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Tomo Credit Card Reviews 2024: Pay Off the Balance Every Week

The Tomo Credit Card promises to furnish the best financial assistance when you need it along a distinctive way to build your credit score. We have reviewed various credit cards and found it the most natural method to survive financially- when you can’t pay the extra to others from your hard-earned money. With a few reliable and unreliable offers, this can be a better way to start your interest-free credit history journey. That may sound unusual! However, it is authentic for everyone who has become eligible after a specific credit verification process. Let’s see more about it. 

What is Tomo Credit Card?

It is a charge card from Tomo Credit that doesn’t require an excellent credit score to go through eligibility criteria. However, it may help you with credit building. You may apply for the Tomo Card by fulfilling some basic requirements assigned by the company. Though the verification process doesn’t include a credit check, you have to be good at something to increase the credit limit. Furthermore, the card gets registered on Mastercard Network after the resolution of banking and additional financial benchmarks. Apart from that, you need to allow the Tomo credit to track your bank account auto-pay system with income and expenditure consistency.

The approval process takes time, but once done! You must pay the credit amount weekly. It is different from other cards where the cardholders need to go for hard credit checks and pay heavy APR on every payment with the card. Novices or freshers like recent graduates, no credit history holders, immigrants, and bad credit holders couldn’t qualify for the card issuance procedure.

What is Tomo Credit Card?

Still, you must be patient while choosing this credit card because if you don’t know what exactly your purpose is behind this card, you can mess with your budget. If you can’t arrange weekly payments because of paycheck structure, you should better choose another option instead of relying on it unnecessarily. With each billing cycle ends! You must set off the complete balance released from Tomo credit. Anyone can apply for the card, but not everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.


  • No APR or Interest
  • No Annual charges
  • Reports to Credit Bureaus 
  • Credit Building
  • No need Excellent credit score
  • Cell phone Insurance benefits 
  • Credit limits increase benefits and rewards
  • No credit check


  • No Balance carry-forward
  • No attractive bonuses and benefits
  • Requires pre-approval before card application 
  • Bank accounts linking
  • Tracks banking activity
  • No flexibility in repayment
  • Balance transfer not available
  • Needs auto-pay system
  • Financial information revelation
  • Cash advance unavailable

Tomo Credit Card Review: Key Features

The popularity of the Tomo card is no less because of the undeniable features provided to its cardholders than others. Let’s see! What features lead its favor among its clients. 

Tomo Credit Card Review for its Key Features

  • Easily Accessible 

Whether you live in America or outside the country, you can access this card easily for a credit limit of $100-$10,000. Because of its registration from Mastercard Network, it is acceptable all across the globe. With this highly attractive feature- you must not forget to make repayment on time or weekly because the missed payment will result in a frozen Tomo credit card. As there is no limit to its usage, you may have to keep some pointers as limitations are set from the Tomo credit. These figures are an official release. 

  1. Only 20 purchases are allowed daily.
  2. Only a $5000 purchase is acceptable for a single day.
  3. Only 40 purchases are allowed within 4 days
  4. Only a $10,000 value is acceptable for 4 days of purchases.
  5. Only a $20000 value purchase is acceptable for a month.
  6. Only a $240,000 value purchase is acceptable for a year. 
  • Annual Fee or APR

Annual Fee or APR

Tomocredit reviews have confirmed that the company doesn’t charge any annual fee or interest rate from credit utilization. Instead, it gets revenue via interchange fees that result from merchant surcharges of cardholders’ purchases. You can switch to a Discover IT secured credit card for no annual fee and attractive cashback. If you choose the Tomo credit card, you can’t carry forward your balance of a month to another month like other credit cards. That can be a daunting thing for those- who like to save their balance for a gigantic total amount. Every Monday, the amount will get deducted automatically to update the remaining amount. 

  • Credit Check 

Credit check

You don’t need to show a long credit history or relevant credit score to take the card. However, there is a negative point where you have to be ready for that. You have to link your bank account for Tomocredit reviews. That means! If- you have no income or expenditure appropriate statement via your savings bank account- you may not qualify for the card. Your money management system will help you be entitled to the card. However, there is a guarantee for your data security from any third party (except Plaid) or the Tomo credit employees. According to Co-founder & CEO of Tomocredit “Kristy Kim,” one can link a checking account, investment account, savings account, and any other account with Plaid. Plaid is a “Mediator” or “Third-party” service provider and uses your information for verification. 

