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Know Everything About: How to Pay Mortgage With Credit Card?

Willing to pay a mortgage with a credit card? But do you know; what terms you need to follow before using this course of action? The procedure & of course the charges applied to it. To be successful with this, you must study the pros and cons so you may not lose a great time in your financial life. A mortgage is already a muscular word for some people. They usually ignore dealing with it, even just reading about it.

So, be practical here to give a thorough study of the content & see the route needed to deal with it. Let’s get going. 

Can I Pay My Mortgage With a Credit Card? 

Yes, you can use a credit card to pay mortgage. However, the issues can restrain you from moving willingly. The practice is quite back-breaking to manage because:

How to Pay Mortgage With Credit Card

  1. Most banks & money lenders don’t consider credit cards to make mortgage payments. 
  2. Furthermore, the charges are burdensome, and only an efficient person can handle the abnormality. Think twice because this can impact your image of paying debt from debt. 
  3. Apart from that- you will switch the problem from one space to another if you can not settle credit card payments on time. As it also includes heavy interest rates.

Pros and Cons of Paying Mortgage with Credit Card

Pros and Cons of Paying Mortgage With Credit Card


  • Your repayment capability will ensure the pros of using a credit card for a mortgage. Conversely, you may include one more job in a financial crisis.  
  • Rewards are motivation to use this option. 
  • Late payment or late payment fee is avoidable. 
  • You can experience one more scope of your credit card. 


  • Money lenders reject the payment, and things become more complicated compared to late payment charges.
  • Third-party services also create an issue because you haven’t experienced their services before, and only for this choice-taking a risk of your personal details.
  • No paycheck means a high-interest rate will oppose your financial stability.

How to Pay Mortgage with Credit Card?

After checking all the technicalities, it is good to say that you can pay the mortgage amount but not without a fee in a straightforward way. Best quality may not work here because credit card is not a common culture for money lenders or mortgage loan approval banks. The reward may attract you to use it for the trial, yet it can be painful for most users. However, the third-party solution may deal with every type of borrower. Let’s check some of them. 

Online Options 

1. Can You Pay Mortgage with Credit Card Using

Not just mortgages, one can use this third-party solution to pay utility bills, mortgages, car payments, taxes, contract payments, and more. 2.85% of charges are comparatively high compared to rewards offered by the credit card company. In the rarest case, you may win a 3% reward from the payments. Leaving it behind, let’s see whether your card is compatible with this website or not. 

Pay Mortgage With Credit Card Using services are available for credit cards, like JCB international cards, Discover, DCI (Diners Club International ) credit cards, and master cards, with exceptions. If you don’t have a card compatible, you may not pay mortgage with credit card. However, successful payment can release a tremendous bonus for the user.

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  • You need to open the website and complete the signup process. 
  • After creating the account, use the compatible card as a payment method and forward the mortgage money with the available balance on the card. 
  • Make a mortgage payment of $4000 with a $114 fee and save 60,000 points reward after the payment. 

2. RadPad

The operation is a little lengthy, yet practical to use credit card to pay mortgage. The fee demand is about 2.99% for this third-party online service app accepting appealing cards. In the promotion of collaboration of Android Pay, it was giving a high vacation reward that got closed for now. However, you may use its services for sending a check via the application directly to the landlord to make a mortgage payment or win points.

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The usual culture of the RadPad app is paying rent, yet it is also practical to add a credit card as a payment method for a mortgage. The original check will appear in the banker’s mail or the mediator’s platform. There will be no issue with the security of using this method. 

Gift Cards for Money Orders to Pay Mortgage with Credit Card

Gift cards are practical for various usages. But you never heard of using them as money orders to settle monthly mortgage payments. One can buy visa gift cards (pin-enabled) using reward credit cards to transform them. They are available in banks, retailers, or grocery shops. Few exceptions can be there from the credit card issuers using these types of tactics. Be sure before going for it. If it is working, you can set your own PIN here.

Pay Mortgage With Credit Card Money order

The win-win situation is less. Contrary, you use it with complete compassion.

