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Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa Review 2024 | Apply With Average Credit | $0 Annual Fee

If you want more beneficial borrowing terms for greater purchases or balances, we will surely recommend you access the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa. You will have plenty of opportunities to speedily pay off your balances and develop good credit habits with no fees, more hostile installment payment policies, rewards for payments, and, possibly lower interest rates than with traditional credit cards. 

It is of the utmost importance for applicants for this card to fully comprehend the card’s terms and conditions. So, continue reading till the end to get all the information.

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa Review

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa Card

One of the unexpected features of this card is that it gives borrowers installment credit instead of revolving credit, as with a typical credit card.

Installment credit like mortgages, car loans, personal loans, and related products, provides you with a pre-established amount that you pay off in fixed installments. Revolving credit, on the other hand, allows you to borrow money continually up to a certain amount and repay it over time.

When you finish using this card towards the finish of every month, any money you borrowed is converted into an installment loan.

Important Information

  • Credit Card Provider: Sutton Bank 
  • Fee Per Year: $0 
  • Regular APR: 14.99 to 29.99% (Variable) 
  • Credit Limit: $500 to $25,000
  • Rate of Rewards: 1 to 3%


  • No fee required 
  • Cashback rewards 
  • Fixed and expected payments 
  • Benefits of a Premium Visa 
  • Accessible to people with average credit 


  • Cash withdrawals are inaccessible.
  • A greater amount is due each month.
  • No balance transfers directly.
  • There is no intro 0% APR offer.  

Additional Features 

  • Reduce monthly balances by making equal payments at a predetermined rate.
  • There are no charges, such as annual fees, foreign transaction fees, or late fees.
  • 3% cash back offer on such sectors as auto, home, and health-related purchases.
  • 1% cash back benefit on the rest of purchases.
  • In addition to your usual cashback rate, select vendors may offer up to 10% additional cashback.
  • When you pay off monthly, cashback is typically credited to your balance.
  • There is the option to prequalify.
  • Don’t bother reapplying for credit as you would typically be required to with installment loans.


To better comprehend what the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit Card has to offer, let’s examine its features. 

Introductory Offers and Welcome Bonuses 

Unfortunately, this card does not provide any welcome bonuses or offers, such as a 0% introductory APR. Credit cards with excellent or good credit are typically included in these offers. 

Before choosing this card, do some research to see what other options are available to you if you have a decent credit score. Borrowers with higher scores might get a superior proposal with another card providing intro offers and welcome bonuses. 

Interest Rates 

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa will range from 14.99 to 29.99% (variable) when used. 

APR is not variable, unlike many credit cards. This implies that it will not increment, as occurs with many Visas. when the interest rates are changed by banks. 

You will need to set up Autopay on the Upgrade website in order to get the minimum APR rates. This will ensure that your monthly payments are deducted from your account on time each month.


You can avoid paying the following fees with the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards card:

  • Monthly Fee- $0 
  • Annual Fee- $0 
  • Fee for Late Payment- $0 
  • International Transaction Fee- 0%
  • Balance Transfer Fee- $0 
  • Fee for transferring a balance- $0 

Upgrade does not charge any fees for late payments. They may take additional actions, such as:

  • Refusing to use up your credit again.
  • Refusing to give you your rewards.
  • Notifying the credit reporting agencies of your late payment.
  • Temporarily inactive your account.

To avoid these unfavorable outcomes, it is essential to keep up with your payments. Utilizing Autopay is one strategy for ensuring that you do not miss your payments.

Payments Methods 

At the point when you utilize your card to transfer money or a purchase, Upgrade makes a loan out of the debt. This can be paid off over a period of 2 to 5 years in one lump sum. Your creditworthiness will determine your interest rate and the exact duration of time you must repay the loan.


When it comes to redeeming rewards, the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit Card is not very flexible. Rewards can only be exchanged for statement credits. Additionally, in contrast to the majority of cashback credit cards, you will not receive rewards immediately upon using your card.

Instead, rewards will be credited to your account when you pay your monthly balance. (When you have paid your bill for the month, your cashback will typically be included in your credit)

For the majority of your purchases, you will receive 1% cashback when you use your card. However, you will receive a 3% higher cashback rate on three determining types of purchases:

  • Auto

This covers renting a car; washing cars; services for roadside help; and purchases of automobiles, auto parts, or other products from companies like Firestone, Discount Tire, Mavis Tire, and, for instance.

  • Health 

This covers things like sports goods, home gym systems, spa treatments, doctor’s visits, pharmacy orders, and additional purchases made from such sites as CVS, Walgreens, Academy Sports,, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, for instance.

  • Home

This covers equipment and home improvement products, home fixes, furniture, machines, and different buys from stores like Lowe’s, Menards, IKEA, Home Depot, or Wayfair, for instance.

If you drive frequently or regularly commute to work, you might want to think about getting a gas card, mainly if you fill up gas at the same chain of gas stations since the best gas Mastercards give rewards or limits on fuel buys and as a rule have no charges.  