  • Approval Process

The approval process is simple, and one has to go through it with easy instructions provided by the company. Furthermore, you must have at least $1000 in your bank account before giving any application. That is positively necessary to track your money management system. However, you must wait for the approval report because it takes time compared to its competitors. That is also understandable because it has a million customers without revenue from the Annual percentage rate. So, it is better to be double-sure before engaging with any customer for its services. 

  • Rewards

On every purchase, you can get cashback or rewards. However, you must check the consistency policy changes for current time cashback. As per the recent report, there are no consistent rewards for Tomo cardholders. Instead, one can acquire cashback via Tomo promotional offers, service credits like Lyft rides, and other specific subscriptions. 

Other Benefits of Tomo Credit Card

Other Benefits of Tomo Credit Card

  1. There is an emergency assistance service- you may get it in any language under Mastercard Global service. Moreover, under Mastercard “ID Theft Protection,” the cardholder can access “Transunion Credit Report” and “Dark Web” Monitoring services against the theft or misuse of confidential details. Whether- it is your SSN (Social Security Number) or credit or debit card details, you can complain about anything. 
  2. Furthermore, once you get approval for your credit card, you can get free credit score services every month. Customer services have confirmed this information for its old and new card holders. There is no official confirmation whether the report will be relevant to Credit agencies or credit bureaus. 
  3. It gives insurance protection of at least $1000 over a damaged or stolen cell phone. 
  4. In case someone has misplaced or stone your Mastercard, you have emergency assistance to report your complaint. After the official report, you can request an emergency card or emergency advance. The most crucial part of this assistance is you are prone to zero fraud liability for an unauthorized person for illegal transactions. However, the cardholder can register the card number and get a timely alert for suspicious actions with their account. 
  5. Tomo credit card reviews- have sourced us to understand the luxurious and exclusive discounts. Ridesharing, food delivery, online shopping, luxury hotel, resort portfolios, wellness retreats, museums, concerts, art events, and more. 
  6. You can get a cheaper deal on your hotel rooms and rates. Not just that, you are eligible for a refund for the disparities in the rates and prices.

Key Highlights of Tomo Card

  • 0% Interest rate
  • 0$ annual fee
  • Experian, Equifax & TransUnion Reporting
  • Credit Building
  • No cash advance
  • Doordash, Lyft, ShopRunner, and HelloFresh rewards
  • Automatica pay off every Monday
  • $100-$10000 credit limit
  • No credit check
  • No security deposit
  • Only higher or balanced income sources
  • Bank Account link
  • The monthly Credit Report offer
  • Data Safety
  • Luxurious and exclusive payment offers
  • ID and Card Theft Protection
  • All Language Customer service
  • Strict for Weekly Payment
  • Card Block for Pending Payment
  • Available for Bad credit and damaged credit score

Rewards and Credits

Rewards and Credits

Earn Rewards

You can earn 1% cash back for every purchase. Moreover, if you refer your friends, then after its approval, you can get an additional one percent for the next three months. The account holder can list up to 20 friends for reference and cashback acquisitions.  

Redeem the Rewards

To redeem the cashback, you must settle your last month’s statement. After the settlement, wait for 28 days to spend your earnings on your choice for a qualified financial account. Cryptocurrencies are accepted to redeem the rewards and cashback. 

Rewards Conceivable

Various classifications are banded to resolve the income & spending standards. The data collection for this process is possible with the help of different varieties of government agencies. The seventeenth percentile of “Wage earning households” obtains $107,908 yearly & figures out $64,144 as authoritative expenses. In the assumption of- a fifty percent charge for this Tomo credit card, the total yearly card spending will stand at $32,072. Because of this data, if you earn 1% cashback, you can earn $320.72. That amount will be received in your account for up to three months after the referral approval.  

