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Best Money Saving Apps! Latest 2024 Expert Reviews

Saving money is the aim of a person’s life which we all set but lack the determination to complete it. Now what to do in such a situation? If you too are finding a way to make your savings easy then this article here provides you with the best way to save money that is through the best money saving apps. Let’s get all the information about these apps and how they can be used to save money.

Best Money Saving Apps

1. Qapital

This money-saving app has all the things to cater to your saving needs and handle all the saving measures. Let us get on to the features of it and learn more about this money-saving app that helps you save money.


Features of Qapital

  • It rounds up your spending to the next dollar which is then put in the savings.
  • It sets a fixed amount that will be automatically in your savings account. So even if you forget to make your savings the money saving apps would do it automatically as it is already set.
  • Also, it charges an amount of $3 a month for providing you with its services.

Advantages of Qapital

  • Provides you with the ability to save money with a partner with its facility of premier membership and by creating a dream team. This is one of the most talked about benefits of it because it acts as a motivator for the user to take the saving procedure forward with some company.
  • Proves you with customer service through email and in-app.
  • Does not requires any minimum balance.
  • Does not charge any kind of investment management fee.

Disadvantages of Qapital

  • The membership cost comes as a disadvantage for some people as due to this membership that is unable to experience some of the features of this money-saving app.
  • It only allows a very low interest which is 0.05% APY.
  • Lacks free plans.

2. Acorns


The Acorns is a money saving app that allows you to make your savings with the help of getting your spare change out of your retailers. With the help of rounding off your expenses automatically, it helps to add up to your savings. One thing about Acorn that makes it different from others is the alerts related to jobs provided by it.

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So if you are looking out for saving money apps that would also be helpful for other additional services then this is it for you. Go through the features and pros and cons of Acorns and make your choice for getting your money-saving app.

Features of Acorns

  • Provides a portfolio mix available for stock bonds both domestic and international.
  • Offers free of cost automatic rebalancing.
  • Easily available customer support from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. all seven days of the week, available by email, call, and in-app chat.
  • Offers you an alert related to jobs and notifies you of the upcoming opportunity for jobs that might interest you.

Advantages of Acorns

  • Provides you with cashback at almost 350 retailers whenever you spend at any retailer.
  • Along with its money-saving services, it also provides you with some advice and assistance that act as an educational service.
  • It allows you to save the spare changes you neglect while your expenses.

Disadvantages of Acorns 

  • It does not come with a provided tax strategy.
  • The high price of this money-saving app has become a downfall for many people.

3. Digit


Maintaining your savings with a balanced financial life is a very heavy-duty task. If you are struggling with making savings for yourself then digit money-saving apps bring you the services to handle your savings. It holds up a whole process of analyzing your account that you have linked with the app and then it will calculate the financial strategy for your financial balance. 

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It automatically saves the money from your linked account to a digit account to make worthy savings. Although it allows you to use or move that money back to the linked account. It also has a feature to manage your debts which is one of the most talked about features of Digit money-saving apps.

Features of Digit

  • Provides portfolio exposure.
  • Comes with an overdraft protection feature.
  • Make a budget for your monthly bills to make your financial life more organized.
  • Allows you a website that is user-friendly and convenient for the user.

Advantages of Digit

  • Handles your investment and savings in an automatically operated process.
  • User-friendly setup, which allows the user to use the interface without any complications.
  • The savings account provided by it is insured by FDIC which makes it more reliable and trustworthy for the user.


  • Charges you with a fee after the six-month free trial period, which is a con that people find very much disturbing as after six months there is going to be a fee charged to access its services.
  • No direct transfer from a savings account to investments is something that can be one of the downfalls of the Digit saving apps.

4. Chime


Chime is a money-saving app that has an abundance of facilities to provide to its users. with the help of rounding off your purchases, it saves the extra bit. It is a cost-free provider of monthly services as well as overdraft services. It allows the user’s debit card expense to round off automatically and transfer to the chime account.

Features of Chime

  • Quick services of direct deposit.
  • Provides automatic saving features to make savings more convenient for the user.
  • Cost-free replacement of the debit card.
  • Free ATM services.
  • Helps to build credit.

Advantages of Chime

  • As it does not charge any kind of fee for its services it becomes one of its highlights.
  • Provides the users with free ATM services to be easily accessed.
  • Quick arrival of pack check.
  • Does not charge any fee for foreign transactions which gives relief to the user.

Disadvantages of Chime

  • It only allows cash deposits through third-party retailers which is something that might trouble the users in trusting the process.
  • You can only check your deposit on your mobile if you have signed up for direct deposit.
  • Does not allows joint applications.

What are Money Saving Apps?

Money Saving Apps

Money saving apps are those apps that help you save money through different strategies and methods. They help you to save money by providing you extra money from rounding off your expenses or providing cashback or helping you invest your extra earnings. This depends on what method is used by the app that you are using. Let’s now get to know about some of the best money-saving apps.

Money Saving and Its Importance

Money saving is something that should be done by every individual. The wants of an individual increase day by day and to satisfy those wants people require additional finances. Savings come in handy in situations like this. It acts as a financial backup for situations of emergency or any additional expenses. If you have your savings done then you would never feel helpless in a situation as such. 

Money Saving

If we think of the long-term effects of saving then it can be a source of monetary supplies for old age. The habit of saving regularly helps you to stay away from unnecessary expenses and become a spendthrift. It maintains a systematic budget for your expenditure and plays a great role in the financial well-being of a person. Saving in all is like a beneficial habit that if cultivated can improve every aspect of a person’s financial well-being.

How Can You Save Money?

There can be a lot of ways to save money, some of them are mentioned below:

  • If you are carrying any kind of burden from your debt then it should be something that you need to do to start the saving process.
  • Budgeting your expenses would help you to save money from extra money from your income, and eventually, this will become a habit. 
  • Find your priorities in your expenses and cut down on the extra expenses you have been doing. 
  • If you are unable to follow up the saving measures by yourself then you can take the help of available money-saving apps in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the quickest way to save money?

Here are some of the quickest ways to save money:

  • Cut down unnecessary expenses.
  • Use a saving app.
  • Budget your finances and avoid making vague expenses.
  • Get rid of your debt.
  • Make a saving account.
  • Limit the amount of spending on your credit card.

2. How can I save $1000 fast?

If you want to save $1000 too fast, then follow the given steps to save up a little from every small expense you make:

  • Make your monthly budget and put whatever extra money is left in your savings account.
  • Make use of your coupons while spending.
  • You can sell your extra junkies to get $1000 instantly.
  • Use apps that provide you cash back on your expenses.


Saving should be an integral part of a person’s life as it helps an individual not only to have extra bucks to have their backs but also acts as a manager and a balancer for their financial life. You can save money through many methods but you have an opportunity to make it easier with the help of money-saving apps.

Here you are provided with different options of money-saving apps that are very beneficial to save up. If you too are tired of your unmanaged financial life and over-expenses then get your hands on any of these money-saving apps to make your life’s problems easy.

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