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Best Credit Cards for Online Transactions in 2024

Online commerce has become the status quo in the 21st century. From e-shopping to paying our bills, to even iGaming, online transactions are all but the norm nowadays. In the digital age, we have plenty of options for making transactions. However, the credit card is the most popular and notable way to make purchases, at least in the United States.

Online Credit Card Transactions

There are plenty of reasons for the popularity of credit cards. They are easier to carry than cash, they are simple to get a hold of, and most people understand how they work. Most importantly, credit cards can be used as effectively online as in land-based, face-to-face interactions. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that credit cards are the most popular online transaction method.

For example, at online casinos, credit cards remain the most popular option. Indeed, that is quite impressive, considering there is a lot of competition. If you look at some of the online casino reviews, you will find that many of these websites accept cryptocurrency, e-wallets, direct wire transfers, and more. And yet, credit and debit cards remain the primary option for most gamblers.

There are many credit cards options to choose from nowadays. In this article, we focus on a few of the best options for online transactions. If you are a frequent e-shopper, or if you enjoy spending some time playing roulette online, then these are the credit cards you will want to pay attention to.



VISA cards are among the most beloved and trustworthy credit cards. According to most users and experts, VISA issues the safest and best credit cards for online transactions. VISA’s superiority is especially evident among online gamblers, who have firmly said they would rather choose VISA over any other credit card company.

Apart from the numerous benefits VISA has, it is also incredibly popular. You will be able to find websites that accept cards issued by the company. This is as true for sports betting and gambling websites as for standard e-commerce websites. But, of course, we can’t discuss VISA without bringing up their longstanding rivals.


Master Card

When it comes to comparisons, MasterCard is second only to VISA. VISA and MasterCard do have a famous rivalry, akin to that of Coke and Pepsi or McDonalds and Burger King. While most agree that VISA is better for online transactions, some still prefer to go with the MasterCard option for several reasons.

The main reason why some might choose MasterCard over VISA is that the former is accepted in more countries. Though VISA might have a higher transaction volume, MasterCard’s global popularity often leads to some protection benefits. If you will be making online transactions, these are the two companies you should look into.

American Express

Amex Card

If you are based in the United States, you also have a third alternative. American Express may not be as globally popular as VISA or MasterCard, but it can compete with the two credit card giants in the USA. Online gamblers will also be happy to learn that American Express is a commonly accepted option at most casinos that appeal to an American audience.

There are quite a few benefits to using American Express. For one, their customer service is famously top-notch. Not only that, but AmEx has no pre-determined spending limits, which gives users a lot more freedom to use their credit cards however they wish. To many, these benefits more than makeup for the hefty annual fees that plague AmEx users.

Non-Credit Card Alternatives

Anyone who has spent time at online shops or gambling websites will know that there are a lot of alternatives to credit cards. One of the most popular options you can use is mobile payment options, such as Cash App. The mobile payment option is quite popular despite some people having issues with alert messages. However, these messages don’t present a huge problem, especially if you understand why they appear.

If mobile payment options are not your thing, crypto would suit you better. Indeed, many online shops now embrace Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. The same is true for sportsbooks and casino websites. If you do go the crypto route, we encourage you to read up on the market and familiarize yourself with some of the issues, such as the high volatility of cryptocurrency in general.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are credit cards popular?

Credit cards are simple to use and understood by most people. Their popularity is well-earned.

How popular is VISA for online transactions?

VISA is the most popular option for online transactions today.

How popular is MasterCard for online transactions?

Next to VISA, MasterCard is the most popular credit card option for online shoppers and gamblers.

Which one is better: VISA or MasterCard?

We can’t give a definitive answer. Both come with their pros and cons, and we would recommend going over these benefits, and deciding which card is best for you.

What is an alternative to VISA and MasterCard?

Credit card-wise, US residents can use AmericanExpress for online transactions. Outside of the USA, e-wallets, mobile payment options, and even cryptocurrency are growing popular among online shoppers.

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