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Latest Big Star Credit Review (User Manual 2024)

Tribal lenders are those lenders that are owned by tribes of native America. Since these tribes belong to a native region, they have their own laws and those laws are totally valid and have value. Therefore, these loans are judged under tribal laws and federal laws as well. However, they are not judged under state laws. These loans are quite expensive with rates of interest touching the sky. One such tribal lender is a big star. 

If you wish to get these loans but are not well-informed, do not worry, we got your back. We have put together this article that will help you learn about Big Star Credit loans and everything related to it. So without delaying any further let’s get started.

Big Star Credit: An Overview

Rosebud Sioux Tribe that are more popularly known as burnt thigh people, owns big star loan. They belong to the boundaries of the Rosebud Indian Reservation of South Dakota. To be more precise, it is a sovereign nation belonging to the United States of America. Since it is a tribal lender, they are managed under its own laws rather than state law. This comes with a drawback. State laws have set a limit on the rates and amounts and sometimes these limits are favorable to the borrowers. Since the lender does not follow the state laws, those limitations do not apply to them and therefore the loan cost that this tribal loan lender offers is much higher.

 Big Star Credit

Those of you looking for loans governed by state laws might want to consider other lenders other than tribal ones. Tribal loans are always expensive and speaking of Big Star, they have disclosed this on their official website. They offer payday loans, which are almost similar to traditional payday loans. Except, these are much more expensive and offered by a lender under tribal control. 

If you are thinking of borrowing a loan from this lender, you will want to check your budget. With high rates that take up more than half of the borrowed amount, you should be able to afford it. This means that you should be able to repay the monthly payments along with the interest rates. However, If your pocket does not allow it, you should look for other lenders apart from tribal loans. This is because all tribal loans are highly expensive and not worth it. 

Although you can get these loans almost within twenty-four hours or latest by the second or third day of application. Big Star offers short-term payday loans that are usually for a smaller sum. You can use the funds to pay sudden bills or expenses like medical bills, home repairs, paying monthly repayment of other loans, etc. these loans help you cover short-term expenses because you can get them almost instantly. Adding on to that, the application procedure is not that complicated. 

Big Star Credit Reviews: Features

The best way to get informed about a company or a lender is to know its features. If you want to lend from this lender then the features below will help you learn about them.

Tribal Lender

The Big Star is a tribal lender which means they are owned by a tribe belonging to native America. This tribe is the Rosebud Sioux Tribe that resides around the boundaries of the Rosebud Indian Reservation of South Dakota, a sovereign nation belonging to the United States of America.

High Rates

The rate of interest that will be charged on your loan is quite high. State laws usually set a limit for the APR that lenders can charge. However, a big star is a tribal lender and is not governed by those rules and laws that the state set. Therefore they charge a much higher rate, which might cover almost or more than half of the entire loan amount.

Third-Party Agency

It has already been mentioned that these loans are pretty expensive. Therefore it is possible that you fail to meet monthly payments. In case you are unable to repay the loan, the lender either transfers or sells your loan to a third-party agency. This third-party agency is a collection company that collects debt from badly behaving customers or those who are not following the rules.

Fast Funding

As you apply for the loan, you will get your big star credit login credentials. Now you can use them to track the approval and funding of your application. The lender claims that the applications filed and have gone through verification, from Monday to Friday before 5 P.M are funded the next business day itself. However, the applications after the said time will require another additional day. This excludes the holidays and weekends.

Short Term Loans

Big Star offers payday loans. This means that the loans offered are for a short-term period. Usually, customers seeking to fulfill short-term or immediate expenses file for a loan from this lender. If you are looking for loans for a longer-term period, then you might want to keep looking. This is because these loans are meant to cover emergencies and not for a bigger period.

APR Calculation

The highest rate that you will be charged goes as high as 699%. Your loan amount and the rate will be decided based on your credit history, terms of the funds borrowed, and your credit profile. You will be charged higher interest rates if you are considered a non-reliable candidate.