Other Merchant Credit

Apart from other standard rewards, the card holders can benefit from some discounts and credit offers with merchants like 

  • DashPass: The new cardholder can get 3 months of free subscriptions over DashPass with a 5% discount every month.
  • Lyft: $5 credit for 3 rides according to the calendar month restricted one at a month. 
  • ShopRunner Membership: From 100 online retailers, get cost-free two-day shipping and return.
  • HelloFresh: Earn 5% cashback for the Hellofresh purchase of at least $90 for the first 5 boxes and free shipping.
  • Fandango Credit: On movie ticket spending of up to $20, you can get $5 off for the next purchase.

How to Apply for Tomo Credit Card?

  • Source the official web address of Tomocredit to apply for the Tomo credit card. 
  • The company ensures only a five-minute process once you share your information. 
  • Even if you are not a US citizen, you can apply for the card.
  • The pre-approval process is the initial stage process for the card applicants.
  • One can access the pre-approval form to enter standard identification details. 
  • Enter full name, DOB (Date of Birth), Social Security Number or SSN/ITIN & government Identification document. 
  • Furthermore, you must share a bank account link with ready-only access for your Tomo Profile. That type of data sharing is quite demanding from the card issuers and concerning too.
  • However, your data is secure with “Plaid,” a third-party “Service provider.” In this initiative, they can only use the information for verification. No data retaining and storage option is available for them. 

How to Download Tomocredit Card?

How to Download Tomocredit Card

  • Tomocredit Inc is a Tomcard app developer. Not only the web address, but user can also access the account through the app available on Android and iPhone devices. 
  • Get it on “Google Play Store,” and the “Apple App Store.” It is free to access. 
  • Check the Tomocredit card review to get customer service. 
  • After installation, launch the app to apply and manage the card. You can check and analyze the transactions, make payments, and redeem the points. 
  • To get the unsecured Tomo card, you need to provide average account balances, income sources, and expense patterns to generate safe borrowing habits. 
  • It can ignore your credit score but not your income and investment statements. 

Is Tomo Legit?

It is altogether an unsecured credit card, and the community “Federal Saving Bank” is the card issuer. Tomocredit follows all the legitimate norms prescribed by the financial monitoring authority and gives you a safe way to build your credit score under the credit utilization rate. Furthermore, it has global acceptance because of the Mastercard Network registration services and complete safety against fraud and suspicious activity on the credit card account. Though you can not carry forward your balance for the next month, you have indisputable protection over every single transaction constructed from any location.  

Who Should Apply for the Tomo Credit Card?

Who Should Apply for the Tomo Credit Card

It can be a good choice for people who have fixed and solid income sources to pay off the balances every week. Whether they have a credit score or not, you should be well-established with your saving-checking bank account and investment accounts. However, if you have an excellent credit score and want to enjoy heavy cashback, discounts, and rewards, choose the Chime Credit Secured Card instead of waiting for the Tomo credit card review report for the eligibility check and lower tips.

  • Students and Young Adults

If you are new to the financial market and want to set your impression before three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian & TransUnion) can apply for the Tomo credit card. Not just credit bureaus, Credit Agencies like FICO and Vantage score are also valuable in the market. It will share your debt repayment report with these credit monitoring authorities to build your credit history and score for future loan approvals. To benefit from the different billing approach of Tomocredit, you must have a stable income to settle the credit amount every week on time with an automatic pay-off system active on your linked bank account at the time of verification. 

  • USA Resident and Non-Resident 

The Tomo credit card is the best for both US citizens and non-US citizens. As per USA law, it provides a 9-digit SSN or social security number to permanent and temporary citizens. For most credit card applications, you should have an SSN to verify your state name and area. Tomo doesn’t compel you to submit this detail. Contrary, you can opt for an “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” or ITIN even with bad credit of recent migrants with temporary residence and work.

  • No Secured Credit Card

In case- you earn higher or enough to manage your expenses and potential savings but don’t have a good credit score can opt for the Tomo credit score. Because it will help you rebuild your new credit score and accurate credit report for the analysis of any future loan approvals. Moreover, it will save you to invest your hard-earned money on a Secured credit card just to reestablish your image for credit agencies or bureaus. 

  • Income without Employment

Those who have retired from their employment & working nowhere and don’t want to keep up the red mark on their credit score and credit history can apply for Tomocard. They can set new remarks for their credit limit with the potential of setting off spending amounts weekly. 

