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How To Find Chase ABA Routing Numbers?

Handling banking transactions online has become a norm, and knowing your routing number is essential. Especially when it comes to Chase bank, understanding how to locate your Chase ABA routing numbers is a critical skill to possess. Lucky for you, we have broken down this process step-by-step. Follow along and let’s simplify this process for you.

What is a Chase ABA Routing Number?

chase aba routing numbers

A Chase ABA routing number is a nine-digit code that is used to identify the financial institution involved in a transaction. This number is unique to each bank and is essential for facilitating various banking transactions, such as wire transfers and direct deposits.

How To Find Chase ABA Routing Numbers?

If you want to find your Chase ABA routing numbers, here are the straightforward steps you must follow.

Step 1: Access Your Chase Application

Access Your Chase Application

First and foremost, initiate this straightforward process by opening your Chase application on your mobile device or computer. You are just a few taps away from obtaining your Chase ABA routing number.

Step 2: Navigate to the Checking Section

 Navigate to the Checking Section

Once your Chase application is open, your next step is to locate the “Chase checking” option. Clicking on this will lead you straight to your checking account page, where a wealth of information awaits, including the much sought-after routing number. You can always contact Chase customer support.

Step 3: Unveil the Details

On your checking account page, you will notice a feature labeled “show details.” A simple click on this will reveal a variety of details pertaining to your account, including your coveted Chase ABA routing number. Online safety is paramount, especially when it comes to sharing personal details like your Cash App tag. Before sharing this information, read our article on guidelines for sharing your Cash App Tag. 

Step 4: Jot Down Your Routing Number

Upon clicking the “show details” feature, take a moment to jot down your account number and routing number that appears. This information is vital for conducting various banking transactions, so having it handy will save you time in the future

While we are on the topic of secure financial transactions, you might also be interested in understanding how to safeguard your funds on popular payment platforms. Learn more about securing your funds on Cash App in our detailed guide.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. Why do I need to know my Chase ABA routing number?

Knowing your Chase ABA routing number is crucial for conducting numerous banking transactions. Whether you are setting up a direct deposit, ordering checks, or initiating a wire transfer, you will need this number to ensure the process is completed successfully.

Q2. How can I find my Chase ABA routing number online?

You can easily find your Chase ABA routing number online by logging into your Chase application. Navigate to the “Chase checking” section and click on “show details” to view your account and routing number.

Q3. Is it safe to share my Chase ABA routing number?

While sharing your ABA routing number for transactions such as setting up direct deposits or automatic payments is generally safe, always ensure you are sharing this information with a trusted entity. Avoid sharing it over insecure platforms or with unknown parties to prevent potential fraud.

Q4. Can I find my Chase ABA routing number on the Chase website?

Yes, apart from the Chase application, you can also find your Chase ABA routing number on the official Chase website. You must log into your account and follow the steps mentioned in the application to locate your routing number.

Q5. Can I contact Chase customer service for my routing number?

If you are having trouble finding your routing number through the app or website, you can always contact Chase customer service for assistance. They can help you locate your routing number securely.


With your Chase ABA routing numbers at your fingertips, you are now prepared to efficiently handle all your online banking transactions. Remember, this number is essential for facilitating transactions such as wire transfers, direct deposits, and more. This guide aims to help individuals easily find their Chase ABA routing numbers. Make sure to handle your banking details cautiously.

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