Additional Details

Additionally, this card offers a chance to earn even an additional 10% cashback. 

Utilize the dashboard of your account to activate Upgrade offers for shopping. You will be able to select which merchant will offer bonus cash-back rates if you do this. Then, shop in person or online with your Upgrade card through Dosh, an app that gives you cash back for eating out, shopping, and booking hotels. 

The fact that the Upgrade Shopping cashback you receive along with the other cash back rewards you get from your Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa is especially nice. As a result, there are even more chances to earn rewards. 


A Visa Signature Credit Card, the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa is available. You can get premium advantages like baggage travel insurance, extended warranty policy coverage, and purchase protection with Signature credit cards. 

You can also use your card at contactless virtual terminals by adding it to Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Cash Advances and Balance Transfers

When you use your credit card to withdraw cash from an ATM, you get a cash advance. With the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa, cash advances cannot be made. 

When you transfer debt from one to another card using a balance transfer, you are consolidating your debt because debt balances cannot be transferred directly to this card, this Visa does not permit traditional balance transfer.

However, like with a debt consolidation loan, you can transfer funds to your credit card-paying bank account. After that, you can put those funds to use as usual to pay off your balance. 

Credit Limit 

Initial credit lines for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards card range from $500 to $25,000. However, according to the Website of Upgrade, this card’s maximum limit is typically $20,000. 

Credit Reporting

Until you begin using your Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit Card to make purchases or transfer your borrowings to the bank account, the credit reporting agencies will not be notified of any activity on your account.

When this occurs, the activity on your card won’t have the same impact on your credit as it would with a standard credit card.

The matter that Upgrade cards report your debts as installment credit rather than revolving credit is the cause of this distinction. Your credit score is impacted in other ways by these two types of credit. 

Like with other kinds of loans, late payments on the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit Card will hurt your credit. Paying your bills on time is essential if you think to improve your credit score

Credit Building 

Even though the Upgrade reports to the credit agencies (Equifax, TransUnion, or Experian), it does not define which are the exact ones. In spite of that, If you do not pay your monthly installment on time, then your credit score falls. With the help of a fair credit score, you become eligible to get other better credit cards and also to avail of loans on them for a better amount.

To help you through the process of building credit, Credit Health is an online service offered by Upgrade. This features a synopsis of your credit report and includes a TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 credit score, along with this has a lot of tools and information for building credit.

A credit Score is Required for a Credit Card 

The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit Card is suitable for customers with credit scores ranging from average to best, as stated on the Upgrade site.

When you apply for an upgrade, there is no hard inquiry on your credit report. A hard inquiry kind of credit checking also called a hard credit check or hard pull affects your credit score, which other moneylenders can see when they look at your credit report. 

This credit card’s annual percentage rate (APR) and credit limit will be specified in your initial application. 

If you have a fair credit score, you should consider other credit cards for fair credit so that you can get maximum cashback rewards, welcome bonuses, and credit cards with low interest.

Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Online Approval Procedures 

Online application for an Upgrade Card is simple. The Upgrade will check to see if you qualify for prequalification and will ask you for basic details. A Soft Inquiry—– also known as a soft credit check—- will be performed as part of this. A soft inquiry does not have any adverse impact on your credit scores and moneylenders are unable to see it when they look at your credit report. 

If you accept Upgrade’s offer following this soft check, you will be required to provide them with the details of your bank account. Hard inquiries—on which your credit score will drop by a few points—will only be conducted if they accept your card application to provide you with loan funds. This is how simple is the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Pre-approval procedure.

How to Do the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa Login?

Below we have arranged the simplest steps to Log in to your Upgrade Cash Rewards Credit Card Account.  

  • Visit the Login Page for the Upgrade Triple Cashback Rewards Visa. 
  • Fill in the details being asked like Email Address and Password in the space provided.
  • To access your Upgrade account, select Login to your Account.

You will be able to manage the Upgrade Triple Rewards Visa account once you have signed in. You can modify account information like automatic ways to pay off and password, view credit card reports, track account activity, and pay your bill.

If you cannot remember your login credentials, tap on the “Forgot password?” on the login web page. After, to reset or recover your username or password, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Who Can Use the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa? 

  • Borrowers Who Make a Lot of Money for Homes, Health Care, and Auto Categories- Upgrade Triple Cash Back Rewards Visa may be beneficial for those purchasers who do not wish to carry a store card’s arsenal because it provides a high rate of cashback on a number of intriguing categories. 
  • Borrowers Without Installment Loans- Upgrade credit cards will be listed as such on your credit report because they give you the way of installment credit in place of revolving credit. In the absence of any installment loans, including them in your credit account could assist you to get a better mix of credit and raise your credit score in the process.
  • Borrowers Who Have Difficulty Making a Budget for their Card Debts- Unlike standard credit cards, the Upgrade Triple Cash Card has a determined payment amount and a pre-established paying-off date when you purchase anything. 

