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No Money But a Car to Repair! Get Auto Repair Loans to Fix It

Are you stuck with a wrecked car? Or need an urgent car repair but lack the finance for it. Here you are with the best ways to pay for your car repair when you have no money. We are calling out for auto repair loans.  

Life is always an expensive ride but what if the vehicle you are riding gets wrecked? It would indirectly put a pause on many of your daily things. Not every time we indeed have the finances to get through such situations as we have a lot to already spend. This additional expense may not be as easy for some people so here we have gathered different ways through which you can get financial assistance for car repairs. 

Few Ways That Help You Repair Your Cars With No Money

  • Mechanic financing
  • Check your warranty
  • Credit card
  • Borrow from friends and family
  • Loans- personal loans, traditional loans, payday loans, title loans, auto repair loans
  • Car repair assistance for single moms
  • Free car repairs for veterans
  • Car repair assistance for disabled drivers
  • Crowdfunding
  • Local and National organization

1. Mechanic Financing

Mechanic Financing

The way that we finance our loans is the same way there are a few mechanics that have partnered with lenders to provide their service in the same way as a loan. You can go for this choice and get auto repair loans through mechanic assistance. 

2. Check Your Warranty

Vehicles usually come with some kind of warranty that can be used to cover the damages caused to your vehicles. Check your documents about the warranty period of your car and if it’s still valid then just make a call to your agency and see if it can cover the damages to your car. 

3. Credit Card

Using your credit card for getting your car repaired is one of the simplest ways to do it. You can access your credit card in almost every car repair shop nowadays. If you have your credit card available for use just go ahead with it for your car repairs. 

4. Borrow from Friends and Family

Now, this is one of the last options that anyone would choose as it gets a little bit awkward when asking for money from family and friends. But in case of a serious emergency, it’s only your close ones who can help you out immediately. Keeping this as a last option for saving yourself from such a situation is fine. 

5. Loans

This is one of the most appealing options in the minds of people whenever they land in such situations. Getting a loan is the easiest way to survive a financial need when you don’t have money. 

There are many different types of loans that can be used. Let’s get into each one of them individually. 

  • Personal Loans 

Through a personal loan, you can easily get an auto repair loan for your car. It can be as fast as getting the amount from the lender in your checking account in just 24 hours. It will help you gather finances for your repair and you can then pay it as a monthly deposit unless you repay the payment.

  • Traditional Loans

Getting loans is one of the first thoughts that comes into mind whenever there is a monetary lack. It is what people prefer whenever they need money. Getting an auto repair car loan would be an option. Although there is an option of getting a traditional loan instead of auto repair car loans. Traditional loans are typically loans borrowed from banks. Although it is a very typical procedure it helps to get through such situations.

  • Payday Loans

Payday loans are those loans that provide you cash in advance. In simple words, it is getting a loan to be recovered from your future paycheck. When you think you don’t have money now but you would get that amount once you get your paycheck, you can opt for a payday loan.

  • Title Loans

Now title loans are loans that you borrow against the title of your car. This type of loan is a bit risky but it has around 30 days to return your car loan and you would get your title back. So if you are sure about repaying it on time you can go for this option too.

  • Auto Repair Loans

Like all the other loans this is also one of the financial assistance providers but this is focused on providing you aid for the wear and tear that happens to your vehicle. All the small breakdowns of your vehicle can now be repaired just by getting your hands on auto repair loans. It is a type of loan that feeds the specific need of getting financial assistance for car repair loans. If you ever face such a situation you should go for auto repair loans as auto repair loans are the ones that best suit a situation where you need a loan for your car to be repaired.

Other than these loans there are also bad credit loans that provide you with a loan even if you have bad credit. So even if you are having bad credit you can go for loans for auto repairs with bad credit.

6. Car Repair Assistance for Single Moms

Now, this option is something that might be confined to places where such schemes are launched by organizations or the government. This is particularly provided by The Next Level Church (Charlotte, NC) which allows services for single moms. It provides you with labor assistance for auto car repair. 

Similarly, there is a TANF program run under the guidance of the federal government. People who have low income and are pregnant, or are the parent of a child under 18 years get such assistance in their car repair. 

7. Support Programs for Veterans

Support Program for Veterans

If you are a veteran living in the U.S. then you have the opportunity to get the benefits of the program “Key to progress” which offers car repair facilities to veterans with a lack of income. Similarly, we have another program named “The Semper Fi Fund ”. Which offers financial support to veterans for their financial assistance for car repairs. 

8. Car Repair for Disabled Drivers 

Several programs run for the welfare of people driving with disabilities and all the services for their help are provided but if they land up in a situation where they need assistance financially they help them through their programs. 

9. Crowdfunding

This can be done no other way working as this might help you in some way. These days where the world runs online mode, social media can act as a weapon to get through such hard situations. Just organize online fundraising with the help of your clear display of the reason for the crowdfunding. This will let people acknowledge the things you are facing and it would motivate them to raise funds. This would easily solve your problem and you would get your resources for your car repair. 

10. Local and National Organizations

There are some organizations be they local or National that are always available to run a charity or help the ones in need. If we talk about such local organizations then they include churches, charities, and non-profit organizations that aid your financial failings in such a situation. The national organizations however are the ones that allow such facilities all over the state. So now whenever you land in any such situation you can reach out to such an organization.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to pay for car repairs with no money? 

Need to get your car repaired but have no money? Here are some of the best ways that you must look out for:

  • Personal Loans 
  • Payday Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Auto-Repair Loans

2. Are there any organizations that help with a car repair? 

Yes, there are a lot of organizations that help with car repair. These are public and government organizations that provide financial assistance to the people of their state or area to deal with such mishaps. They can either be focused on a specific group or community or they can be generally for everyone in need. Some of these organization that helps with car repair are as follows:

  • Career connection
  • Workforce
  • Voluntary vehicle repair program
  • JARC
  • The lift garage


There are a lot of chances that a person may end up in the need to repair his car but he has no means to do it due to financial lacking. But certainly, there are a few ways that can help you in such situations. All those ways and methods are discussed in detail. All your aids to handle a car repair without money are here. Go through the article and make car repair a tension-free process.

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