Big Star Credit Reviews: Pros Explained

The one thing that attracts customers is the advantages they get. Big Star offers you a good set of pros. These are:

Online Based

The entire process, from application to funding to repayment is based online. You can file your application online, receive funds and even get a repayment schedule online. You can fulfill your repayments online. This means that everything can be done from anywhere and at any time from your comfort zone.

Instant Approval

Most traditional lenders take at least a few days to verify and approve your application. But the Big Star will approve it within a few minutes of submitting your application, i.e. almost instantly. Therefore, you will not have to wait days or weeks for approval. 

Fast Funding

Unlike most traditional lenders, the Big Star will transfer funds into your account in just one business day or latest in two business days. This does not involve weekends and holidays. They have a policy that those who file an application that is verified before 5 P.M gets funds the very next day and others will get it on the day after tomorrow.

Installment Loans

You can get short-term loans in installments. This means that after every payday, only a part of the borrowed funds will be due. This will go on until you pay off the loan entirely. 

Customer Support

They have offered different modes via which you can contact the support team. The team will help you in times of hardship and therefore you can contact them as you. You have different options like FAX, phone number, email, etc.

Minimal Requirements

Most of the lenders have unrealistic and hard-to-meet qualification requirements. But big star asks for the least minimum. Their eligibility criteria are quite simple and are not unrealistic. You can easily meet it.

Free Educational Information

For starters, the lender might report you to one or all of the major credit bureaus. Moreover, they provide free educational information on how to build your score on their website. You can also find useful tips that will help you restore your credit score.

No Hard Pull

Most of the candidates with poor scores worry about lenders performing a hard check on their credit. Big star takes a win here. They do not perform a hard check on the borrowers. Therefore your credit score will not be affected at all during verification. However, they still do credit but it is a soft pull.

Credit Score 

Most lenders offer personal loans for good credit. In contrast, Big Star provides loans to those who are usually rejected by other lenders. You do not need any credit at all if you wish to apply or even if you have bad credit. You can get funds from them. This is because they have not set any credit score requirements for the candidates to meet.

Big Star Credit: Cons Explained

The most important part you need to know is the disadvantages. You do not want to get stuck in a deal that you will regret later. Therefore knowing every aspect of it is important, especially its cons. 

High Rates

Big star offers instant loans, true. But the cost of borrowing is very high. Most of you will even find it unreasonable. The maximum APR goes as high as 699%. Therefore the biggest drawback of getting this loan is that you will have to pay such high rates on the amount.

Small Sum 

The loan limits offered are from $300 to $1000. Most of the other payday lenders including tribal ones offer bigger amounts than this. If you are looking for a more than a thousand dollar loan then you will have to keep looking because this lender fails to meet your requirements.

Poor Reviews

As far as customer reviews are considered, Big Star gets very poor reviews in different categories. Some say they provide misleading information while others say they charge different fees that are not mentioned in the agreement. 

Not Operating In All States

Big Star does not operate in all states. Therefore if you belong to any state where they do not operate, you will automatically become ineligible for the loan. Having said that, before applying always check if they operate in your state. The states where they do not operate are clearly mentioned on their website.

Military Personnel

Any active or retired military personnel will not be approved for the loan from this lender as they do not offer funds to them.

What are their Qualification Criteria?

It is no news that every lender has qualification criteria that you need to meet in order to get approved. This is set as per the laws to safeguard the interest of lenders. Below listed are the qualifications you need to meet if you wish to apply for Big Star.

  • You should have a valid government ID. Your school or university ID card will not be valid.
  • You need to provide your social security number.
  • You should have an active checking account in your name.
  • You will have to show proof of stable employment with a stable income of at least $1000.
  • You should be at least 18 years or older.
  • You will need to provide your contact information that is valid and working. Like your phone number, address, and email ID.
  • You will have to provide your routing number.
  • You need to have a working debit card and be able to provide its number.

