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Belk Credit Card Review: Shop at Belk and Earn Rewards

We always like to get rewards and cashback on our credit card payments. That’s where we go through several banks and credit card issuers to get the best offer possible. In this search, we find something convincing and not-so-pleasing for us. However, you can’t find the perfect option even then. We review several credit cards and represent you the same to make that your best choice. For the consistency of our initiative! Today, in this article, we will cover Belk credit card with its complete analysis to give you an idea of its pros and cons for your wallet and credit score. So, let’s delve into it. 

What is Belk Credit Card?

What is Belk Credit Card

Belk credit cards can be the best choice for those who like experiencing savings tools on their regular purchases. With three tiers of credit cards, you may get ample benefits depending on the bill amount. The offers and rewards get changed from time to time. So, before finding anything pleasing- try to check its validation to ease the negative phases of offline and online purchases. For authentic information, never depend upon third-party sources. Always follow the one that has certification from authorized sources. 

You can get 3% cashback on Store Card Belk buys & 5% for Belk rewards MasterCard. However, one has to redeem the rewards within one year only in Belk stores. Furthermore, You must have Fair credit, Good credit, and excellent credit to apply for Belk credit card. Belk has been available to consumers for more than 100 years. This famous departmental store got established by William Henry Belk in 1888 in Monroe (North Carolina). It performs a blend of various classes of clothes and home products for men, women, and others. 

Belk has quality products for buyers. That causes mass popularity in more than 300 store locations in America. However, the Belk credit card payment offer is one of the reasons for this popularity. Moreover, Belk Rewards Mastercard and Belk Rewards card has elevated editions with Premier & Elite versions. 

Belk Credit Card Bank

Belk credit cards

Whatever cards the store issues to its customers are available in partnership with Synchrony Bank, which works on consumer financing programs to assist consumers and businesses. However, you must be thoughtful about the Annual Percentage Rate of 25.49%, which can affect your budget


  • Rewards on online and offline purchases (Belk store only)
  • Annual saving events 
  • Bonus for new cardholders for Sing up
  • No Annual Charges
  • Cardholders’ savings day of a month
  • No receipt on returns


  • Some rewards for Specific cardholders
  • Higher APR on purchases
  • The 1-year expiry period for rewards
  • Rewards redemption limits to Belk stores only

Rewards on Belk Credit Card Login

  1. You can hold 20 percent all day long when you open a new account.
  2. Furthermore, you can get $10 on a new account purchase.
  3. The points slot covers 4 points for $1 from $0-$299. 5 points are for $1 from $300-$999. 7 points for $1 for $1000 and more on Belk store or 1000- points mean you can get a $10 Belk reward.
  4. The customer or cardholder can get $10 on a birthday. 
  5. There is no receipt for returns, and consumers can benefit from annual savings events (20 exclusives).
  6. You can not transfer the balance.

Points to Remember 

  • It helps you gain extra savings and attractive sign-up bonuses for new and existing consumers. Moreover, new cardholders can preserve up to 20% on the certified purchase. In addition, you have Belk reward dollars of $10 on the account opening day purchase. 
  • You must have at least an average credit score or a fixed credit history to be eligible for Belk credit card issuance.
  • When you spend more on Belk store via online or offline mode, you get higher and higher rewards on your card payments. 
  • The most attractive benefit most of you don’t know is travel rewards. The splendid vacation package lets you enjoy sandy beaches, neon-colored drinks, and snowy mountains. The travel rewards can earn points for free flights, travel expenses, hotel dwells, and more. 
  • Once you earn 1000 points, you can receive rewards certificates after 2-3 billing cycles. However, the redemption is for Belk online and offline stores only. You can redeem the point in other stores.
  • Apart from that, the accounts can get blocked if you don’t use your Belk credit card for 12 months. 
  • You can apply for the card with methods on store locations and online links with at least 650+ credit scores declared by FICO. 
  • Moreover, you have 3% cashback on Belk or and at least 2% for gas & grocery purchases. Mastercard can earn 1% cash back on other stores too. 

