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Need $50 Loan Instantly!! Follow These Best Instant Money Apps

There’s always a time in a person’s life when he requires money urgently. Such wants can be a result of a lack of finances or requirements to be fulfilled in advance etc. People in such scenarios can feel very helpless and can’t think of a solution. If you too are facing such a problem and need an instant loan then you are all sorted with this article here. 

Insufficient money is a problem in today’s lavish lifestyle of people. As people ought to do great expenses, they sometimes lack the resources to fulfill their requirements. In such a problem you can get yourself a loan. Now the word loan may give you a headache as it comes with a lot of paperwork and other requirements. 

But there’s no need to worry. In today’s modern world where everything runs on an online platform, we have got some really great apps that help us to get loans instantly. Such apps for instant money can be found in abundance. But to make it easy for you, we have created this article with the best instant money apps. Let’s quickly dive into the solutions to get your need for money fixed by getting loans instantly from apps. 

Best Apps to Get Instant Loan Money

There are numerous apps running in the market that would claim to provide you with loans according to your needs. But sometimes it becomes really tricky to trust such providers. If you too are in such a dilemma you are all sorted with the given list of apps that are convenient and easy to use to get a loan of $50 or more. Check out the following list and get your $50 loan from the instant app:

  1. Dave
  2. Chime
  3. PayDaySay
  4. Albert
  5. PayActiv
  6. Brigit
  7. Empower

The above-mentioned list consists of all the apps that would provide you with instant loans with easy methods and a harmonious experience. But to make it easier for you we have discussed every detail that you need to know to get a $50 loan instant app. If you want to know the best instant loan apps read the below given detailed data on each of these apps and get your instant loans now. 

1. Dave

Instant Loan Money through Dave

Dave is one of the finest running apps that provides you with many facilities such as your advance paycheck, along with a spending account without any charges or fees. This helping hand in the form of an app was discovered in the year 2017 to free people from overdraft fees charged by banks.

Dave not only provides you financial aid instantly but it is also free of interest. Instead of interest, it charges a subscription fee which is monthly. Dave provides you early access to your paycheck if you need finance early. 

You can get up to $250 in between your paydays just with a monthly subscription fee of $1.

Requirements to Access the Dave App for Getting Instant Money

  • Bank account information
  • Debit Card information
  • Proof of Source of Income 
  • Paycheck Deposit 3 duplicates
  • Salary slip
  • Working Email address
  • Number of Social Security 

After getting all these points that make you eligible to get a loan from Dave, install the app and register with all your bank details and get your deed done. 

2.  Chime


A very great Tech financial company that aims at providing people with a hassle-free and easy banking experience. It makes managing money easy with its smart and efficient technology. It has around 8 million users. You make your financial aspects of life easier with the use of a chime. It doesn’t have any kind of fee that is charged and along with that, you can access your paycheck 2 days ahead. If you are in need of money instantly and don’t want to get confused in the hurdles with banks, Chimes is one of the best apps for you. 

Requirements to Access the Chime App to get your Loan  

  • Should be a Resident of the US or the District of Columbia. 
  • The age limit is above 18 in order to have a spending account
  • Your Social Security number
  • Identify proof 
  • Bank account information
  • Salary Slips

After all, these steps just install the chime app and sign up with all your details and get access to all the amazing features of the chime app. 

3. PayDaySay

Instant Loan Money through PayDaySay Application

This app is a bit different from others as this is not just any app that provides you a loan instead it acts as a bridge between you and the lender who lets you borrow the money. Paydaysay allows you to access money in the most instant way. The one thing that needs to be kept in mind while using this app is that it doesn’t cost anything but the lender it matches you with might do that. So, you need to make your terms clear with your lender to avoid any future trouble. It can allow you to have a loan ranging from $100-$1,000 according to your need. 

Requirements you need to Fulfill to use this App for Instant Loan 

  • Personal Id and age verification 18 years & above
  • An active bank account
  • Your Income proof 

Just with such few requirements, you get access to the payday app which will ask for all these details for verification which is usually asked by every borrow money app. After all the verification, you will be able to get a lender matched to you and get your money borrowed. 