How Do You File an Application?

The application procedure is fast and pretty simple. You can fill out the form very quickly without much effort. To make it easier, we have put together the steps involved in the entire application.

  • Go to their official website and fill out the application form. You will be needing to provide your personal information including contact details. You will also have to provide all the information and documents mentioned in the qualifications. Add details of the funds you are looking for like their amount and term period.
  • Submit the application and wait for approval. It usually takes a few minutes to a few hours to get approved. You will know the loan amount along with the approval decision. This means the loan amount you will be provided is disclosed with your approval decision.
  • You will be presented with an agreement. Read all the instructions carefully. Big star credit does not charge any hidden fee. All the fees and rates will be clearly mentioned in your agreement. Therefore you must read it carefully. 
  • If you accept the offer, you will have to E-sign the agreement and submit it. Wait for the funds. If you are approved before 5 P.M, you will receive the funds the very next day. For those of you approved after 5 P.M, the funds will be transferred on the day after tomorrow.
  • After receiving the funds, you will have your repayment plan. Repay the loan as per your schedule. It is best if you pay back the borrowed funds quickly. This would save you a lot of extra money.

Is Big Star Credit Legit?

The biggest question that is raised by most of the candidates is whether big star credit legit or not. This can happen due to its unreasonable and sky-high loan cost and such a small lending amount. 

They have a proper website along with each and every piece of information and questions answered about the company. Moreover, they follow Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and they eliminate abusive and malicious activities on the internet. So as far as their legitimacy is concerned, you do not need to worry about that. It is their high cost that should worry you.

Adding on to that, they have a pretty tight privacy policy. They have clearly mentioned where your details will be used and why. So you do not need to worry about getting scammed by them or your personal information being used for unnecessary purposes.

Big Star Credit Login: Suitability

Not everyone is made for everything. This is quite clear that the type of loan this lender offers is not suitable for all. So who does it suit best?

  • Those seeking short-term loans can get funds from Big Star. It does not fit the requirements of people looking for long-term borrowings. So if you want to cover your long-term financial obligations, you should look for another lender that actually offers it.
  • If you earn enough that it covers your expenses along with the repayment of the funds, then it is suitable for you.
  • Those of you who are not sure or do not earn enough that you can repay it, consider not getting this loan. This is because they are very expensive and they might not be good for your pocket.
  • If you are looking for funds for debt consolidation, Big star does not allow that. 
  • For those individuals who are looking for funds of more than $1000, you need to keep looking. Big Star offers loans from $300 to $1000 only.

How to Get Approved for Big Star Tribal Payday Loans?

  • The biggest factor that gets you approved is that you meet their qualifications. Just like every lender, Big star has set some qualifications that you need to meet. Now, these qualifications are pretty simple and you can fulfill them easily. Before applying, it is best to check and make sure you meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • File the application properly. You need to submit an accurate and correctly filled application along with the documents. Make sure all the documents are valid and not expired or invalid. 
  • Build up your credit. Although Big Star has not set any credit score requirements, if you have good credit, the chances of you getting approved increase. This is because having good credit indicates that you are a reliable candidate and you have fulfilled your past credit repayments without making major defaults.

Alternatives to Big Star Loan

Big Star is a tribal lender and all tribal lenders are expensive. They charge unreasonable rates. Therefore if you are looking for alternatives, it is best to look for other lenders rather than tribal loans.

1. Traditional Payday Loans

Traditional Payday Loans

Payday loans are issued against your paycheck. Suppose you need funds on the 15th but your paycheck arrives on the 30th. You can get a payday loan and the repayment will automatically be deducted from your paycheck. You can even get these loans in installments from other lenders other than tribal lenders. Some of the payday loan lenders are:

  • MoneyMutual

PersonalLoans. com

This is a website that serves as a platform that links lenders and borrowers. You can get different types of loans including 2000-dollar loans or direct deposit loans in minutes. The best thing is that you do not even need to look for potential lenders, they will review your profile and contact you. All you have to do is fill out the application and the lenders will offer you loan options. Then you will have to review them and choose the best suited to your requirements. 


