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Verizon Insurance Claim: How to Get It? (Everything You Need to Know)

Do you have an expensive phone and are worried about its safety? Then say no more to all your worries with one of the most fantastic insurance offers with an easy Verizon insurance claim returns process. Well, insurance can make you feel free to use your expensive phones. If you already have insured your phone, then you know the liberty of using an insured phone. Hence, in this guide, we are going to discuss how you can take the insurance of your device and how you can claim that.

Verizon Insurance is one of the most known and popular insurance that most people have for their expensive phones. If you have their insurance policy and want to claim the insurance amount,  then this guide is specially crafted for you. So let’s check Verizon’s insurance claim process and protection services. 

What Does Verizon Insurance Have to Offer?

Verizon Insurance Claim

Verizon Insurance is one of the most renowned wireless companies that has so much to offer to its customers. Technology is getting expensive day by day; hence, protecting it is the prime concern for every tech buyer. Hence, people do go for insurance, but claiming it is one of the biggest tasks for any person. People are usually unable to claim their Verizon phone insurance amount when it comes to claims as there are so many bad insurance companies. Hence, one must take the first step of insurance with a trusted company like Verizon. Let’s check what Verizon has to offer to its customers. 

Verizon Protect

Verizon Protection plan is one of the best plans that you can take for ensuring your phone and using Verizon’s services to the fullest. In this plan, you will get an encompassing solution for your insurance need. Another reason why this plan is sustainable for you is that it has so many features and is easy to claim.

You can claim to get your broken screens repaired for free. Moreover, this insurance will benefit you in various ways, and you will get 24/7 technical support if you face any glitch after repair. Along with this, you will get other benefits as well. You can avail of offers like free data storage that you can use if your phone gets stolen. If you have a free iPhone 13 phone provided by the government then you must insure them. 

Total Mobile Protection

Total Mobile Protection

The total mobile Verizon protection plan is another most favored plan by different customers in the country. A lot of people do avail of this plan as it is one of the most fascinating and attractive plans. This plan is popular as it offers two replacements in a year if your phone is showing some technical glitches. Hence, protect has become one of the best companies for mobile insurance.

It offers you a tech coach who will help you with every technical glitch. One will not be required to reach any other technical experts. It will again offer you a replacement if you have lost or your phone is stolen. 

Extended Warranty

This is another popular plan that people usually avail of. This plan extends the manufacturer warranty by providing you with free technical support. Moreover, you will get other benefits as well, and you will get free repairs which include parts purchasing and even the labor cost of the company. Hence, there is no doubt that the plan is significantly out of the box, and one can enjoy almost everything with this protect. 

Does Verizon Insurance Claim Cover Lost Phones?

Does Verizon Insurance Claim Cover Lost Phones?

Losing a phone can really be traumatic for anyone, as phones have almost every knowledge about the user’s life; hence losing a phone can cost you high. With the best insurance service, namely, protect, you can cut the cost of loss. It is possible to claim the insurance amount if your phone is stolen or lost. There is an insurance covers lost phones and stolen phones this is the best part for any person who has lost his or her phone and has claimed the insurance priority.

If your phone has been stolen and you have no idea how to take it back from the thief then this insurance plan could be a savior for you. To claim the insurance one is required to report the case immediately otherwise you will not be able to claim your insurance amount.

However, in the case of lost Phone things would be different in this case you must try to find your phone, and when you are unable to find your phone as where then only you will be able to claim your insurance amount. One must ensure their devices like free iPads provided by the government as they are expensive and are prone to damage.

How to Claim Insurance Amount? 

The most important question every reader is getting in the head is how to perform Verizon insurance claim amount provided by the company. Well, this is easy to do a Verizon insurance claim if you have lost your phone then you have time to claim the insurance as you have been searching for it. If your phone is stolen, then you have to report it immediately to the customer care number of various companies.

Well, this is the only way through which you can claim your Verizon phone insurance. You will require to reach out to the customer care center or customer care number and report the case this way they will tell you the easiest process to claim the amount of Verizon claim insurance.

Understanding Verizon Phone Replacement Insurance

Understanding Verizon Phone Replacement Insurance

Phone replacement insurance is a blessing to those who buy expensive phones as accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. Hence, having an insured device can help you to cut the slack of the expensive cost that you have spent on your phone. Very reason the company allows you to replace your phone’s twice a year this way you can be assured of losing your phone more this insurance also covers damage repairment such as broken screen software damage viral inclusion and many other stuffs. They replace your device if you damaged it accidentally, as TruConnect replaces its damaged devices. 

If you are the sort of person who extensively uses their phone always out of the house and has all the work from your phone then this insurance policy is for you and you can take the most out of it however if you are someone who always listens to the house and doesn’t use your phone for your work it is just for the call and message then this policy probably not useful for you well you will have to go once in a while out of your house so in order to be safe in that case you will need this policy. 

What is Verizon Phone Insurance Deductible?

Verizon insurance deductible is the way to save your money as this Verizon insurance claim covers so much of your damages as you can repair your phones if damaged by accidents water or any software issue. Moreover, you will require to pay a monthly charge for this insurance which would be $9 and this charge is deductible if you want to repair your phone for any reason it may create any issues then you can they docked these installments to repair your phone. These deductibles can vary from $50 to $200 and will stop well the monthly installment for the insurance claim you have been paying good very on the device you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to make a claim through Verizon insurance?

If you want to claim your Verizon insurance then you must contact the customer care support number of the various and company and report the case immediately if your phone is stolen otherwise you will not be able to claim your insurance amount.

Q2. How much does a Verizon claim cost?

Verizon’s claim cost depends on the device you are having. The installment of insurance you would pay starts from $9 and goes up to 13 and this is good very as per your mobile phone model. There is a company also allows you to deduct the amount if needed for repair of your device when you can deduct the amount on the basis of your mobile damage.

Q3. What is the phone number for the Verizon insurance claim?

(888) 881-2622

This is the number to claim your insurance you can call on this customer care number to claim your insurance. You must call or report the case immediately if your phone is stolen otherwise you will not be able to claim your insurance amount as the case will get old. The customer care service will assist you in every way possible to pay your insurance amount and they will tell you how you can claim your insurance and what you have to do next.

Q4. What device will you receive if you ask for a replacement?

If your phone has been stolen then you will receive our replacement for your phone which is a refurbished one but this device will work properly as per your needs. If your device has seen malfunctioning with battery issues then the company will replace your phone with the new certified one. That is true of the same company and model that you have been using.

Q5. What are the signs of a damaged or malfunctioning device?

The signs of damage or a malfunctioning device are completely visible to you. Maybe the screen is broken or the device you have been using is not working properly. You may be facing an issue of hanging while using it. You can replace your phone with these issues either the company will replace it or repair it. Moreover, you can face the issue of battery life in which the company will definitely replace your device with a new or a refurbished one.


In a nutshell, we have given you a complete idea about Verizon insurance and its plan. If you already have any insurance, then this time, you can know the process to claim the insurance and cover your loss with the help of the insurance company. In the above article, we have given you the complete information about it, hoping everything has made relevant sense to you. If you still have any doubts or confusion, then you can reach out to us anytime. Our expert professionals are always ready to help you in every way possible.  

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