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Microfinance as a Mobile Game for Teens

This is very true that these days, almost everyone is addicted to their phones. No matter where you are, you will find most people on their phones, some playing games, some watching movies and some simply scrolling through their social media. 

The good thing about this is if you want to reach millions of people in just a few minutes, you can do it through the internet and it will come to people’s knowledge through their phones. This way, many people have been able to find their lost children, get funding for their life-saving surgery, etc.

Kiva and took advantage of this opportunity and came up with a game that helps women entrepreneurs throughout the world in getting microfinance. In this article, we are going to tell you how Kiva and came up with microfinance as a mobile game for teens. Are you excited to know about this innovative initiative? Great! Let’s get started. 

What is it All About? 

Micro Loans for Change

Kiva is a microfinance company that offers small online loans to people all over the world at affordable rates and flexible terms. The main aim of Kiva is to provide loans to even the poorest people in the world so that everyone can have a better life. is an international non-profit organization that works with teens and young people to bring positive change around the world. They work through various online and offline programs and campaigns engaging people to work towards the betterment of everyone. 

Mobile phones are easily accessible these days. Even Africa’s 2015 smartphone record-breaking sales show that almost every house has a phone now. So Kiva and have teamed up to create a microfinance game for teens. The game, called “Micro Loans for Change,” is designed to educate young people about microfinance and provide them with an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world.

The game works by allowing players to choose a borrower from a selection of profiles on the Kiva website. Players can then loan money to their chosen borrower and track the progress of the loan as it is repaid. The game also includes educational materials about microfinance and its impact on poverty reduction. This initiative is a good example of the implications of micro-financial services for financial inclusion

What is the Main Aim of “Micro Loans for Change”? 

Main Aim

The main aim of Kiva and with Microfinance as a game is to engage young people in the fight against poverty and inspire them to become lifelong advocates for social change. The game is a fun and interactive way for teens to learn about the power of microfinance and the role they can play in making a difference in the world.

Through this game, they aim to help at least 25,000 women entrepreneurs all over the world. Though this number is not limited, with the success of this game, Kiva, and aims to increase the number of people who benefited from this game. 

How Does the Microfinance as a Mobile Game for Teens Work? 

How Does the Microfinance as a Mobile Game for Teens Work?

In this game, the player is basically presented with a situation or scenario that women in developing or underdeveloped countries face on a daily basis. For example, you might see a question like, You are working in the fields of Kenya and you are thirsty, what would you do?  

You might see options like 1) Do not drink water, though might get dehydration, 2) Drink the dirty water that is available there. If you go with the first option, you might see something like “Ahh! This will affect your health, and even the hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be far away from the place, so this can be a dangerous move”. 

After playing this game, you can share the game, and when you share this game with 6 or more people, you get a $25 credit loan. After getting the credit loan, you can give it to any woman entrepreneur of your choice. 

Other examples of such innovative initiatives are asset-based financing and flexible repayment schedule to better serve Africa’s smallholder farmers, and foster responsible finance in Myanmar’s infant industry

How is This Game Helping Women Entrepreneurs?

The Kiva and microfinance game is helping women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to microloans that can help them start or grow their businesses. In many parts of the world, women face significant barriers to accessing credit and capital, which can make it difficult for them to start or grow their businesses.

Through the game, players can choose to lend money to women entrepreneurs who are seeking to start or expand their businesses. By providing these women with access to affordable credit, the game is helping to empower them and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

In addition to providing access to credit, the game also helps to raise awareness about the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and the importance of supporting women’s economic empowerment. By highlighting the stories of successful women entrepreneurs and the impact of microfinance on their lives, the game helps to inspire players to become advocates for gender equality and social change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are there any games for microfinance?

Yes. The name of the game is “Micro Loans for Change”. This game offers microfinance as a Mobile Game for Teens. This game is mainly for people of age 13 to 25. They can play this game and after winning, can offer microfinance to any woman entrepreneur of their choice. 

Q2. How can someone benefit from microfinance games?

Through microfinance games, the player can offer microloans to people in need after winning the game. For example, in the game “Micro Loans for Change”, the player is offered certain scenarios, and they have to tell what they would do in any certain situation. If the player gives the right answer and wins, they can give a $25 USD credit loan to any woman entrepreneur among the 25,000 women selected by Kiva and and help them with their business. 

Q3. What is the main goal of the Kiva and partnership? 

The main goal of the Kiva and partnership is to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with micro-credit loans. This ultimately provides funding to women who want to grow their businesses. 


Kiva and microfinance games are making a significant contribution to the empowerment of women entrepreneurs by providing them with access to affordable credit and raising awareness about their challenges and opportunities. Also, it is a very good initiative to make the youth aware of the daily struggles that women in different parts of the world go through. 

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