  • Fast funding and approval.
  • Different variety of lenders.
  • Flexibility to use funds.
  • Get several offers and choose the best.
  • No credit score requirement.


  • Lenders might charge a high rate.
  • Personal information shared with lenders.
  • Back-to-back loan calls from lenders.
  • The company is out once the loan offer is selected.
  • Lenders charge several fees.


  • Be at the age of 18 years or older.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident there.
  • Be able to show a valid government ID. Your school or university ID will not be accepted.
  • You do not really need to have a credit score.
  • Have a checking account in your name.

How to Apply?

  • Fill out the application form with all your details. Add details of the offer of a loan.
  • Submit the form. Get offers from lenders.
  • Review all offers carefully. Decline all and choose only one best out of it.
  • File a proper application after you meet the eligibility criteria. 
  • Lenders may or may not perform a hard pull. Wait for approval and receive funds.


A marketplace where you can get all types of lenders offers all types of loan loans. You name it, they have it. You can get bad credit loans, payday loans, or any other loan. They just ask you to fill out an application. The lenders start contacting you once an application is filed and submitted. They do not even charge a single penny for offering these services. The site is free of cost. 


  • Fast approval within minutes.
  • Secure and free from scammers.
  • Super fast funding.
  • The flexibility of use of funds.
  • All types of loans are provided.
  • Multiple offers from multiple lenders via one application.
  • No credit score is required.


  • You might be charged high rates.
  • Personal details were shared with several lenders.
  • Continuous calls can be annoying.
  • After you select an offer, is no longer in the picture.
  • Lenders perform a hard pull that negatively impacts your credit score.


  • Be at least 18 years or older.
  • Have a valid phone number and address.
  • Have a bank account in your name.
  • Be able to show proof of monthly income of at least $1000.
  • A valid email address.
  • Be either a citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S.

How to Apply?

  • File an application from the website. Add personal details and loan details.
  • Wait until after submission. Lenders will review and interested ones will contact you with their offers.
  • After you receive offers, review them precisely. Choose the best-suited offer, declining the rest.
  • File a proper application along with documents.
  • Go through a hard check and get approved and receive funds.

3. LendingTree


LendingTree is a marketplace for different lenders and borrowers to connect. They allow you to go through pre-qualification with a soft pull. This helps you learn where you actually stand. You can get all types of loans as per your requirements. When you submit an application at LendingTree, they will transfer your data to the lenders. After reviewing your data, the lenders will then contact you. They are not a direct lender.


  • You have a wider choice because of multiple offers.
  • Pre-qualification with a soft check.
  • You can track your budget and also monitor your credit score through financial tools available on their website.
  • No credit score requirement.
  • Fast funding within 24 hours.
  • Flexibility on funds utilization.


  • Rates for bad credit is high.
  • Fees and loan costs vary from lender to lender.
  • Your personal, as well as contact information, is shared with several lenders.


  • You can qualify with bad credit.
  • Employment verification along with income verification.
  • Proof of residence.
  • You should provide your social security number.
  • Be able to prove contact6 details like address, phone number, and a valid email address.

How to Apply?

  • Fill out the application form. Add loan details like purpose of loan, amount, etc. 
  • In the form, you will be providing all necessary data like your contact details. Those of you who opt for a co-signer or joint applicant, enter your information too.
  • Once you provide the information, a username along with the password will be provided to you. This is for accessing your lending tree account after you submit the application, the lenders will review it. They will provide you with multiple offers.
  • Review the offers and choose the best-suited one. 
  • You can check the status of your application from your lending three accounts, credentials which you already have.
  • Finally, after you have reviewed the offers, choose the best one that meets your requirements and reject all the others. You will now have to file a complete application along with essential documents and submit it. Wait for approval and the funds.

