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How to Make a Chime Instant Transfer? (Updated)

Chime Instant Transfer

Have you ever imagined how you’d cope if you can’t go to the bank due to an emergency but had to transfer money instantly? There’s no need to fret; transferring money to someone’s account or carrying out online transactions with shopkeepers, drivers, etc., has never been easier, with the advent of various money-transferring apps, and … Read more

2014 Banana Skins Report Reveals Overindebtedness as Biggest Concern in Microfinance Industry

Banana Skins Report Reveals Overindebtedness as Biggest Concern in Microfinance Industry

As the microfinancing industry is growing, some of its biggest concerns are also coming out. Banana Skins conducts periodic surveys of the microfinance industry and its risks and the 2014 Banana Skins Report reveals overindebtedness as the biggest concern in the microfinance industry. Not just in the 2014 report, but it was also revealed as … Read more

Easy Steps to Load Your Chime Card in 2024

where can I load my chime card

The Chime app provides an online platform for creating a checking account and a savings account. You can apply for a Chime debit card and a credit card, with which you can withdraw money from 70+ ATM stores. You don’t have to go through a credit check to apply for these cards. Moreover, these cards … Read more

Microfinancing and Nicaragua: How Microfinancing has Helped Nicaragua in its Development?

Nicaraguan Microfinance in Crisis

If you want to start your own small business or need some money urgently for some emergency, microfinancing can be very helpful for you. Microfinancing basically means the provision of small loans, savings, and other financial services to low-income individuals or groups who are typically excluded from the traditional banking system. Microfinancing is often used … Read more

What is the Impact of Mission Based Lending?

What is the Impact of Mission Based Lending

If you are a small business owner getting denied bank loans, you need to know about mission-based lenders. These lenders are known as community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and are funded by the U.S. treasury department. CDFIs help businesses by providing funds and the necessary education essential for revenue growth and business expansion. In this … Read more