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Onemain Financial Review: Apply Personal Loan Now (2024)

Onemain financial ranges its personal loan amount from $1500 to $20000. The fintech services vary according to the loan amount and customer requirements. Borrowers never get complete satisfaction from anywhere, particularly for loan services, because the loan adds various aspects to form one figure. As a result, one has to go for the complete requirement list setup before applying on any loan platform. 

In this article, we will summarize the customer review and their full or half satisfaction while applying and getting an approved or complete settlement of the loan amount. Let’s get started. 

Overview of Onemain Financial

Like most of the service providers in the market, Onemain Financial provides- both secured and unsecured loans for borrowers. However, a general trend in the American market to apply for an unsecured loan due to bad credit scores makes it famous for unsecured loans. Apart from that, even if you have a basic income, you can still apply for a loan on this online application. 

Onemain Financial

On a secured loan, you need collateral to get the loan approval and probably can’t arrange it. On the other hand, an unsecured loan doesn’t require collateral to get the loan. Notwithstanding, a high rate of interest can allow you to restrain your financial issues but make you more worried about monthly repayment. 

Pros and Cons of Onemain Financial Loan 


  • The lender gives the option of a soft check or inquiry for pre-approval. That means you can apply for secured or unsecured loans without affecting your credit score. 
  • The payment date decision is in the borrower’s hand, and you may get the fund the same day while applying before mid-time. 
  • The debt consolidation option will benefit the creditor directly, and one can start with the minimum loan amount of $1500.  
  • With an average of more than 1500 branches in about 44 states, it has various consumer-friendly features.


  • Yes, it is correct that it provides loans with bad credit scores-however, high-interest rates or APR credit create panic. 
  • One must visit the Onemain financial loan office to receive the fund or understand the entire procedure. That is because it charges an origination fee.
  • Furthermore, there is no discount in the auto payment mode. 

Features of Onemain Financial Personal Loan

A personal loan is a powerful weapon to cut down all financial difficulties. However, it demands several points to consider before the final consideration. Let’s understand below.

Features of Onemain Financial Personal Loan

  • The annual percentage rate contains other fees too. It increases the value of the loan amount benefiting the lenders every month. If the borrower continues the payment till the end, it sources itself with multiple good credit scores and creditworthiness from the lenders. One should check this term carefully while applying for any personal loan. 
  • The debt-to-income ratio is a point that helps lenders to make an understanding- of the repayment capabilities of the debtor. Repayment is necessary for both the lender and the borrower. Successful repayment will ensure the future loan requirement of the debtor and fulfillment from the creditor side. A trustworthy client will always be there to enhance their business revenue. 
  • Soft inquiry or pre-approval benefits the taker in various ways. The loan inquiry affects the credit score, and until you don’t find the right place, it is not wise to apply- dropping the credit score. Give a secure pre-approval and live a peaceful life with a soft check on a personal loan. 
  • Customer service is an extra point where you may like or dislike any service provider in any field. If they don’t have good, clear, trustworthy communication skills, they may lose various clients even if any debtor or borrower needs it badly- assistance from the entity. 

More Features 

Payment Date Modification 

In most cases, the lenders decide the loan payment date, and there is no change allowed by most creditors. But that’s not the case with the Onemain financial personal loan. The borrower can comfortably change the loan amount. The modification is helpful for customers who have some issues paying the amount on the decided date for any reason. 

Safe Transaction with the Fintech

Personal data security is one of the biggest threats to a human’s life. It is more terrific than even losing a high amount of money. Onemain Financial smartly handles such types of issues. It sets a good combination of creditor and debtor presence on a single stage. The customer service guarantee is best for every secured and unsecured loan debtor. The policy norms are strict, and whether you go for the online or offline mode, No! Data leak coverage, you may find. 

Fund Transfer

Fund transfer is a point where some lenders take more than enough time. As a consequence of the same, they lose consumer interest. But that’s the opposite with the Onemain Financial loan. Not just personal details security, it also secures the client’s interest. You are in a hurry for the payment. You can do so within one or two business days. It mostly depends on the application type or consumer presence. 

Credit Score You Need for a Onemain Financial Loan

Onemain Financial hasn’t decided on any credit score criteria to apply for the loan. It works on the repayment quality of the borrower. However, one may consider 680 or lower as the credit score to apply for a loan on this platform. For bad credit scores, they have high-interest rates or APR. As soon as it gets sure about the repayment quality, transfer the amount within 1 to 2 working days. 

How Quick Do You Get Money from Onemain Financial?

If you need a fast fund transfer, this is the place to apply. Your repayment capability or soft inquiry for credit score with debt history, income source, and employment type will configure the fast transfer of the loan amount.

How Does Onemain Financial Loan Work?

To find the relevant services of fintech, one must download the app and add the required details to proceed. Your bank account details are the prime component to add here because- being a personal loan applicant, you have to make the repayment in installments. That requires a bank account. The monthly repayment will get set in the auto-pay system using the bank details provided by the customer or the borrower.  

If you have a good credit card score, you can skip the Onemain review because various other sources are affordable. It is better than the best option for bad credit score applicants. 

  • The approved loan amount is transferable to direct your bank account or visit the loan office of the entity to complete the procedure. 
  • The pre-qualification round will be with the submissions of some documents, like Identification documents, income source, employment, and debt history (if any), to classify your loan approval. 
  • With higher interest rates, it prioritizes borrowers with low credit scores and on-time repayment capability. 
  • The repayment terms vary based on customer demand or company policy norms, like 2- years (24 months), 3- years (36 months), 4- years (48 months), and 5- years (60 months). 
  • There are no minimum credit score criteria for applying for a loan with a credit score declared on your name from the credit agencies. 