How Does Tomo Credit Help in Credit Building?

How Does Tomo Credit Help in Credit Building

You should be mindful of a few things for credit building with Tomocard. Let’s see how you can do it.

  1. At the initial level, it can affect your credit score by a few points- whether you qualify or not. However, you should be active in keeping it in an increasing state with the best possible methods. 
  2. Tomo credit demands short-term repayment of your spending amount. You have time to pay the bill on the due date or with some concessions to build your credit score. Moreover, you should transfer the required amount to your linked bank account before the next autopay day or every week Monday. 
  3. Furthermore, you must analyze the Credit Utilization Rate before spending. That means you have to consume 10-30% of the total credit limit approved for your credit card. That will help you to stabilize the monthly credit report, at least from the hand of Tomocredit review. 
  4. You must keep your credit history long by opening the account for enough years for an accurate and pleasing analysis from credit bureaus. One can do this with an initial credit limit or after the approved increased credit limit too.  
  5. Make sure to act smartly to be noticed by Tomocredit to give positive feedback to the credit agencies. 


You may go for other options if you have enough reasons to escape from Tomo cards. We will disclose some of the cards below for your reference here. Let’s go through the description below. 

Chime Credit Secured Card

Chime credit secured card

One can download the Chime app from Google Play and the Apple App store to manage the account. To get a credit builder Chime Credit Secured Card access the Chime Checking account. The Tomo card doesn’t facilitate cash advances, but the Chime card does this for its account users. Furthermore, you have the same interest-free, annual charge-free, and credit check-free services as the Tomo card. However, you have to deposit the security amount to open the account. 

Some Key Points 

  • 0$ Annual fee
  • 300-669 credit score
  • Visa Credit Card
  • $200 Security Deposit
  • Credit Builder
  • No credit check
  • Need to open Chime Account
  • No Rewards

Discover it Secured Credit Card

Discover it Secured Credit Card

To experience the standard features of the Discover It Secured credit card– you have to deposit a security amount. You can get attractive cash rewards. Moreover, you should opt for an average credit score to build your credit score with time. However, it will charge a heavy APR on every purchase. The Welcome bonus can attract new credit card applications.

Some Key Points 

  • 0$ annual fee
  • 300-669 credit score
  • Apply online
  • Security Deposit ($200-$2500)
  • APR on purchase (25.99%)
  • 2% cashback for gas and restaurants 
  • 1% on other eligible purchases. 
  • FICO monthly report free
  • Higher Penalty

Petal 2 Cashback Credit Card

Petal 2 Cashback Credit Card

You can earn from 1% to 1.5% cash back on eligible purchases. It is a traditional credit card and beats some features of the Tomo card. The similarities with Tomocredit are no annual fee, credit reporting, and low rewards rates. To avoid hard credit inquiries, you should finalize a Tomo card instead of a Petal 2 Cashback Credit Card

Some Key Points

  • No annual fee
  • 300-669 credit score
  • 15.99%-29.99% higher APR
  • Petal Site Application process
  • Visa Card
  • Foreign Transaction cost-free
  • Late payment penalty-free
  • Rewards and Cashbacks
  • No cash advance
  • No balance transfer
  • Less reward rate

The Bottom Line 

The Tomo credit card is an outstanding choice for those who are fed up with multiple credit card rejected applications because of bad credit or no credit history. However, they can deal with a weekly timely repayment system because of higher and stable income sources. If you are one among them, then you can apply and get the card with no interest and annual charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Where can you use Tomo credit card?

Ans. You can use the Tomo credit card for online shopping, traveling, hotel accommodation, bill payment, food delivery, wellness retreats, dining, event reservations, movie tickets, ATM cash, and more. 

Q.2 Who owns Tomo credit card?

Ans. Kristy Kim is the CEO and co-founder of Tomo Credit.

Q.3 Is Tomo credit card secured or unsecured?

Ans. The Tomo card is an unsecured credit card and doesn’t require any security deposit to qualify for the eligibility process. 

Q.4 Who authorizes the issuance of Tomo credit cards?

Ans. Community Federal Savings Bank issues the Tomo credit card and it has complete authorization to do so. 

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