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Twelve Days of Fintech

Fintech is a blending word for “financial technology.” It is a new technology to eliminate the traditional financial services and move towards a more digital world. Many investors benefit from the software. In this article, we will try to discuss all possible details about it.

In 2014, many fintech innovators created different software to help the users to manage and keep the financial records at their reach. If you are new to this digital finance world or want to learn more about it, then this article will help you to get some more helpful information regarding the topic.

What is Fintech?


Fintech refers to an application that manages the financial aspects of the users. Most fintech software is both computer and mobile-based. Some of them also include hardware like virtual reality trading platforms and piggy banks. The platform is available for moving money, depositing checks, paying bills, and other related financial aid. They also allow other technical concepts like the crypto exchange, etc.

In this article, we have selected the top 50 fintech companies for 2014, which helps to raise subjective judgment and capital.

How Fintech Evolved?

Fintech Evolved

Fintech has been around for many decades. The first technology used for financial purposes was the signature verifying device in the 1860s. However, in recent days, fintech has morphed with many startups. It is also being popular among organizations and users according to technical advancement.

In 2019, JP Morgan invested around $25 million in fintech-related startups. Another fintech company, Capital One, has created fintech for banking cafes. Citit launched an application to invite the third-party software to verify and share the software’s interface program.

Below is the list of 12 days of fintech.

  1. The innovators or creators go where there is more profit. 11 investment and stock trading fintech companies.
  2. With e-payment companies. There are several e-payment software that makes the users’ jobs easy. Innovators like Wealthfront, Australia Wealth Advisors, and etc. 
  3. 6 crowdfunding companies. Kickstarter is a group that funds creative and art projects.
  4. 5 lenders. It could be combined into a crowdfunding business. The whole process world is a matchmaking business. One of the popular sites for it is
  5. 3 data companies. For companies like Kreditech, the level of hype is of very big data. The company specializes in scoring credit while some also offer users analytics.
  6. Wonga is a U.K. based company that provides poor consumer protection practices.
  7. Business lenders are also important for lending business loans.
  8. The money trader companies.
  9. Bitcoin transactions.
  10. Back offline platforms.
  11. Accounting software.
  12. ATM network in Chennai.

Fintech Evolved

Explaining the fintech facility using the above listicles, makes it very easy to understand. If the list is representing what is going on, then the payment procedure is easy to perform.

 Winding Up!

Fintech has made its place in many organizational areas. The more it becomes popular among users, the more fintech companies are evolving every year. And with every passing year, the software is improving.

Hopefully, this article was informative for you. If you liked the blog then share it with your friends and family, and help them to learn more about financial inclusion. In many countries like India, the majority of the people do not have enough knowledge about digital finance, hence it is important to spread awareness. You can get another financial-related article on our website, check them too.

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