Onemain Financial Loan Reviews

The app is for those who want to acquire a loan with immediate effect and are ready to pay a higher APR. No loan platform (online or offline) is indeed perfect in all aspects. You will have to take something with adjustments.

Onemain Financial Loan Reviews

  1. The Annual Percentage Rate is an element where you may counter some issues because it is really too high compared to others. No autopay discount benefit one can acquire while initiating the repayment. The interest rate starts from 18% and stops at 35.99%. That’s quite high compared to Lightstream (3.49% to 19.99%). Furthermore, the origination fee is 1% to 10% ($25-$500), and the borrower would pay about 1.5%-15% ($5 to $30) for the late fee. The insufficient fund will lead you to pay $10-$50.
  2. The loan amount is $1500-20000. That’s different and impressive for most borrowers because they can fulfill their short-term needs without indulging themselves in heavy amounts. Moreover, you can decide the payment date and transfer the consolidation amount directly from the hands of the lender to the old creditor. 1 to 2 business days are sufficient for the loan approval or transfer of the money into the bank account. 
  3. A secured loan is available for those who can afford to use collateral to secure the loan amount from the lender. In response, one can keep a vehicle or car as collateral and arrange for another person in a joint venture to apply for the loan. If any of the two has a good credit history or repayment quality, one can easily get the loan amount approved. Of course, the non-payment will benefit the lender by covering up the bad debt. The terms and conditions are clear, so before proceeding with any service after the Onemain review, read them thoroughly. 
  4. Loan Term is available in four formats. 24/36/48/60 months are the options to finalize the loan existence in your financial life. A 2 to 5 years benefit is impressive for long-term borrowers. However, those who want to go for less than 24 months can face difficulty doing so. 

Should I Choose Onemain Financial Personal Loan?

Yes, one should consider this loan type due to various reasons. It is quick for those who want, and not just that, you don’t have to prepare yourself with a good credit score and documentation. It is an emergency fund that is great for every personal financial issue. The short-loan amount is among the most attractive features. 

  • The loan amount starts from $1500 to $20000. You can consider Onemain financial loan reviews or loan amount because it is available for both the short and long term. 
  • Debt consolidation and refinancing are possible if you need to settle another loan or a group of loans. 
  • In one or two business days, the application can get approved to relieve the financial burden for one or two reasons like low income.
  • Most importantly, it gives its mandate for the payment date modification.
  • Quite impressive for most borrowers with the facility to cancel the loan within 7 days. It is not possible with other lenders in the market. 

Onemain Financial Loan Comparison 

Comparison is crucial because it gives you clarity in your decision. The alternatives are there, which will help you know what is good or bad for you. At some point, they will appear ineffective, but they are important because they deal with your purpose in life directly and indirectly. Another crucial thing is that it makes you realize the trustworthiness of the content provided in the article. Let’s assume the comparison below. 



The loan amount varies from person to person for $2,000-$35,000. It is different from Onemain financial. Furthermore, it demands at least a 550 credit score to accept any loan application from the applicant or the borrower. The maximum APR is similar to 35.95%, but the minimum APR stands at 9.95%. 

It again depends on the customer as per the norms of Avant, like one main. The one-more difference is with the loan term where the Avant starts from 12 months to 60 months, but the Onemain count is from 24 months. It is a very famous money lender in the American market. You can consider this also before going to the final stage. 


It is beneficial for borrowers who want to check their capability for loan repayment or hit the credit score decided by the three major credit agencies. Why is this? Because the minimum credit amount is $100 and stops at $2500. Meaning thereby it is a short-term loan. It is available from 12 months or 1 year to 60 months or 5 years. 

The loan amount case is completely different from the Onemain financial personal loan. Furthermore, because it provides loans with bad credit scores, the APR or annual percentage rate (19%-40%) is high-compared to Onemain. Not just that, it approves the loan within a few minutes after the application receipt because it doesn’t require so much paperwork. 

Lending Point

Lending Point

With the estimated APR of 7.99%-35.99, it is separate in case of the minimum rate of interest or other fees or charges. The loan amount is available with $2000 and reaches up to $36,500 to benefit the customer for their emergency situation. Lending point applicants or borrowers require at least a 600 credit score to get approval. 

Those who have no credit score or are bad at it should ignore this competitor or the alternative. Because the story will begin with a credit score check and finish on the same line. You may not proceed for any other benefit of the institution. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Q.1 What credit score do you need for a Onemain financial loan?

Onemain financial personal loan has written None on the side of the minimum criteria for the credit score to apply for the loan. You can apply for the loan if you can repay it on time. For this purpose, it checks your debt history, income sources, employment, and more.

Q.2 How fast do you get money from Onemain financial?

Onemain Financial can approve the loan within 1 to 2 business days. On the same day, you can receive the money if you have the potential for approval from the side of the money lender. However, you should be ready to visit the nearest branch of this fintech company because it doesn’t allow complete services on the website or the application downloaded by the borrowers.

The Final Verdict

Our verdict on this Onemain financial is clear. If you have no idea about the content and its practical theory, give it a second chance with thorough study and acceptance. It will definitely help you because, at the end of the article, the comparison part with other money lenders will give you a more reliable situation in your financial life. For any query or doubt, you can write to us and save time.

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