Belk Credit Cards Descriptions

belk credit cards descriptions

  • Belk Rewards Card is open for Belk purchases only, with no minimum spending limit and a 3% Belk reward rate.
  • Premier Belk Rewards Card is for Belk buys for $600 at Belk per year to get a 4% reward rate. Not valid for other stores or shopping.
  • Elite Belk Rewards Card gets issued for Belk store shopping to get a 5% rate for rewards for $1500/year which is not acceptable for other stores.
  • Belk Rewards Mastercard is for Belk and other stores at no minimum spending portion to get 3% on Belk and 1-2% for other stores’ rewards.
  • Premier Belk Rewards Mastercard for every store for a minimum spending of $600/year at Belk for 4% rewards and 1-2% for Non-Belk shopping.
  • Elite Belk Rewards Mastercard for any store where this Mastercard is accepted for $1500/year at Belk to get a percentage 5-rate of reward and 1-2% reward for non-Belk purchases.

You must pay the bills on time to get the upgraded card benefits and avoid card-blocking actions. One can choose Best Buy Credit Card to get engaging rewards on shopping from other stores. 

How to Apply for Belk Credit Card?

How to Apply for Belk Credit Card

One can apply for Belk credit card online or offline mode. You have to visit the nearby Belk store location to give your details for the eligibility of the offline process. Belk doesn’t deal with phone calls for these services. Moreover, the applicant must go through his credit score and a few other points before applying for the Belk credit card, as Belk considers you first for a Belk store card and then a credit card. 

Online Method

1. To follow the online method, you have to open Belk credit card web address and hit the “Apply Today’ button. 

2. Now, you have to share all your personal details in the information box, like full name, email address, contact number, SSN or social security number, and residential address. 

3. Wait for the response and move accordingly. 

In-Store Application

  1. Search for the nearest location of the Belk store and visit the same with essential documents. Meet with the authorized person or cashier to know how to complete the application process. 
  2. Share the required details and documents and use the card the same day to get rewards for valid purchases. 
  3. You can buy anything that you need & which is available at the Belk store. Belk gift cards are also open in Belk stores. 

Those who can’t afford Belk credit cards for bad credit or rejected applications can apply for a Legacy credit card to get zero fraud liability services.

How to Go for Belk Credit Card Login?

How to Go for Belk Credit Card Login

See the below-given method to log in for your Belk credit card.

  1. Open the Belk Credit Card “Login website.” 
  2. Type “User ID & Password” in the details box. 
  3. Checkmark the User ID saving option (optional)
  4. Hit the “Secure Login” option to access the account. 

Reset the User ID & Password

  1. Launch the official web address ( for the Customer Portal.”
  2. Down to the Secure Login option of the login details box, you can find an option for resetting the “Username and Password.”
  3. Hit the “Find Username” choice to retrieve the Username. 
  4. A new interface will open for you to type your “credit card number” & Zip Code, similar to a bill. 
  5. Now- to reset the Belk credit card password, hit the “Reset Password” button and type the Username and the Zip code to continue.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Username and Password reset process. 

Belk Credit Card Payment  

You can pay Belk credit card bills with five different methods. They are.

  1. Online Payment
  2. App Payment
  3. Mail Payment
  4. Phone Call Payment
  5. In-Store Payment

Online Payment

  • Login to the Belk Credit Card account. 
  • Launch the “Account Management” Page.
  • Hit the “Pay as Guest.” option. 
  • Enter the “Card Number, SSN (last 4 digits), and Zip code.”
  • Complete the online payment following the page instructions. 

App Payment

  • Open the Apple app store or Google play store to download Belk Application on Android or iPhone. 
  • After installation, launch the app, complete the registration, and log in for the account. 
  • Click on the “Payment” tab and pay your credit card bill

Mail Payment 

  • For the Mail payment option, you have to issue a check or money order in the name of Belk store with the billed amount. 
  • Initiate the payment with the attached payment coupon over the billing statement. 
  • In the absence of the coupon, mention your full name and account number and send it to the certified mail payment address. 