There is a point where the grocery centers may deny going through this process, accepting credit cards, or allowing for rewards or points. Moreover, the banks also can hit on some places to manage your task. In the end, if you succeed in the labor, take the money order of the limit, use it to make payment, and send the mail to the mortgagor.

Pay Mortgage With Credit Card Using PayPal

Paypal is an option available all around the globe to meet millions of transactions in a day. There is no reason to doubt the compatibility of this online service for mortgage payments using credit cards. In personal and professional transactions, you can trust its services for any payout. At the initial level, an e-wallet is a substantial option, but if you still want to use a credit card, add it as a payoff option and complete the work.

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Mortgagor will give you enough time to make payments, so it is always better to think differently before using a credit card because the high-interest rate can lead you to face financial issues. 

Pay Mortgage With Credit Card Using PayPal

  • Download the App on your phone.
  • Sign up or create an account with personal details. Use sources such as saving bank accounts or cards (credit or debit cards) to transfer the money.
  • If the mortgagor doesn’t accept PayPal payment, then take a cash advance to transfer it to the other using PayPal, and they can retransfer the money to your mortgagor’s bank account.

Prepaid Cards

The fee cannot be avoided in most of the methods available to settle credit cards, an accepted culture among the money lenders. Yet they ensure your work with safety. One such option is available in the American Express Bluebird Card. Target Prepaid REDCard is also noteworthy for secure transactions using a well-built PIN code.

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These prepaid cards are obtainable according to the client’s requirements to help move cash amounts via checking account online. The maximum limit is $1000 with a $5 fee.

Why Can’t I Use My Credit Card to Pay My Mortgage?

Whether you use this method or not, you may still gain various experiences or some rewards in your pocket. Some users use this option as a luxury, some with compulsion, to take the new idea of credit card usage, and more. It really doesn’t matter! What really matters is the charges imposed by the credit card issuer. And in some cases, you may use a third-party service that is not trustworthy. However, if everything goes fine, Some rewards and benefits are always there for you. Let’s understand better. 

Rewards and Bonuses

Being a credit card holder, one should consider its benefits and usage rewards. The credit card interest rates are already high, at 16% initially. You must use it wisely to get some out of it without any extra spending. How is that possible? Pay mortgage with a credit card and earn entry-level user or existing user bonuses. They are attractive and, for some reason, notifiable too.

Although, there is no need to choose a credit card for payment, as it is not a practical choice. However, if rewards are there and no option is there, you can go for it. 

Late Fee Avoidance 

Late fee avoidance is a point where one can pay the mortgage with a credit card. All in all, one should try to ignore this option. However, if you want to go there, check if you have the alternative to pay the credit card principal or interest rate amount. Your paycheck is the only choice that can save you from this issue. Furthermore, the situation can worsen if you don’t receive your paycheck on time. Although it is for late fee avoidance, be wise to choose the direct method leaving behind the idea pay mortgage with credit card. 

Fees and Interests

A mortgagee is a person who faces more trouble in comparison to other household expenses managers because mortgage payment is a forceful financial task to be handled by a person. Fee and interest are the two aspects that don’t let the person live peacefully. Keeping this in mind, one should never try to pay about a 3% fee, increasing the credit card payment burden.  

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q.1 How to pay a mortgage with a credit card without a fee?

Credit card usage always imposes fees or charges while making any payment. If the case is for the mortgage payment, rates can rise. However, one can choose the credit card with the lowest interest rate or fee or an option that can replace it with a reward.  

Q.2 Why can’t I use my credit card to pay my mortgage?

You can’t pay a mortgage with a credit card because money lenders don’t accept this service. Contrary, one can use third-party services to counter this situation. 


How to pay the mortgage with a credit card is quite attractive even though money lenders don’t accept it. However, how to settle high-interest rates on credit cards is quite annoying. So, never run behind the trend or take an unbearable risk. Go straight in until you need it badly. For any further assistance, you can always get back to us.

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