4. Albert


In need of some instant cash, you have got your back with one of the best instant loan apps “Albert”. It’s a platform that provides its user with ample opportunity to get some extra cash whenever required. With just a few easy steps and certain requirements, you can solve your problem of lack of money smoothly without any hassle. It’s a multitasking app that lets you handle your financial planning, bank services, and even advance cash.  

Requirements needed to get your Instant Loan from Albert App

  • Should be a resident of the US
  • Have a working bank account
  • Should be an adult that is 18 years and above

After you are done verifying all these required things you can now register with the Albert app. 

Through the app, you will be required to fill in your details and according to your income and repayment behavior, a limit for your loan would be set. Now you can easily access a $50 loan or even more to satisfy your needs. 

5. PayActiv

Instant loan through PayActiv

Lacking financial resources, or need of money instantly. Get all these problems solved by getting instant loan apps. One such is PayActiv. This brilliant app allows you not only to get your cash advance but also lets you pay your bills with additional discounts with them. Although there is no fee if you deposit the directly into your PayActiv card the paycheck. If not then you will be charged $1 per day if you use any of these, cash access, bill payment, and card loads. 

Requirements to make you Eligible for getting Instant App Loan

  • A checking account
  • US citizenship and Id verification for being above 18
  • Proof of income

6. Brigit

Brigit loan application

For all your financial requirements and advance cash need along with some aspects of budgeting too, Brigit got it all. 

This provides you the opportunity to get up to a $250 loan which is way more than the $50 requirement. The amount you can access depends on your transaction and banking history. The best part is it won’t cost you any interest or run a credit check. This makes it easy to use and access. 

Requirements to get Instant Money through Brigit

  • Have a bank account with a minimum balance
  • A checking account that is at least 60 days old under a supported bank
  • Social Security number

7. Empower

Empower loan application

This app is a great tool to manage all your advance money needs and handle your finances. It provides you a way to get your loan without any interest or late fees. It lets you a loan of up to $250 and the amount to be lent depends upon your bank activity and the status of your bank account. The only thing that’s hurdle is that it is only free for 14 days and after that, it may charge you $8 monthly. But that’s not a big amount for the services and tools it provides you for it. 

So if you are quite in need of such financial assistance or need a $50 loan here’s the solution for you.

Requirements to get a loan from Empower  

  • Should be a US citizen as well as an adult
  • Have a running bank account
  • Income slips 
  • Have a device that can operate in the US and receive the message

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to get free money on the cash app instantly? 

The answer to your very commonly asked question is that there are many apps that provide you cash instantly. Now, these can either be apps that loan you money instantly or could be apps that pay you for a certain service you provide them. In order to get money on a cash app instantly, you need to open and get started with apps. 

If you are using any loaning app then fill in your details and they will provide you a loan according to your banking activity. If you are trying your hand at apps that ask for your service to pay you, then you might have to do the given task and avail your cash. 

Q2. How to get money instantly?

If you are in need of instant money and don’t know where can I borrow money asap, here’s the answer for you. To get money instantly the best way is to loan money. Now loaning money from banks is not the easiest way so why not use apps for instant money. There are several apps that provide you the opportunity to access money instantly by loaning advance cash to you without interest and any cost. Some of the best instant money apps are :

  • Brigit
  • Chime 
  • Dave
  • Albert
  • Empower


Everyone goes through such a situation once or more than that in their life when they require a loan or advance cash. But to go to banks and loan out money is a very tiring and hectic process. And now such processes are made very easy with the help of online running apps.

Above are some of the best instant apps which provide you a smooth banking experience along with interest-free loans and free-of-cost experiences that might be a headache while handling with banks. So, if you too are looking for apps that provide you a loan of $50 or more than that then this is it for you. Check every single detail mentioned in the article and make your loaning experience hassle-proof and harmonious. 

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