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Small Business Line of Credit: Choose the Best for You

A small business line of credit assists you in getting cash for short-term expenses. It is a business loan available for good business credit history & convenient for payroll, inventory, cash flow, and more. Nothing is relaxing when one hopeful lender denies your loan approval and charges a high interest rate and rough repayment terms. The question is relevant to the loan amount too because sometimes the company may not get the desired paycheck from the lenders. 

Below in this article, we will summarize the functions of the line of credit for applying for a loan. Let’s discuss this further. 

Best Small Business Line of Credit

Every lender sets a limit for the loan amount, and the best line of credit for small businesses helps here the most. However, it is okay because it works similarly to a credit card, where you have to make repayments for the principal amount only. There is no role for the interest rate for unused amounts like other types of loans for small businesses. It demands effort while applying and qualifying for it. Furthermore, it is the best flexible financial option

Various reasons one may count while applying for a business line of credit, but timely repayment can ensure trust in the lender’s institution. There is no bar to using this credit. Let’s compare some of them when one lender denies its access to you for whatever reason. 

Kabbage American Express

It helps hundreds of thousands of line of credit for small businesses. It is an online money lender to get a loan with a maximum of $250,000 on a 640 minimum credit score. As we said before, it is practical for any usage after approval. The website visitors will help you gain added flexible funding to focus on your business growth. The business manager may need some documents to apply for any credit via this creditor. The bank account is crucial to link because it will help determine the credit history or transfer the amount after the approval.

Kabbage American Express

  • You should be 18 years old to apply for the loan at the Kabbage American Express website. You may go a step ahead for flexible funding with the business establishment of 12 months or a year. 
  • There should be a business target. No personal usage is acceptable, and one should hold a 640 credit score painted by the FICO. Moreover, on average, the monthly revenue should stand at a minimum of $3000. 
  • A small business line of credit with Kabbage American Express can help you grow with a quick application and real-time review for the unique review process. 
  • Not only that, there is no prepayment penalty, and flexible formation is practical for any business. The options are available in credit terms, like 6-12-18 months. 
  • Again the best part is to pay the interest only on the used amount, like any credit card. 


It is a financial service company in the locality of San Francisco. It commands varieties for flexible credit. Not just that, it understands your business needs and guides you accordingly. A partnership program with the collaboration of the Nonprofit Action Opportunity Fund offers the loan amount of $5000 to $500,000. One should visit the website to get complete information about the offers available from the lender. Moreover, it is better to check the qualification with the soft inquiry because it restrains the credit score damage of any individual. 

Lending Club

  • Reveal complete information about the company to the partner firm to apply for the loan within a few minutes. Moreover, loan options will vary as per the business need and usage. 
  • The client advisor will confirm the details with you and ask for the required documents. As the loan gets approved, the amount will be transferred to the bank. 
  • There are fixed monthly payments with a 1 to 5-year loan term. Apart from that, you don’t have to pay penalties for the prepayment. 
  • Client service is best for every type of business. 


A small business line of credit helps you grow in business, and any best lender can result in a fruitful partnership. Even a successful business realizes the need for a loan paycheck for innumerable reasons. These short-period circumstances can mean more than the sizable requirements. However, applying through Fundbox can be a trustworthy option for most businesses. This option is not viable for every company or small business. Exceptions always exist for any case. 


  • The loan amount, APR, loan terms, and other terms and conditions vary depending on the time and the customer or business owner’s credit score. 
  • One can cover payroll, inventory, raw materials, maintenance & much more via loan approval. The loan application review and the decision are out within 3 minutes. 
  • Again there is no prepayment penalty with flexible repayment terms and next-day fund transfer after successful approval from the lender. 
  • It is safe to apply with no credit score drop with soft inquiry in prequalification. 
  • You must be a resident of America with $ 100,000+ of annual business revenue. Moreover, the business has crossed more than six months for the loan application. The credit score would be 600+ for the loan applicant. A debt history check is necessary for approval. 


Lendio is the one-stop solution for a small business line of credit. It is an application platform and a tool for your business growth and an easy counter for short-term business crises. It has its own process to check, accept, and review the applications received by the company. 


  • Open the official website of Lendio and start applying for the desired loan amount by answering a few questions to verify your demand. 
  • Business is a very sensible question, especially for the loan case- it can grow the business or make it bankrupt. The owner should pay attention to thorough study like the lender does with your documents and credit history. 
  • The loan amount is available between $1000 to $500,000 for 1 to 2 years with an interest rate of 8 to 24%. 
  • Flexible financing is accessible with the best small business line of credit.
  • You have to pay for the usage, unlike traditional small business loans. The annual revenue should be $50 K with more than months of business establishment and a 560 or higher credit score. 

Blueline – Line of credit

Meet the business needs with immediate cash availability by applying through Bluevine (among the best creditors of the online marketplace). If the owner or the loan applicant has the proper documents and credit history, fast and flexible finance is possible. Check the requirements as an applicant or the borrower. 


  • Get free access to the line of credit for small businesses without affecting the credit score derived from the FICO. A few clicks will help to get immediate cash for business growth or cash flow. 
  • Again sign up on Blueline for the repayment of only the used amount. There is no worry about the opening fee, maintenance, prepayment penalties, or any account closure from your side. 
  • It will take at least 5 minutes to apply and get a response from the lender. Request the lender for the fund transfer and receive it with standard procedure. 
  • The loan term is 6 to 12 months for up to $250k credit line with an interest rate of 4.8%. Moreover, it is flexible for more than 620 FICO credit scores. 
  • The best line of credit for small businesses should be 6 months old to give information for the documentation. Furthermore, $10000 is the monthly revenue demand from the blueline. 
  • It should be the establishment or operation of the U.S.A only. 

How to Offer a Line of Credit in Small Business?

No matter with your credit score is, you can still find various options to secure your business requirements. Yes, even if a regular lender denies it due to bad debt history, you can find the solution with a heavy network of money lenders available in the marketplace. The best credit score is unquestionable because the company can apply even in banks or credit unions. But that takes time compared to online lenders. 

Find the requirements for finalizing the best money lender.

  • Again it is nice to repeat that you must check the lender’s trustworthiness while applying for any short or long-term loan amount. 
  • The credit line should cross the 6 digits because it is a business loan, and expenses payment demands millions of dollars of paychecks. 
  • Moreover, the credit limit should be fair, and lenders should not be more strict than the requirement. 

In every loan type, personal or business credit score creates issues. If such a question is with you, try to avoid the problem with practical experiences with these money lenders’ help. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q.1 How to offer line of credit in small business?

  • The small business line of credit should have a good credit score and at least 6-month crossings for its establishment. 
  • The company should have a good debt history and repayment capability. 

Q.2 Is APR necessary to rectify?

Yes, it is crucial because it will affect your credit score if repayment is late due to a high rate. 

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