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Wells Fargo Reflect Card Review 2024: 0% Introductory APR

Wells Fargo Reflect card is for trustworthy borrowers who desire to settle their current debt with interest-free repayment solutions. Usually, credit card companies impose higher APRs even from the initial days. However, some try to help the borrowers negotiate with their financial stress when they have no hope for something positive to happen. Wells Fargo Reflect card reviews the market from time to time and stands among the best service providers in the financial market. Moreover, cardholders can make extensive purchases to fulfill their personal goals. 

The article represents the expert’s analysis conducted on several consumers who have faced some pros and cons while making payments to the card. Keep reading if you plan to take this card and don’t know how to proceed for the same. Here we go!

Wells Fargo Reflect Card Review

Wells Fargo Reflect Card

Wells Fargo Reflect has fewer features to satisfy the cardholders. However, if someone has difficulties settling their previous bills because of a higher APR, they can’t come out without any more extensive time assistance. Due to its long period of 0% “Introductory APR” for regular purchases & balance transfers, it is always in consideration for borrowers. In other words, the credit card is a debt for debt. The primary difference is finding a space where you can play safely for enough time. Wells Fargo Reflect card provides you with that stretch. No! That’s not for unlimited time. You must be ready to pay an elevated APR after 21 months with a thoroughgoing balanced amount in your billing statement. 

Yes, there is no bar using the credit limit. One can plan it for debt consolidation, cash advance, buying a new home & car, and other home appliances. The card utility and its favorable and unfavorable impact will be on your credit report while published by the credit bureaus. Just make sure- that for whatever purposes you are to find this option, you have to clear this debt ultimately to maintain the stability of your excellent credit score. Timely payment will not increase your point more than the maximum limit. Provided, it will add one better account on your network that will show additional debt history against your name. 

The card is liable for a balance transfer. However, you are accountable for this transfer within 120 days of the latest account opening. Apart from that, you may get limited rewards that also are approachable when you deal with recognized merchants and partners of Wells Fargo Reflect. Not every purchase- will favor you with desired rewards. If you expect to get consistent cashback for every payment like other credit cards on the market, then you should avoid this card. You may get better chances because you can apply here only with a good/excellent credit score. 

To show your creditworthiness, you should plan everything calmly because you have 18 months for an interest-free line of credit usage. That 18 months may get converted into 21 months seeking your dedication to the company, debt limit, and other factors.

Pros and Cons of Wells Fargo Reflect Card


  • No Membership fee
  • Zero percent intro regular Purchase APR
  • Zero Percent intro qualified balanced transfer APR
  • Credit bureaus reporting every month
  • Interest after 21 months
  • Zero annual fee lifetime
  • Cell phone protection with an insurance plan
  • The longest time for claim-free gigantic buys
  • $600 maximum loan claim a year
  • Visa travel benefits
  • Cash advance available
  • Balance transfer functional
  • Foreign transaction


  • No rewards and cashback
  • Certified merchant cashback only
  • No welcome bonus
  • Higher interest after 21 months for regular purchases, cash advance & balance transfer
  • Higher foreign transaction fee
  • No bad credit acceptance

Fees and APR

Fees and APR


  • Annual fee $0.
  • $5 or 3% (higher one) in less than 120 days as an “Introductory balance transfer” fee.
  • After 120 days, the balance transfer fee is a maximum of 5% or $5(higher one).
  • The fee for a cash advance is $10 or 5% (higher one).
  • A foreign transaction fee is 3% of the transacted amount. To experience foreign transaction fee-free time, one may apply for other credit cards in the market. 
  • Wells Fargo Bank is the credit card issuer with a complete hard check affecting the credit points.
  • The minimum credit limit is $1000 and is not deductible because of the 0$ yearly fee.


  • 0% Intro APR for the first 18 months with a 3-month extension after account review near the end of the marketing period. 
  • 16.74% to 28.74% variable APR is functional on balance transfer and regular purchases ending 21 months.
  • Cash Advance APR is 26.74% is fixed, unlikely regular APR. 
  • APR for overdraft protection advance is 26.74%.
  • $1.00 is the minimum interest charge.

Benefits of Wells Fargo Reflect Card

With introductory 0% APR only, you may not rely longer on this card. However, some benefits will still exist for you. For any kind of mishap with this credit card, you should consider every single point that may help you gain something besides some negativities. So let’s get started. 

Annual Fee

There is no condition for an annual fee. One can lifetime use this card without setting a budget for a yearly fee. You can explore the best shopping time, use it anywhere and enjoy the flexibility. It reduces your cost for a line of credit. Most credit card issuer companies deduct the yearly charge from the credit card limit, and there is no such issue with the Wells Fargo Reflect card. 

Not just that, those who have taken their first step towards setting their remarks in this field can count it as a better pick. It gets charged once a year but affects your low income, so to get rid of this trouble, one should always extrapolate the convenience cards for them. 

