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Ultimate Guide on WeFixMoney: Latest Review 2024

We have all been stuck with an urgent financial call. Not having savings or an urgent cash stash can lead to anxiety in such urgency. Most of us will think about borrowing money, but no bank provides loans on such short notice. While borrowing from friends and relatives can be embarrassing, there’s still a solution, i.e. WeFixMoney. This is one name that will pop around the most when you look for urgent money lenders.

In this article, we will discuss the WeFixMoney review, thus clearing out all your queries related to it. What is it? Is it legit and safe? Is it real? And many such doubts.

What is WeFixMoney?

What is WeFixMoney?

WeFixMoney offers financial help to those requiring immediate funds. You can get approved in 3 minutes, and the funds will get transferred pretty quickly. It is a business that helps you cover your urgent money requirements in the form of extending a loan to you. 

Being a part of OLA and CSFA, WeFixMoney prioritizes providing you the help you need. The mechanism of this business is pretty simple, all you have to do is apply, and the lenders will contact you on their own. You do not need to do anything. Moreover, it will not affect your credit score at all. 

Everything about their mission and the company is on their official website as well. 

Once you submit the form, you will know the status of your pre-approval in around three minutes. Therefore, no harm will be done to your credit score. A hard pull will be performed, but only after you have accepted the offer and filed the final application. After approval, you will get several offers. Accept the best one according to your needs and reject the others.

WeFixMoney: Features

Fast Approval and Funding

The approval procedure of pre-qualification is three minutes and the final application is approved in under one hour. Therefore, for those who are looking for personal loans for bad credit and immediate funding, this site might be the answer to all your issues.

Multiple Offers

It shares your application with legit and verified lenders willing to provide loans. The lenders then review it and contact you. Hence, you get multiple loan offers from different lenders. This gives you the leverage of comparing and choosing the best.


It is a member of OLA, which not only makes it secure but also eliminates the chances of doubts about illegal activities. Moreover, their privacy policy is pretty tight. This means you will know what and where your details are being used. Your information will not be used without your authority.

Simple Application

The application procedure is summed up into pre-qualifying, selecting an offer, and final application submission. All this makes the procedure very smooth and simple. It is not complicated at all and takes only a few minutes to fill out the form.

Instant Funding

You can get up to $3000 by applying, being approved, and receiving funds all on the same day. However, if you want a larger amount, it too is possible. Their partnership with will help you find larger loans with installment repayment.

Customer Service

If you wish to contact the WeFixMoney customer care service team, you can do that either through chat, call, or email. You can access the chat from the right side of the website’s screen, wherein a live agent is available from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can send an email to for queries or call the customer care number on the website itself.

WeFixMoney com Interest Rates

The offers and funding you receive are not issued by the site. Their job is to connect you to lenders and that is all. Therefore, they do not have any control over the interest rates or any other charges. However, an estimate purely based on a survey and questioning of several lenders connected with WeFixMoney com is prepared. This is just an estimate and not a clear picture. You will get a clear idea of the APR and other charges once you connect to the lender.

1. Loan amount: $1000

  • Interest: 24%
  • Term periods: 12 months
  • Fee: 3%
  • Fee cost: $30
  • Repayment: $94.56
  • APR: 29.82%
  • Total repayment: $1,134.72
  • Total cost: $164.72

2. Loan amount: $2000

  • Interest: 19%
  • Term periods: 24 months
  • Fee: 5%
  • Fee cost: $100
  • Repayment: $100.82
  • APR: 24.12%
  • Total repayment: $2,419.68
  • Total cost: $519.68

3. Loan amount: $3000

  • Interest: 13%
  • Term periods: 48 months
  • Fee: 8%
  • Fee cost: $400
  • Repayment: $131.67
  • APR: 18.23%
  • Total repayment: $6,320.12
  • Total cost: $1,720.12

4. Loan amount: $10000

  • Interest: 7.9%
  • Term periods: 60 months
  • Fee: 10%
  • Fee cost: $1000
  • Repayment: $202.28
  • APR: 9.20%
  • Total repayment: $12,136.80
  • Total cost: $3,136.80

**The APR, cost, fee, etc totally depends on your creditworthiness, credit history, and your score. The above information is only and only an estimate.

WeFixMoney: Pros and Cons

You just want to know all the aspects of a site if you are going to use it and feed your sensitive details, especially the cons. You must know what’s the risk and disadvantages. This will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you are ready to opt for such a business.


  • You can get a loan even with a poor score.
  • Same-day funding.
  • Easy and quick application and approval.
  • Minimal requirements.
  • You get multiple options. Hence you can choose the best for you.
  • The site is secured.
  • Member of OLA and CSFA.
  • Uses a third-party review system.
  • Customer WeFixMoney reviews are good.
  • SSL certificate verifies it.