Phone Call Payment

  • Dial the number given on the billing statement for the phone payment method.
  • Make sure to have the checking account number & bank routing number to initiate the process.
  • After making a call with an automated system, share the number written over Belk Credit Card when required.
  • Follow the call response and complete the payment with a fee against expedited phone payments. 

In-Store Payment

In-store is the offline method and convenient for those who can’t deal with online, app, mail, or phone call methods for lack of knowledge or other reasons. Those who applied for a credit card online can find the nearest store location on the website, and in-store card issuers can directly visit the establishment. After that, they can meet with the concerned person at the customer service desk to pay the credit card bill before 5 P.M. Est of the billing due date. That way, they can avoid late fees for any payment method. 

Who Should Apply for Belk Credit Card?

Who Should Apply for Belk Credit Card

The Belk store credit card provides several benefits for its cardholders. However, it is not best for everyone. So before applying for a credit card, be confident about the purpose. 

  1. If you consider shopping worthwhile from Belk web and in-store visits: you must apply for a Belk credit card. 
  2. Moreover, if you are a regular customer and hold a target to upgrade the card editions can think of paying the bill via Belk credit cards.
  3. You like rewards and cashback at least on new accounts, and usually plan tours and apply for the MasterCard. 
  4. When you apply for a credit card, a hard inquiry from the service provider can hurt your stable credit score, so you must be prepared for it. Not just that, you can make a higher amount of purchases to get the higher benefits as specified for some credit cards. 
  5. You have a balanced purchase to redeem the points and rewards before the one-year expiry date.

Customers’ Opinions for Belk Credit Card: Belk Credit Card Review

Customers' Opinions for Belk Credit Card

Belk has enough popularity and a fan following for its products and services. As a result, you will see many ups and downs in the customer’s and credit card holders’ satisfaction. Let’s see some reviews directly sourced from customers’ experiences. 

  1. As per the verified customer’s statement through well-established web sources, the Belk store’s cashier has helped him to apply for and use the credit card on his first and following purchases.  
  2. The second statement is the exact opposite, where the cardholder didn’t get any proper notification from Belk store against the closure of his account. 
  3. Another customer has suggested issuing a Visa card instead of a Mastercard to enhance his shopping experience with the Belk store. 
  4. One novice buyer has an issue with credit rating for the performance of Belk staff against its credit limit eligibility. He has a query for its quick resolution.
  5. One more positive comment for suggesting other family members and friends take Belk credit cards for clothes and household purchases. 

The Final Note

If you like online shopping with credit cards to stabilize your credit score, Belk Credit Card can be a great way to go. Moreover, you can redeem the rewards anytime you want within the validation period. We have summarized everything in the article that you need to know about Belk’s cards. Apart from that, the payment methods are easy to follow. You can go for any option convenient for you to settle the credit card amount. Share your experiences in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Can I pay my Belk credit card online?

Yes, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Belk account and visit the Belk credit card “Account Management” Page. 
  • Select “Pay as Guest.”
  • Type the “Credit Card Number, SSN last 4-digits & Billing zip code.”
  • Go through the screen instructions and pay Belk credit card online.

Q.2 What credit score is needed for a Belk Card?

You must manage at least 700 as a credit score to apply for a Belk card.

Q.3. Where can I use my Belk credit card?

You can use Belk credit cards for Belk’s online and offline stores. Other than that, you can use it at an ATM for cash withdrawal that provides the services of this account. Mastercard is acceptable for outside stores. 

Q.4. How can I pay the Belk credit card bill?

One can pay the Belk credit card bill via five methods to avoid late fees. 

  • Online Method
  • App Payment Method
  • Via Phone Call
  • By Mail
  • In-store payment 

Q.5 What factors are necessary to notice to take Belk credit card?

  • Annual Charges or fees
  • Credit Reporting 
  • Credit card Interest rate
  • Card Acceptance other than Belk
  • Credit scores
  • Cashback, rewards, and points

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