This simplifies things for many borrowers to pay off debts more quickly than if they only made the least monthly payments because using a standard credit card can be tempting. Additionally, there are no fees associated with this card, so you will not have to worry about paying on time when trying to reduce your balance.

Other Comparable Cards 

Let’s discuss the other similar credit cards to the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards card so that you get a good idea of which card will be more beneficial for you.

Upgrade Card

Upgrade Card

The Upgrade Card and the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards card are essentially identical. Both function similarly and have the same range of APR, the same Signature benefits, and there are no fees. The actual distinction between these “titled” cards is that a Triple Cash Rewards card is always ready to provide cashback rewards at satisfying rates. Statement credits are added to your credit card in exchange for these rewards. 

The Basic Upgrade cards, on the other hand, can be used by people with “building credit,” while the rewards cards can be used by people with “average to best credit” according to Upgrade.

This indicates that the Triple Rewards Card has more stringent requirements for credit scores. 


  • Annual Fee: $0 
  • Credit Score: 580 to 739 
  • Purchase APR: 14.99 to 29.99% (Variable) 


  • Average credit scores are also workable.
  • All benefits are the same as Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards.


  • There are no cash-back rewards. 

Petal 2 Credit Card

Petal 2 Visa Credit Card

Petal 2 Cash Back Credit Card is a traditional credit card with a revolving line of credit, in contrast to Upgrade cards, which offer installment credit. However, the Upgrade Triple Rewards Card is unclear as to whether it is a loan or a credit card. As a result, the two cards will have different effects on your credit score and how you pay off the debt.

The Petal 2 Visa rewards program has the advantage of allowing you to boost your standard cashback rate by up to 1.5% by simply making timely payments on your bills. The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Credit card, on the other hand, has bonus categories for home, auto, and health that offer a great 3% cashback rate. 


  • Annual Fee: $0 
  • Credit Score: 300 to 669 
  • Purchase APR: 15.99 to 29.99%
  • Cash Back Rewards- 1%–1.5% on all eligible purchases


  • No credit history required 
  • If you make all 12 months’ payments on time, your standard cashback rate, which is 1%, rises to 1.5%
  • Lower least installments
  • Visa Local Offers can be used to get credit for Uber trips


  • APR will fluctuate as per the market rate, so it may rise.
  • Lower credit limit of $300–$10,000 initially. 
  • For Cashback reward, lack bonus categories.
  • Less effective benefits 

Credit One Bank Wander Card

Credit One Bank Wander Card

The Credit One Bank Wander Card, like the Upgrade Triple Rewards Card, is open to people with average credit and offers great rewards. It functions as a revolving line of credit rather than an installment credit, in contrast to the Upgrade card. These two cards will have different effects on your credit score and how you pay off debt. 

The Credit One Bank Wander Card has one major drawback: it has a high $95 annual fee. Because of this, you’ll have to keep an eye on your rewards to make sure they make up for the cost. This isn’t an issue with the Upgrade Triple Rewards card, which has no fees. 


  • Annual Fee: $0 
  • Credit Score: 580 to 739 
  • Purchase APR: 26.99% 


  • You can get cash advances 
  • Lower minimum payments 
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Good for rewards and spending on travel
  • More ways to redeem rewards 


  • Charges for late payment
  • APR can be increased as it depends on the market rate. 
  • Highly-priced Annual Fee 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is the credit limit for the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa? 

The credit limit is usually between $500 and $25,000 (Up to $50,000 may be available to some borrowers).

Q.2 What credit score is needed for an Upgrade Visa Card? 

You are likely to get approval for an upgraded credit card if your credit score is at least 580.

Q.3 Does Upgrade verify income? 

Yes, Upgrade checks your income-related documents to determine whether or not you are eligible for a credit card and whether or not your source of income is stable.

Q.4 Does Upgrade Card do a hard pull? 

When you check your personal loan rate with Upgrade, they do a soft credit check on your credit report, which has no effect on your credit score. They will conduct a hard inquiry, which may have an effect on your credit score if you get a loan from Upgrade. 

When a new borrower gets a loan, their credit score may go down a little, but if they pay on time and on time, the score usually goes back up. 

Q.5 How does Upgrade Card show on the credit report? 

The Upgrade Cash Visa is reported to credit reporting agencies as a credit line with no overall credit line limit. Although Upgrade does report fixed and balance payments, credit utilization is unaffected because the overall credit limit is not reported.


The Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards Visa will definitely be a great option for those who have a lot of healthcare expenses or who have to renovate their homes or who work on automobiles. This is because the card will earn a 3% cash back offer on categories like healthcare, home, and auto, and 1% limitless cashback on everything else. Additionally, a loan against your credit limit or carried balance becomes a fixed-rate loan with equal monthly payments. 

Above, we have also given other additional information including Fees, Welcome Bonus, Revolving Card, Rewards Redemption, Credit Limit Increase, APR Terms, etc. With this, you can immediately see how effective this credit card can be for you.

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