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Price Comparison Apps to Compare and Save Money on Products

If you want to spend less on your expenditures, comparison shopping is an essential thing to develop. You may make significant financial savings by simply comparing costs, whether online or in-store. You’ll be always conscious of where to get the better bargains on your favorite products and the essentials. However, using browser add-ons or websites to accomplish this task is wonderful, if price comparison is your specialty, you’ll really like to invest in a decent app to access the same information.

In this article, we will discuss the top applications for both iOS and Android for cost comparison. So, let’s get started.

Essential Things To Take Into Note Before Using Price Comparison Application

price comparison app

Well, here we will discuss some of the most essential things that an individual must take into note, prior to using a price comparison application in the device –

  • A membership discount or voucher may be available. Join a subscription or reward system that doesn’t charge a fee to get a discount or receive a price break. Once you’ve reduced your research to the best offers, check to see if you can enter a subscription or reward system (that doesn’t charge a fee) to receive a discount, register for a newsletter to receive a price break, or if the companies today have any active discount coupons.
  • Check to see whether you are examining the identical thing in all the retailers. Examine each of the findings you receive to be sure they all support the same thing after receiving the results. Find the item’s precise name and product code, then type it into the app’s search field. 
  • If you don’t qualify for free delivery, see if you can pick up the item in person from the shop. Check that the prices make the bargain worth it. Verify that the prices make the bargain you’ve discovered a deal in the first place. 

Best Price Comparison Apps For You 

You are ready to shop, so we’ve found the top price-comparison apps and compiled them here to make the process simpler for you. 

1. BuyVia

By offering tailored offers, BuyVia distinguishes itself from competing price comparison applications. BuyVia supports small companies because you can get discounts for nearby stores based on your region. It’s a fantastic option for customers who want to support small companies. Customers may inform the application what stores, items, and categories interest them, and the application will offer them personalized bargains based on these adjustments.


Some Important characteristics –

  • No membership systems exist.
  • Available in a free version.
  • Email, tickets, as well as the help page all are available for assistance.

Advantages –

  • Deals that are specific to you.
  • Includes discounts at cafes or restaurants.
  • It provides coupons for nearby establishments or any business.

Disadvantage –

  • It doesn’t keep records of item inventory.

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2. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is a comprehensive price comparison software that offers all the features you require to save money while shopping online or in-store. This has a barcode scanner, QR code scanner, product recommendation capability, and pricing comparisons between different stores. If an item is currently out of stock or the price is too high for you to pay, you can create notifications for particular products or groups to be alerted when they become available again.


Some Important characteristics –

  • This is available in a free version.
  • Email, FAQs, community, and ticket support are all accessible.
  • Items available for in-app purchases range in price from $1.99 to $19.99.

Advantages –

  • It receives price and stock notifications
  • It has support for price parity.

Disadvantage –

  • It costs money to eliminate advertisements.

3. Amazon

For Prime members, the Amazon Shopping application for Android and iOS is an excellent option since it makes it simple to compare the costs of in-store goods with Amazon’s own prices. Registered users can compare the costs of in-store goods with Amazon’s own prices. The Amazon app comes with Alexa, enabling voice searches to produce goods more rapidly. With the help of this feature, Registered users might just save money on Amazon purchases. 


Some Important characteristics –

  • It is available in a free version.
  • No subscription programmes exist.
  • Help Center and Forum are both accessible for assistance.

Advantages –

  • This connects with Amazon Alexa.
  • There’s a scanner for barcodes.

Disadvantage –

  • This does not match pricing on Amazon with those in stores.

4. ScanLife

ScanLife has the finest barcode scanning capabilities. It also provides geographical data, reviews, and ratings for food products. Security safeguards warn users when they scan an unsecure code. The barcode scanner can read restaurant menus. Via Text messaging, WhatsApp, mail, Facebook, and Twitter, the application also makes it simple to send others scanned files.


Some Important characteristics –

  • It is accessible in a cost-free version.
  • Email and phone are available for assistance.
  • Each item for in-app purchases costs $0.99.

Advantages –

  • It assistance with barcode scanning for restaurant menus.
  • Nutritional information for food goods/products is displayed.

Disadvantage –

  • It assembles user information for marketing.

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5. MyCartSavings

MyCartSavings allows you to compare and monitor pricing from your mobile device. All the tools you want, such as item keyword searching, barcode scanners, and voice searching, are accessible through this app. Users have the option to enable price monitoring for a particular product, which will alert them when the price decreases. The app offers discounts and deals of the day for well-known retailers such as Amazon.


Some Important characteristics –

  • Accessible in a cost-free variation.
  • No membership programmes.
  • Email, FAQs, community, and ticket support are all accessible.

Advantages –

  • It provides components for price surveillance.
  • Daily specials and discounts at big-name stores.
  • Pricing information that is current.

Disadvantage –

  • This analyzes mainly eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

6. Grate

Users looking for bargains on groceries, cosmetics, electronics, and personal care items are the primary target audience for Grate. Grate aggregates thousands of reviews from several retailers when you look up a product. It is simple to find culinary and beauty items that satisfy your individual requirements and objectives according to the app’s ingredient-based product search engine. Grate is distinguished from comparable applications by its incredible review aggregation skills in addition to comparison shopping between stores. price comparison app

Some Important characteristics –

  • It is available in a free version.
  • No subscription programmes exist.
  • Email is the only available form of support.

Advantages –

  • It assembles evaluations from several sources.
  • It supports the search for ingredients.
  • It has completely unrestricted access.

Disadvantage –

  • Very limited choices for customer service.

7. Walmart

The greatest price comparison app for people who spend the majority of their shopping at Walmart is available for iOS and Android users. A barcode reader enables users to scan product barcodes to rapidly search Walmart for items and check pricing against other retailers. ‘Scan & Go’ enables customers to scan goods and complete their in-store purchases using their mobile devices. Users may get free delivery and other member-only perks by subscribing to Walmart +.


Some Important characteristics –

  • It is accessible in a cost-free variation.
  • Walmart Plus’s monthly subscription rates are $12.95.
  • Support channels include chat, email, phone, and the help center.

Advantages –

  • It has bare-handed checkout lines.
  • There is a scanner for barcodes.

Disadvantage –

  • This contrasts only the price of Walmart with prices from other retailers.

Closing Lines

That’s all. We have mentioned here the “best price comparison app”. You can pick any one of these as per your choice, keeping in mind the essential things before using it. If you have any queries, you can always get back to us. We are happy to help 24×7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the best price comparison app?

Ans: There are many best price comparison app to take into consideration. They are:

  • ShopSavvy
  • Amazon
  • Flipp
  • ScanLife
  • Grate
  • MyCartSavings

Q2: Online or Offline shopping, which is more affordable?

Ans: Online pricing is typically less expensive than those found in physical stores. The price difference between online and in-store purchases, albeit becoming infrequent, is quite significant.

Q3: Is it cheaper to shop at Walmart in person than online?

Ans: No Price changes occasionally occur at Walmart. Prices both in-person and online can change depending on a variety of variables. The consequence of this is that even when you purchase with the same company, you won’t always obtain the same discounts for the same products.

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