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How to Get Money Out of a Frozen Venmo Account: A Comprehensive Guid

Imagine waking up to a notification from Venmo informing you that your account has been temporarily frozen. A whirlwind of questions and frustrations might engulf you, but fret not. This guide sheds light on the common causes behind a frozen Venmo account and the steps for how to get money out of frozen Venmo account and secure your funds.

Understanding the Causes Behind a Frozen Venmo Account

how to get money out of frozen venmo account

To navigate the complexities of a frozen account successfully, it’s vital to understand the underlying causes that could potentially lead to this dilemma. These causes can range from simple misunderstandings to violations of Venmo’s terms and conditions. 

1. Suspicious Activity: A Red Flag

One of the reasons that might land you in this predicament is involvement in suspicious activities. Essentially, if you’re frequently transacting with users you do not know well, your account stands at risk of being flagged. For instance, if your account receives transactions from another account marked for money laundering, Venmo might freeze your account as a precaution.

2. Breach of Terms and Conditions: A Strict No-No

Another severe infraction that could result in a frozen Venmo account is a violation of Venmo’s stern terms and conditions. Venmo emphasizes strict adherence to its policies, and any breach could lead to temporary or permanent account freezing. For example, using the Venmo app outside the United States or employing a VPN that alters your location.

How To Get Money Out of Frozen Venmo Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding the reasons behind a frozen account is half the battle won. Now, let’s tackle the pressing matter “how to get money out of frozen venmo account” at hand – unraveling the methods to successfully retrieve money from a frozen Venmo account.

Step 1: Reach Out to Venmo Customer Support

Reach Out to Venmo Customer Support

Your initial step for “how to get money out of frozen venmo account” should be to contact the Venmo customer support team. You can do this through the Venmo app or website. They are your first point of contact in the resolution process. If you feel your payment is not showing up, then you must check the resolving steps here.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

verify your bank account

Be prepared to verify your identity. The customer support team might ask for certain details to confirm your identity. This step is crucial to ensure the security of your account. If it is any other payment issue, then you must check our dedicated guide for that.

Step 3: Wait for Account Unfreezing

Upon successful verification, your account is typically set to be unfrozen within a span of two to three business days. Patience is key during this period.

Step 4: Log Back into Your Venmo Account

Log Back into Your Venmo Account

Once you are notified that your account has been unfrozen, log back into your Venmo account to regain control and access to your funds. Moreover, this time, you can opt for the free Venmo money option. Know how to do so in our dedicated guide

Step 5: Initiate a Transaction to Your Bank Account or Card

To retrieve your money, navigate to the ‘Menu’ option within your Venmo account. Select ‘Add or Transfer’ and initiate a transaction, transferring your money safely to your linked bank account or card. Hence, the question “how to get money out of frozen venmo account” has been resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I prevent my Venmo account from getting frozen in the future?

While some factors are beyond your control, you can minimize the risk by ensuring you don’t violate Venmo’s terms and conditions, avoid suspicious activities, and not use VPNs that show your location outside the U.S. when accessing Venmo.

Q2. Is there a fee associated with unfreezing my account?

As of the last update, Venmo does not charge a fee to unfreeze your account. Always refer to Venmo’s official site or customer service for any updates on their policies.

Q3. What if I don’t have access to the email or phone number linked to my Venmo account?

If you cannot access the email or phone number associated with your Venmo account, it’s crucial to contact Venmo customer support as soon as possible. They will provide guidance on how to verify your identity and regain access.

Q4. Can I still receive money while my account is frozen?

While your account is frozen, it’s typically in a “read-only” state. This means while you can view transactions and receive money, you won’t be able to send money or withdraw funds until the account is unfrozen.


In conclusion, navigating the hurdles of a frozen Venmo account can be straightforward when equipped with the right knowledge. Follow our guide to swiftly unfreeze your account and secure your funds. Remember, Venmo’s customer support is always there to assist you in safeguarding your transactions.

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