4. MoneyMutual


For anyone looking for instant funds, moneyMutual is your answer. You can get up to $2500 in just 24 hours. Moreover, anyone with bad credit can file an application and get approval. It helps you meet your short-term financial obligations or unforeseen expenses by providing instant loans. Basically, you will have to fill out an application, which hardly takes you a few minutes. Once filled, you will be contacted by interest lenders.


  • Instant funding within twenty-four hours.
  • Payday and short-term loans are available.
  • Offers multiple choices from multiple lenders.
  • No credit score requirements.
  • No cost is charged for providing services.
  • Flexible use of funds.
  • Educational information on the website, free of cost to help restore credit scores.


  • No upfront details of the rate of interest.
  • Unclear screening procedure.
  • The company is out once you select the offer.
  • Not available in all states.
  • Limited loan options.


  • Provide your contact details.
  • Have at least $800 monthly income from any source and should be able to provide proof of that.
  • Be a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident.
  • Have a checking account in your name.
  • Have to provide your Social Security Number.
  • Be at least 18 years or older.

How to Apply?

  • Fill out a simple application form. Add your personal details including contact information. Add details of the funds you are seeking.
  • You will be contacted by lenders once you submit your application. They will offer you different loan options as per your requirements.
  • Review the offers and choose the best suitable one that meets your needs.
  • Or file a complete and proper application along with all the documents that the lender requires.
  • The funds will be transferred once you are approved which will not take more than 24 hours.

2. Cash Advance

Another Way of getting instant funds for meeting your short-term finances is via cash advance from your credit card. You can get funds instantly and you can pay them back in installments or in full, at your convenience. Moreover, since you already have a credit card, you do not need to file an application and wait for the approval. You can straight away go to your nearest ATM and cash out as per your requirement. But make sure you do not cross the credit limit that is set.

3. Friends or Family

The most traditional way of loaning money is from friends or family. Most of you avoid asking your loved ones for money, but it is the easiest way. You do not need to file an application and wait for the approval. However, they might draw a contract stating the terms of lending along with the rate of interest. Most of the time, no contract is drawn and money is lent simply by word of mouth. You can ask your loved ones for funds during hardship and return them once you are able to. This is a great alternative free from several terms and conditions.

4. Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn Shop Loans

Traditionally when banks and financial institutions did not exist, we used to borrow money from pawnshops. The owners accept any item that is tangible and contains a value. However, these loans are expensive. If you want $300, you need to put something that contains almost double the value you need. Moreover, along with the interest rates, there are extra charges that you have to pay. The biggest drawback is, if you fail to repay, the owner will possess your item. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are the qualification criteria for big star loans?

  • Valid government ID
  • Social security number.
  • Bank account in your name.
  • Routing number.
  • Debit card number.
  • Income above $1000
  • Contact number, email, and residential address
  • 18 years or older

Q2: What credit score do I need to apply for big star credit?

Big Star is a tribal lender and does not need you to have a credit score at all. They have not set any limit on credit score requirements and therefore those with bad credit and those with no credit at all can file an application and get approval if they are meeting all the qualifications.

Q3: How do I cancel a loan request?

Big star allows the candidates to cancel the loan request without any charges or costs. All you have to do is contact the customer support team and ask them to cancel your request. They have several modes via which you can contact the customer care team. You will find that detail in the contact us section on their website.


Big Star Loan is a tribal lender belonging to native America that offers short-term payday loans at a much higher rate. These loans help cover sudden expenses because of instant funding. However, the unreasonable rate charged is the biggest setback. The lender follows tribal and federal laws and therefore does not adhere to the limits state set of APR. you can repay the loan in installments. However, the interest takes up more than half of the borrowed amount.

If you want to take big star credit loans, this article will help you make an informed decision. You can also get instant loans from other alternative sources. All of this is mentioned in the guide that will help you make a good call.

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