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How to Download, Install, and Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool resolves issues that occur while connecting to a multi-user environment. It is a helping tool that ensures the good work of your business tasks. However, the tool does not present inside the tool hub. You can download and install it from the official Intuit site. Well, we have prepared the guide to enlighten all users who are in dark about this tool. So that they can understand its issue-resolving techniques. 

The tool comes with an easy interface so that every new user can use it without any difficulties. You will be surprised by knowing its dynamic benefits. The error-resolving tasks that take your precious hours can also get shortened with this QuickBooks connectivity tool.

A Deep Insight into QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

connection diagnostic tool

QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool 2022 is being recognized in the whole world through its impactful performance on the QuickBooks software. The tool gathers its various users since its launch. Not only does the program detect and diagnose the issues on its own but improves the functioning of QuickBooks as well. 

Intuit brings the tool to meet the user requirement where the user can easily configure and resolve the connectivity issues within the QuickBooks. C++, MSXML, and .NET Framework are Microsoft core components that ensure the QuickBooks working. However, glitches and malicious bugs inside them can bring out the issues. The tool provides support for these issues as well and leads a smooth and flawless working. 

This tool is no better than a shield that fights against all kinds of malicious attacks and issues. It provides the best protection in every way possible. Intuit has designed it to help out its users so make sure to include it in your system with other dynamic tools. 

Key Benefits of Using QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The tool has not received any kind of negative review till now. It’s because of the commendable performance that it provides within the system. Not only the tool saves you from entering into a tragic situation but brings several other benefits as well. Like:

connection diagnostic tool

  • Every unexpected error that comes unusually can be resolved easily.  
  • Fix errors of multi-user environment in the Quickbooks desktop. 
  • Save the time and effort that you put in manual resolving techniques. 
  • Resolves the improper update issues within the entries that you included. 
  • Can replace the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool and fix various installation issues. 

Prerequisites to Follow before Use 

  • Must have later versions of QuickBooks 2008 on Windows XP, 7, and Vista.
  • Compatible for both Mac and Windows OS, unlike QuickBooks file doctor
  • Builds the connection between the company file and database server manager to resolve H series and 6000 series errors. 
  • Make sure that you updated the QuickBooks software before initiating the downloading procedure of this tool.

Issues and Errors Fixed through QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool

Once downloaded the tool, you will witness its dynamic performance in resolving errors and issues. 


QuickBooks error 15221 QuickBooks Error 6177 QuickBooks Error 6123 QuickBooks Error H303
QuickBooks Error H202 QuickBooks Error 6000 series QuickBooks Update Error  QuickBooks Error 6000 832
QuickBooks update Error 12007 QuickBooks Error H101 QuickBooks Error 15227 QuickBooks Error H505
QuickBooks 6000 80 QuickBooks Error 6150 1006 QuickBooks 12029 QuickBooks Error 6129


  • Customer list and blank vendor on the Quickbooks software. 
  • Access to the Quickbooks database is denied. 
  • Corrupted or damaged Quickbooks company file. 
  • Improper configuration of windows firewall. 
  • Company files went missing.
  • And lots of other issues. 

When should you run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

The user needs to run this tool in some situations which are given below:

  • When you encounter the error associated with the Windows firewall. 
  • If the files become corrupted or damaged. 
  • You find the issue associated with the Quickbooks database. 
  • Such errors like the 6000 series appear on the screen. 
  • In order to resolve the H series error that can also be termed as multi-user errors. 
  • System causing disturbance due to some virus effects. 
  • The tool also helps to resolve the issue related to the outdated entries 

How to conduct QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool 2022 Download

  • To initiate, move towards the Intuit website.
  • Try to find out the home page for this tool. 
  •  Now, you need to commence with QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool 2022 download. 
  • Once downloaded, just save this tool. 
  • Tap on the file named QBInstall_toolvs.exe. 
  • Make sure to launch it too. 
  • Shut down all the applications running behind. 
  • Thereafter, reboot your system. 
  • Close all the background applications. 
  • After that, you are ready to install this tool.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool


