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Understanding the “This Payment Will Deposit Shortly” Message on the Cash App

Recently, many Cash App users have been confronted with a message stating, “This payment will deposit shortly.” This alert usually pops up when users attempt to initiate transactions. If you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone; there’s no need to panic. Let’s dive deep and unravel the mystery behind the “this payment will deposit shortly” notification on Cash App.

What Triggers the “This Payment Will Deposit Shortly” Alert?

Understanding the "This Payment Will Deposit Shortly" Message on the Cash App

Users reported that while trying to send or receive funds, transactions were either pending or displaying the message, “This payment will deposit shortly,” but not progressing further. This has been a cause for concern, as even after a substantial wait time, the transactions were not completed.

Investigating the “This Payment Will Deposit Shortly”

Cash App acknowledged this widespread issue, noting that they are aware of connection problems. You can stay updated on the situation by visiting the Cash App Status Page for real-time updates on the ongoing investigation.

Step 1 

Open the specified webpage in your browser to check the server status of the Cash App. Sometimes, the pending payment issue arises due to server downtimes.

Step 2 

If the server status indicates no outage but the problem persists, proceed to open the Cash App on your device.

Investigating the "This Payment Will Deposit Shortly"

Step 3 

Tap on the “Activity” icon at the screen’s bottom. Under the “Pending” tab, you will find a list of all transactions yet to be completed.

Step 4 

To facilitate the receipt of pending payments, click the green “Accept” button next to the recipient’s name. This action will transfer the funds to your Cash App wallet, resolving the pending status. 

What To Do If “This Payment Will Deposit Shortly” Persists?

If you have received a message stating, “This payment will deposit shortly,” it generally means that a payment transaction is in the process of being completed, and the funds will soon be transferred to the designated account. Here are some steps you might take or consider while waiting for the deposit:

1. Verify the Message & Account Details

Verify the Message & Account Details

Before anything else, confirm that the message is from a legitimate source to avoid any potential scams or fraudulent activity. Verify that all the account details where the payment is supposed to be deposited are correct. You must check the identity verification. 

3. Check Your Bank Balance

Occasionally check your bank balance to see if the payment has been deposited. You might also set up notifications (if your bank offers this service) to alert you when a deposit has been made.

4. Contact the Sender

If a significant amount of time has passed and you haven’t received the payment, you might consider reaching out to the sender to check on the transaction status. If you are experiencing a payment completed but not received issue, then you must check this article

5. Contact Your Bank

If you still don’t see the deposit after a reasonable time, you might consider contacting your bank to inquire about the delay. They may be able to provide information or assistance. To know your bank name, you must visit our another article.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does the message “this payment will deposit shortly” mean on Cash App?

This message generally appears when a transaction is pending due to various reasons such as server issues, connection glitches, or ongoing investigations by Cash App to ensure the security of transactions.

Q2. How can I check the server status of Cash App?

You can check the server status of Cash App by visiting a specific webpage (e.g., where the current status of the servers is displayed. This page will provide information about any ongoing outages or issues.

Q3. What should I do if I encounter a “payment pending” issue even though no server outages are reported?

If there are no reported server issues, you can try resolving the pending payment issue by:

  • Opening the Cash App on your device
  • Tapping on the “Activity” icon at the bottom
  • Accessing the “Pending” tab to view all pending transactions
  • Clicking the green “Accept” button next to the recipient’s name to finalize the transaction

Q4. Can attempting to send the payment multiple times cause any issues?

Yes, trying to resend the payment multiple times can cause complications, potentially resulting in the need to refund some payments or facing additional delays. It’s recommended to wait for a while and check the server status before attempting to resend the payment.


In conclusion, navigating the “this payment will deposit shortly” message on the Cash App can be simple and stress-free. Follow the provided guidelines and exercise patience to ensure a smooth transaction experience. Remember, it’s always best to check server status first to avoid unnecessary hassles. Stay tuned for more tips and guides.

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