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Life Beyond Prejudice, Business Loans, & Grants for Felons

“Defund the Police,” they said. The black lives matter movement has shed light on an archetype of an issue that deserves serious attention. The Sentencing Project has brought the statistic that as many as 100 million people in the U.S. have criminal records. That makes around one in three Americans. Here the Small business grants for felons come into play.

We don’t have to be leftists to understand that the problem is also deeply ingrained in society. A person convicted of drug addiction will not only face shunning from society. They will also face the same from societal corporations. 

The Importance of Small Business Grants for Felons

small business grants for felons

The Sentencing Project highlights around 60% of the people out after term conviction are left without a job. This period usually lasts over a year. Even though NGOs are working to aid a better life. The salary remains 40% less than that of the general population.

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Another statistic by the RAND Corporation plays out the fact over 3.8% of small business owners have criminal records. 1.5% have felony records. Be it a problem of drug addiction or other criminal records, there is help needed. 

  • They help to provide some comfort in the uphill battle to break into and do away with the prejudices of society.
  • Small business grants for felons aim to provide perhaps that. The number of small-time business owners accounts for over one million in number. Therefore, it takes primary importance. 

What are some small business grants for felons to access then? I am going to list down the details. 

Four Business Grants for Felons

Business grants for felons offer a unique opportunity in the sense one doesn’t need to pay back. These business grants for felons to start a business work in providing an opportunity. The grants for felons to start a business aim towards an equal playing field as much as possible. 

Let’s then deep dive into small business grants for felons:

1. is probably the most popular small business grant. They provide access to over 1,000 federal grant programs. If you’re choosing Grants, Go start by creating a Workspace. Once the account is done, look and search for potential creditors by applying online. 

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Important to remember these small business grants for felons can become very competitive to become eligible for. This is because grants and loans for felons often work with no payback. 

2. GrantWatch


Amongst other very accessible small business grants for felons, GrantWatch is probably the go-to. There are over 28,000 grant programs and over 1,200 small business grants for felons. 

GrantWatch is simply a great place offering grants for felons to start a business. 

There is a need for a subscription to avail of their full service. The cost varies from 18 dollars a week to 199 dollars for a year. There is also the option of free membership offering certain information access regarding their grants. 

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It is not all doom and gloom concerning places offering grants and loans for felons, right? 

3. FedEx Small Business Grant Context

FedEx Small Business Grant Context

This is a sort of lottery in a way but there is no harm in trying out the luck right? FedEx offers grants for felons and others around 4,000 dollars to 50,000 dollars. All the money in FedEx office prints and business services with other winners receiving around 20,000 dollars. 

In case you’re wondering about having a go at this small business grant for felons, check online to see the eligibility and prepare yourself the best you can. 

4. State and Regional Small Business Grants

State and Regional small business grants are typically for people in the local community. Many do provide small business grants for felons. If at least, you can narrow down the search for a place not denying business grants for felons. That would be a good start. 

These small business grants for felons are typically available in spaces such as Economic development centers. There are other places like the local religious centers or government websites aiming to provide grants and loans for felons.

So, there you have it, four business grants for felons providing places. Other than this, There is the option of availing business loans for felons. Why don’t we find that out? 

Business Loans for Felons

Similar to small business grants for felons, business loans for felons work in giving them a realistic chance for those dreams. 

U.S. Small Business Administration Microloans (SBA)

SBA business loans are often a go-to place. Chances are you might even be hard on the name already. They provide loans of around up to 50,000 dollars for those who get approved. 

U.S. Small Business Administration Microloans (SBA)
SBA LOGO. (PRNewsFoto/U.S. Small Business Administration) (PRNewsFoto/U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINIS…)

While in terms of these loans, SBA is very popular. They are notoriously slow in approving and have very high standards for eligibility. 

Our suggestion would be if you’re looking for small business loans from SBA that have collateral and a personal guarantee. While there are no restrictions on their loans. These certainly help in the cause. 

Online Small Business Loans

There are plenty of different online small business loans available in the market. They provide an excellent opportunity. Yes, there is no doubt the interest of many can be often way too steep. 

But there is a need for research to find what suits you the best. CashUSA has been able to provide a multitude of business grants and loans.    

The traditional institutions may make it a monumental task in garnering small loans. Online places come just in for the rescue. Startup business loans, business loans for bad credit, or unsecured business loans. They provide these loans as an opportunity. 

Business Credit Cards

Small business grants for felons can even be availed through business credit cards. The advantage of this is there is no need for former business credit card scores. Thus, grants for felons to start a business are at many times conducted through the medium of business credit cards. 

There is the underlying issue of personal credit history and credit still needs must be at a certain level. This is more based on the creditor. But more often and only naturally you need to reach a good credit score. 

Once done, business credit cards are an eligible medium offering small business loans. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1) Can I access loans with a previous criminal record? 

One can. Many places are offering small loans. Search the places and look for eligibility and apply. Don’t stop your search until you find a suitable creditor. 

Q.2) Which are the best places to access business grants for ex-felons? 

The places include, GrantWatch, and other local places of institutions such as religious centers or economic development centers. All aim to provide these loans to felons and people of criminal past and others to start businesses. 

Q.3) Are the places providing grants to ex-felons having past high interest?

No, it often includes the criteria of not even paying back the sum. They simply aim to provide a better life to people with a struggling history. This also makes it bad. The eligibility and demand are often high. So don’t give up your search fast. 

Now You Know About the Places Offering Grants and Loans for Felons

We have concluded our article. The need to take care of oneself and the family is paramount and difficult. When the societal mainstream looks on often with prejudices and set of rules. The places providing loans are a good way to get past that. Access these loans and turn all their thoughts into reality. 

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