Regular Purchase APR

If you join Wells Fargo Reflect to fix your financial crisis- then you have the benefit at the entry-level with 0% “Intro APR” for your purchase payments. At the starting level, you have 18 months- however, your response will extend 3 more months to your Zero APR time. With this feature, the user can create a new image before existing money lenders and other credit card companies because it will be free from interest stress. It is a promotional period, and you should not feel relaxed because, by the end of your promotional period, one has to declare the complete settlement of the used limit.

Otherwise, it will not get the benefits that it deserves. Furthermore, one has to pay the minimum limit each month as prescribed by the bank and your potential towards the amount.  

Rewards & Cashback

Wells Fargo Reflect card credit limit doesn’t include any regular or general rewards like other banks. However, you can be part of My Wells Fargo Deals- which has limited credit rewards- when- you sign up for the specific deal of the specified merchant. The buyer can earn 5% cashback over rotating quarterly categories for the maximum $1500 purchase each quarter after activation. You have to log in to the Wells Fargo Reflect account to activate the limited-time offers of the specified merchants. 

That way- the bank covers up the few percent of drawbacks that occurred because of the no-rewards policy, even with an exceptional credit score. Contrary- one can find other options available in the market if they are concerned with rewards only. 

Wells Fargo Reflect Card Credit Limit

The limit is not high. It can vary according to the qualification process. As per the statement of a few cardholders, they qualified only for a $1000 credit limit. On the other hand, some have found much more than the expectation of others. The starting spending line of credit for some customers was $14000. However, if you have any bad debt and are striving for ways to be free from that, you can accept the command of this card and fix it with the qualifying amount. 

Not just that, timely repayment may help you request an increment of the credit limit. $1000 is a guaranteed limit. Creditworthiness and other factors will score more than that. Once you find yourself suitable with income or your review on your account, leave the phone call request or wait for the evolution from Well Fargo. 

Balance Transfers

A balance transfer is acceptable. However, the cardholder should use it by following the terms and conditions reflected on the site. Moreover, the documents attached to your card-in the response to your application will help you regard things better. It is an ideal way to balance transfers. Apart from that, some conditions are applied to use an interest-free balance transfer. One has to request the amount transfer in less than 120 days after opening the new account and save money with introductory rates. Likewise, the time of 0% APR is allowable for 18 months only. 

That also is extendable for the upcoming 3 months and credit report before the promotion period ends. With the start of 22 months, the balance transfer and regular purchase will start accruing 16.74% to 28.74% variable. There is no settlement with a balance transfer fee. It will get levied from the account opening day, and 3% or $5 is applicable for the first 120 days, and after that 5% of the amount transmitted. 

Cash Advance 

Wells Fargo Reflect card delivers a cash advance segment to people who need to get cash from their credit card. That can occur anytime- anywhere, in the locality. So it allows ATM withdrawal with fee and APR imposition. It is an avoidable practice. However, if you can not secure the requirement, you have to pay 26.74% as an APR and 5% or $10 for a cash advance fee. This short-term loan delivered by the most splendid credit card issuers with higher interest is a sign that you are to unleash your hard-earned money to the bank that could be arranged with fields.

Credit Reporting 

Wells Fargo reports the understanding about you to the credit bureaus monthly. Your outstanding credit score is not enough in the long run. You must sweep away all your debt with the bank within the stipulated period. Your account details, before the due date payment, credit utilization ratio, and other elements will get shared to prepare the credit report with up-to-date information. 

Any error in the hand of Wells Fargo and bureaus will generate a dispute that is hard to rectify as it takes time and may not be cured. After the bill generation, the bank gives you an adequate grace period so that you can get the desired report with a credit score.

Other Advantages of Wells Fargo Reflect Card

  1. Cell Phone insurance benefits you to retrieve the damaged or stolen cell phone. The protection is relevant when you use it to pay your credit card bill. That also has a limit for the security, with the highest $600 with every claim after the $25 “out-of-pocket” deduction. Apart from that- the insurer can claim only two times a year for an absolute amount of $1200. It can’t make a big difference but is helpful to convalesce your difficult time. Not just that- it extremely impacts the long time value of the balance transfer. Before applying for this feature, you should know the complete words and prerequisites in this esteem. 
  2. Visa travel benefits are like a reward that doesn’t count in general or standard rewards, offered by most credit card banks and companies. It lets you access outside-the-industry features, including emergency cash disbursement, travel & emergency assistance. On the other hand, you would have a helping hand via roadside dispatch assistance. 24/7 “Pay per use” usefulness is available for fuel, a jump start, towing, and more. For guidance, the card owner can call the customer care number. This benefit is functional with a minimum of $69.95 
  3. Zero liability protection is the feature where you are secure from any fraudulent transaction done by your account. You get alerts, and notifications for the regular update of your credit card account with Wells Fargo Reflect. If still data fraud persists and affects your credit amount- then the bank will show you comprehensive safeness at every level.
  4. Along with credit reporting to three credit bureaus- cell phone protection, My Wells Fargo Reflect deal, zero intro APR, and more! Wells Fargo presents you monthly credit reports with your credit score published by the FICO credit agencies. 