  • This website is not very famous, therefore, it raises a lot of eyebrows.
  • Because of guaranteed same-day funding, the customers think it is not legit.
  • It is not responsible for rates and charges by lenders.
  • Less amount of funds on same-day loan options.

How to Qualify?

WeFixMoney states certain qualifications that you need to meet in order to get funds. You can only apply if you pass all the qualifications below:

  • Your monthly income should be at least $800.
  • You must be a resident of the United States.
  • You should be at least 10 years or older.
  • You should have a checking account in your name.

Meeting all the qualifications does not ensure approval. The approval and qualifications requirements are different and vary from one lender to another. Therefore you might want to meet the requirements of the offer of loan you accept. 

How to Apply?

How to Apply?

The application and funding procedure of WeFixMoney is quite simple and sorted into these steps:

  1. Pre-qualify: Fill out the initial form. Along with a soft check, you will know whether or not you are pre-qualified. If you are approved, lenders will start reviewing your details. This will not affect your credit score.
  2. Review offers: After lenders are done reviewing your details, they will get in touch with you. You will be offered different types of funds or loans with different dates, terms, and discounts. All you have to do is review them carefully.
  3. Accept the offer: Once you are done reviewing, compare all the different offers. This will help you select one out of all. Accept one offer that fits your requirements the best and decline the others.
  4. Apply: Now, you will have to finally submit all the documents and fill out the final application form. Make sure you add all the accurate and correct information to avoid getting dismissed or rejected. 
  5. Approval: The lenders will then perform a hard pull that might knock off some points from your score. After reviewing your application, if you are a good fit you will be approved. The approval procedure is not long. It will only take around one hour to get the final results.
  6. Receive funds: Once approved, the funds will be transferred to your bank account soon after. 
  7. Plan repayment: Since the loan is closed, plan how you are going to repay it. Always makes payments on time.

Is WeFixMoney Legit?

WeFixMoney is not a bank, it is a business. This is what raises many eyebrows in the room. People have doubts when trusting such businesses and the question of whether WeFixMoney legit or not is raised. Many individuals worry that such businesses might not be trustable and can perform fraudulent activities with them. Therefore, it makes it quite difficult to rely on. Let us make it very clear, Yes it is legit and has a strong clientele. Their mission is to help solve your short-term financing requirements.

It is a family business that started its operations in 2008. Not only are they members of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) and the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA) but are also rated “A” by the Better Business Bureau. 

Since it uses a third-party review system, i.e. Trustpilot, it can be trusted because of the legitimacy of its review website. 

Is WeFixMoney com Safe?

The question of safety is always raised whether it is a huge firm or a small business. The public wants their data to be secured and safe from leaking or being stolen. Especially if you apply for a loan, you provide some pretty sensitive data that you do not want to be used for ill purposes. Not only your identity but also your account details. So before trusting any lender, you will always wonder whether it’s safe or not.

Is WeFixMoney com Safe?

In this case, the site is quite safe. It aims to provide secured services to its customers. Since it clearly says that they are members of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), you need not need to worry about your safety. OLA is in association with the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA). It protects the interests of the customers and has set top practices. They set a standard for businesses who are working as lenders to meet. These standards and rules help eliminate anyone operating fraud or bad activities on the internet in this field. Not only this, but they also ensure that the consumer is also legit. 

Therefore WeFixMoney being a member of OLA ensures that it is safe, and secure and does no bad or illegal activities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How does WeFixMoney work?

You fill out an application form which is reviewed by the lenders. The lenders will then contact you and present their offers to you. Review all the offers and select one, delving into the rest. After submitting the final application to the lender you selected, you will get approval under one hour and same-day funding.

Q2: Where is WeFixMoney located?

The headquarters of WeFixMoney is situated in Lorton, Virginia, United States. However, the business performs all its operations online and you do not need to visit the center for anything.

Q3: Can I get a loan larger than $3000 from WeFixMoney?

Yes, WeFixMoney is partnered with which offers you loans in a larger amount and you can make installations for the same.

Q4: What is the easiest and fastest loan to get?

The easiest loans are payday, car title, and pawnshop loans. Even personal loans with no credit check are also easy to get. Such loans demand the least requirements and quick funding and are suitable for those with bad credit as well. However, the downside of these loans is that they are mostly expensive.


Nothing matches the panic that sets in when you need urgent money but has no savings or is embarrassed to borrow from friends or relatives and all your money savings affirmations fail. In such cases, sites like WeFixMoney help you out. The mission of this business is to sort out the financial requirements of people. Therefore, it provides same-day application, approval, and funding up to $3000. Larger funds are also available in installation loan form.

To know all about WeFixMoney, refer to the above article. It is loaded with full-fledged and detailed facts that serve the purpose of educating you about the site. If you are thinking of opting WeFixMoney for your payday loans, the above guide will help you clear every query and doubt regarding the site. Therefore, you can make a final informed decision.

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