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Ways to Fix Sage 50 Error : Update Must be Installed on Server First

Sage 50 Error: Update must be installed on the server first. The following text enters while installing a service or an update of the workstation. If you are struggling with the issue then make sure to read further and learn different methods to troubleshoot it. 

Possible Causes of Sage 50 Error: Update must be installed on the Server First

Below are outlined all the causes that might bring Sage 50 error. 

  • Not installing the Service release on the server. 
  • Releasing the wrong operation. 
  • The format of the file is not appropriate. 
  • The server has been updated to the latest version of sage 50 but workstations still use the first one.
  • Not using the admin rights for signing in on the system.
  • The service release does not update the files even after being installed.
  • Installed the latest release of corrupted files. 
  • Not placing the INI file in the correct way.
  • The presence of wrong data paths on the server.

Solutions to Fix Sage 50 Error: Update must be installed on the Server First

Here are all the solutions that you can conduct on your own and resolve the error issue. Follow the guide further to know the procedure of troubleshooting. 

Solution 1: DATAPATH and LOCALDATAPATH are not Matching

  • To begin with, shut your Sage software. 
  • Make sure that you accessed the File Explorer. 
  • Once done, move towards the path for 32-bit PC C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach.
  • For 64-bit, you can try C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach. 

Sage 50 error : Program files

  • Use this commandC:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree to find the INI file for the 2019 version.
  • Don’t forget to access the configuration file for the Sage 50 installed version:
  • Version 2020: Peachtree270.ini
  • Version 2019: Peachtree260.ini
  • Version 2018: Peachtree250.ini
  • Version 2017: Peachtree240.ini
  • Version 2016: Peachtree230.ini
  • Version 2015: Peachtree220.ini
  • Version 2014: Peachtree210.ini
  • Version 2013: Peachtree200.ini
  • Once done with it, you need to search for DATAPATH= and LOCAL DATAPATH=
  • You can also uninstall and reinstall Sage if you still cannot find the path. 

Sage 50 error : uninstall software

  • From DATAPATH, find out the place where you have placed the data. 
  • After that, try to reinstall the updates. 
  • When the installation comes to the end, verify if the sage 50 data server has been updated.
  • If you again witness the issue then move further. 

Solution 2: Server has not any Update

  • Intiate the solutions by accessing the Server and opening Sage 50 accounting.
  • Now, you need to move towards the Help menu. 
  • Head towards the tab named About Sage 50 Accounting. 

about sage 50 accounting

  • You can find the installed version under the release options. You can find Sage 50 full accounting 2013 (SR 3) in release 2013. 
  • Check out the Build line to have the installed version of 2014 and above. 
  • Thereafter, you will receive a pop-up of Release or Build suggesting that tells you the status of the update. 
  • Now, just close your software. 
  • The service release will start on its own. 
  • Turn on the updates when the system notifies you about the completed installation. 

Sage 50 Error : enable updates

Solution 3: Not Using the Admin Rights

 run Sage as admin

  • Firstly, you need to save the updates folder on DATAPATH.
  • Tap Executable file. 
  • Thereafter, select Run as administrator. 
  • Verify and examine that the system has installed updates

Solution 4: Wrong Data Path on Workstation and Server

  • If the data path is not correct then modify it with the right path. 
  • Once done, try to run the updates again. 
  • Try to uninstall and reinstall the correct data path if it is wrong on your server. 
  • Subsequently, you need to install the updates on both servers and workstations. 
  • Don’t forget to uninstall and reinstall the sage 50 software if the datapath is correct. 

Winding Up!

So, these are the four solutions that will help you to eliminate Sage 50 error. Hopefully, the article has resolved all your queries as well as the error issue. If you want to gain further knowledge on the Sage errors then don’t forget to subscribe to the website. Also, comment down about the solution that helps you in fixing the issue. 

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