Who Wells Fargo Reflect Card is for?

  • Extensive Balances Holder

If you have extensive balances from your past money lenders and credit card companies- then you are at the right place with Wells Fargo Reflect Card Credit Limit. A pending balance transfer is always a red mark on your financial status and you can settle this with a higher APR. Wells Fargo bank allows you to carry out this business efficiently from 21 days to a maximum of 120 days with a 0% balance transfer APR for 18+3 months. 

That is genuine to configure the other hidden charges apart from this most attractive feature. You can pay down the maximum amount of your credit limit for other personal, automobile, credit cards (secured & unsecured), and others and repay it within the promotion period to deal with an accurate credit report. 

  • Gigantic Acquisition

As the limit differs depending on your creditworthiness- so; you can go through a gigantic acquisition with your prescribed limit with no interest for 18 months. Everything starts with your outstanding credit score. After signing the approved documents received from the bank, one can use the card to approach a series of expenses. 

All the acquisition would be seamless to bear from the income source as you have to return the principal cost of the asset or the bought item. If you seek to buy a home, car, home assets, and more, you can do so by showing your repayment capability. 

  • Higher APR Payer

The advertising period is unbearable, especially if you have a history of poor credit and resolved that with this credit card. It is ok to take time to come to the normal stage. If- even after this long time trouble, you can pay the due bills for the cause of higher APR- you should apply for the Wells Fargo Reflect card over the documents submitted for the application. Furthermore, if you can adjust with cashback/rewards to avail of no interest- the card is for you.

Choices for Wells Fargo Reflect Card

Let’s see how other cards can replace Well Fargo cards for various causes. 

1. Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

With the Wells Fargo Active Cash card, the user can obtain cash rewards of $200 while spending within the first 3 months $1000. Apart from that, you have unlimited 2% cash back on eligible purchases. Furthermore, with so many similarities, you can still satisfy your wallet for 15 months for 0% intro APR. That is less than 21 months of the Reflect card. No annual fee, 0% balance transfer or higher purchases, and other benefits are far better than initial days interest rates or APR. 

  1. 670-850 credit score for the qualification round
  2. 19.24% to 24.24% regular variable APR
  3. Balance transfer request within 120 days
  4. Cash advance 
  5. 3% foreign transaction fee
  6. Cell phone protection

2. Diamond Preferred® Card

Diamond Preferred® Card

On your spending of $500 in less than 3 months, you can earn a $150 statement credit. The balance transfer fee is $5 or a maximum of 5% (higher one). 21 months zero intro APR is for the balance transfer, and 12 months are for regular purchases. You can expect less in your wallet for debt consolidation. 

  1. 0$ annual fee
  2. 670-850 credit score
  3. Regular Purchase APR (16.74% to 26.74%) variable
  4. No rewards
  5. Sign-up bonus only
  6. Choose the payment due date
  7. Late fee operational 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Is it hard to get Wells Fargo Reflect?

Wells Fargo Reflect is the most suitable option for an interest-free (as an introductory) line of credit. However, one has to secure a 660-850 credit score to qualify for the card. It becomes difficult sometimes- because most American borrowers face low credit score issues in the financial market. There is no guarantee of 100% qualification. Apart from your excellent, you need much more to reflect your trustworthiness before Wells Fargo. 

Q.2 What is the credit limit for the Wells Fargo Reflect card?

The applicant should possess at least 660 as a credit range awarded by the major credit bureaus and credit agencies. 

Q.3 How much is the Wells Fargo Reflect Card?

Wells Fargo card imposes various classes of fees and interest on the cardholders in response to its trust and services. These types include an annual fee, regular purchase APR (variable), balance transfer fee and APR, cash advance fee and APR, foreign transaction fee, late payment fee, returned amount fee, and more. 

Q.4 Who is eligible for the Wells Fargo Reflect Card?

To be eligible for the Wells Fargo Reflect card, you must have a good to excellent credit score (660-850) with a fixed income to repay the higher APR after the successful completion of 21 months as zero percent introductory APR. Furthermore, you must have an accurate credit history and active bank account to ensure the timely payment of the generated bill. 

Q.5 Is the Wells Fargo Reflect Card issued by Visa or MasterCard?

Wells Fargo Reflect cards were issued by Visa to make payments of loaded purchases without any interest over 21 months.


Wells Fargo Reflect card application process is for good and excellent credit score borrowers. If you have a bad or poor credit score and no credit history then you can look for other secured and unsecured credit cards. In addition to that, you also require the morale to pay more APR & fees on your regular buys, balance transfers, cash advance, late fee, interest charges, and more. For any more help, you can get back to us.

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