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Cash Flow Real Estate Markets and Appreciation

What are some of the real estate markets in the U.S. that are cash-flowing?

Buffalo, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rockchester, NY, Albany, NY, Cleveland, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Baltimore, MD, and Houston, TX.

These are just some of the markets around the country that give the real estate investor the potential to receive cash flow from their investment. We always point out that there is a potential to receive cash flow but never a guarantee. Much like Phoenix, AZ did, Houston, TX is now experiencing a surge in new buildings and a reduction in the foreclosure market. Although cash flow properties are still available, they are being purchased at a faster rate than in the past. This appreciation provides a great way for investors to get even more out of their deals. The investor has the opportunity to make money above and beyond their investment from both the cash flow side and the appreciation side, which is something a lot of people do not look at.

As an investor, you always need to analyze your potential market before investing. For example, ask yourself: Is the market growing? Is your market flat? Or, is your market going down? Because Houston is more diversified and growing more than the other cities listed here, appreciation is occurring. The other cities do not have very diversified economies, and therefore growth in their market is flat, or their growth is negligible. The result is that there is the opportunity for cash flow, but not very much opportunity for appreciation. Appreciation offers the investor a great opportunity to make an additional return on their investment.

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