. 
  • They have started the progress of Express Community along with many targeted programs. 
  • The programs of Fitkit Personal Finance are having a brilliant acceptance in numerous schools in many states nationwide. 
  • The Fitkit Personal Finance program is an “Innovative Educational Program” in PA. 
  • The program of Fitkit work is enlarging to more educational areas across the country. 

What are the Objectives of DMFLF? || Recent or Upcoming Goals ||

According to the Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation, their goals are something like this (given below). Few of them have been achieved recently. Several are left to complete soon in view of the project’s progress. 

  • For a better and secure future in finance, there is a need for other improvements for today’s generation in financial literacy. 
  • They said their target, for now, is to uplift the $10 million that is required to set up the increasing commands. 
  • In the upcoming one or one and half years, their goal of the distribution curriculum is up to 100,000. 
  • Offer zero-cost curriculum to the communities and schools. 
  • With the training of teachers, they will offer more facilities like FitKit E-learning and capabilities of self-study. 
  • In just a few years, admittedly 3 to 4 years their goal is to reach 1 million students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1- How to earn Personal Finance Literacy Certification? 

There is another feature of this foundation and that is Doughmain Financial Literacy Foundation’s Personal Certificate. Students, both from high school & college, are awarded if they clear the FitKit course & test. 

Personal Finance Mastery Award Certificate is also available for those eligible students who clear this exam and also get a minimum 90% score. Schools and teachers also get an opportunity to make great recognition based on the performance of the students.

Q.2- What is FitKit Express? 

It is a part of the FitKit curriculum. For candidates who are ready for the betterment of the greater community, this FitKit Express will offer them education in financial literacy. It has been prepared for the betterment of weaker sections that are outside of the school sector.  The custom-based program will also help develop particular categories of people by focusing on their history, challenges, values, thought processes, livelihood, happiness, education, and more.


There will be no repetition in saying that many questions related to the Doughmain financial literacy foundation will start coming to you now. We have given all the things that we felt were necessary to tell, but we can also inform others too whenever you have any questions to ask. Here, Our experts keep adding new updates from time to time, so stay connected with us.

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