  • Firstly, find out if your system has any other versions of the tool or not.
  • Then, move towards the OEM website. 
  • You need to download the tool. 
  • Launch the tool’s icon when it pops up on the screen.  
  • Conduct the procedure as displayed on your computer screen. 
  • Choose Next when you see “Welcome to the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool setup wizard”

quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

  • Also, choose Next and pick the installation folder.

quickbooks diagnostic tool

  • Hit the I agree button.

quickbooks diagnostic tool download

  • Meanwhile, the tool will be launched on its own. 
  • However, if the situation is opposite then tap double-click on its icon. 
  • Click on the directory that has saved the QB file. 
  • After that, choose the Network connectivity option for a single-user environment. 
  • Give the relevant credentials such as password and admin. 
  • Consequently, click on Workstation or host whichever system you are using. 
  • Wait till the scanning goes on and thereafter restart your system. 

How to Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Tap the Quickbooks icon in the first place. 
  • Make sure to not access the file that is corrupted.
  • Tap on Utilities and then select Repair.
  • Hit the Network Problems button.
  • If you receive a message then just hit the Yes button. 
  • You might provide permission related to the information of Quickbooks so don’t worry if no text arrives. 
  • Once done with this process, move your cursor towards the folder used for storing the QB file. 
  • Now, try to search the corrupted folder and also access it. 
  • Tap Show Advanced Setting in the next step.
  • You will acknowledge a list on your computer screen. 
  • Meanwhile, click on the cause that brings issues.
  • Consequently, provide your password and login ID
  • Please use the correct credentials as the incorrect one can deny you access to the QB file.
  • Finally, tap on Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool.

Significance of tabs within QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

You can easily diagnose every error related to connection, firewall, or connectivity issues by learning about the different tabs. We have earlier mentioned that the tool contains an easy-to-use interface. Now, the time comes to know about it so that you can resolve the issue easily.   

Connection Tab

Connection Tab

The Connection tab informs you about the system setup. Also, it enables you to use the QB file from both single and multi-user modes. The tab provides all the essential information about connectivity that must be known to the application users so that they can perform better by keeping those results in mind. 

Firewall Status Tab

Firewall Status Tab

We all know how firewalls play a significant role in bringing issues that can hinder the entire working procedure. It can disable some of the essential programs. To save you from this situation, Intuit adds this tab inside. Make sure to use it to diagnose problems within the firewall. 

Test Connectivity Tab

Test Connectivity Tab

With the test connectivity tab, you can easily verify the system’s connectivity. At times, the connection fluctuates and thus carries lots of issues. So, resolve those types through this tab. There requires proper guidance on how to test the system’s connectivity so make sure to take help from these steps. 

Steps to Examine or Test the System’s Connectivity

  • First of all, try to locate the QB file.
  • Try to use only the Linux system.
  • Just choose the checkbox named Modify Hosting Server.
  • The system prompts with Not Applicable to every status when you have not started the connectivity test.
  • The status will show in green color when you run the test. 
  • Make sure that green indicates no threats while red depicts its opposite.
  • Hit the Test Connectivity. 
  • The file in Red shows that the test is not successful. 
  • Move towards the Advanced section to examine all the things. 
  • Tap on what do these mean now. 
  • When you find that the relevant status is resolved then just run the diagnostic tool to examine additional issues. 
  • The text will prompt that you have done the process correctly. 
  • You can now do this procedure to all of your systems having QuickBooks software. 
  • Just wait till the procedure is going on. 
  • The process will commence soon. You just need to be aware here that the timing of the procedure totally depends on the size of the company file and the speed of the Internet. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many components are covered within the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool?

There is a total of three components available within the connection diagnostic tool such as Diagnose Connection, Firewall Status, and Test Connectivity. 

2. Can the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool run on the Terminal Server?

Yes, the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool can run on the terminal server. 

3. What is the procedure of running analysis in the QB connection diagnostic tool?

  • To initiate, find out the company file. 
  • Make sure that you are using a Linux system. 
  • Also, enable the network configuration in alternate mode. 
  • Thereafter, checkmark on the tab named Change hosting server. 
  • The status should be displayed as Not Applicable. 
  • After that, you will see the status shown as green. 
  • Green reflects no threats while red the opposite. 
  • Finally, hit the Test Connectivity tab. 

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